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How we test everything we review

Detailed, relevant, and objective testing is central to everything we do here at Versed Vaper. Read all about our processes and learn how we test, rate, and review thousands of vaping products.

The feedback and recommendations that come from our team members is supported by decades of combined vaping experience. We take great satisfaction in our independence and meticulous review-testing procedures and work hard to bring you the most accurate and honest vaping reviews on the web.

Our team of world-class vaping journalists includes not only subject-matter specialists but also the same people for whom we write reviews: those who are interested in using and learning about the greatest and most effective vaping products available.

This is our promise to you:

  • Our integrity cannot be bought. We do not accept payment to give products positive reviews. Our reviews are completely honest and we retain complete and final say over the content of our reviews.
  • We have never, and will never, accept payment to place a product on any of our buyer’s guides.
  • We review what we believe our readers want to see.
  • We’ll tell you the honest truth about if we think a product is good, average, or just plain awful; not what the brands want you to read.
  • If a product doesn’t meet our high standards, we’ll tell you why.
  • We test products as real vapers in real-world usage scenarios.
  • We test each product for a minimum acceptable number of days before writing our reviews to ensure that each and every product is thoroughly tested.
  • We do not allow brands to preview our reviews before publication.

Our rating process

We use a five-star rating process to keep things simple and easily understandable. One star means a product that you should avoid at all costs, five stars means a product that you can buy without hesitation.

Vaping products can be very different from one product type to another; it wouldn’t be sensible to rate a box mod in the same way as we rate a disposable vape. Because of this product variation, we rate our products based on a number of different attributes and criteria depending on the product type. For example, disposable vapes are rated on different criteria than pod vapes, and pod vapes are rated on different criteria than box mod and tank kits. 

Examples of attributes that we use for rating are:

Design & Build Quality: How is the appearance of a product? Is it attractive and practical, or ugly and unorthodox? Is it made of high-quality materials or does it feel cheap? How is the fit and finish?

Features: Does the product offer the features that you would expect from a good, modern product of its type?

Usability: Is the vape easy to use with the features that it offers? Is it better suited for beginners or for experienced vapers? Are the buttons and screen (if offered) in the right place? If there is a UI, is it easy to navigate or convoluted?

Performance: How does the device perform overall? Does it provide a good vaping experience or does it leave something to be desired? In the case of disposable vapes, pod vapes, and tanks, how is the flavor that the product provides? Does it offer good vapor and good vapor quality? Is the draw smooth?

Battery Life & Charging: What is the battery capacity and how long does the battery last during regular use? Are you going to be recharging frequently or is this a device for road trips? Is the battery the expected capacity for a device of its size? How fast does it charge? Does it support pass-thru charging?

Value: Is the product a good value for the price when considering all that it offers? In other words, for the quality of the design and construction, the features that it offers, the battery life, usability, and performance, is it worth spending your hard-earned money on?

Overall review rating

After thoroughly testing all key aspects of a product, our expert reviewers will determine a star rating which is displayed at the top of the review. This is achieved by taking into account all of the attributes of a product and the pros and cons for each. 

These attributes of a product are judged based on criteria that are specific to the product type. For example, the performance of a vaping mod is not judged in the same way as the performance of a disposable vape.

Versed Vaper’s star rating system is designed to give you the information that you need at a glance as to whether or not a product is worth purchasing. However, we always recommend reading the full review to get a deeper understanding of whether or not a product is right for your specific needs.

Our final star rating is from one to five, with one star being a product that you should avoid and five stars being a product that you can choose without hesitation.

Our Reviewers

Together, our on-staff writers and key contributors can claim more than 50 years, that’s half a century, of combined experience with vaping products. 

For an industry that only hit the U.S market in 2007, it’s an impressive statistic that we are proud to share with our readers. Our team members have lived and breathed vaping (quite literally) since the launch of Versed Vaper in 2018.

To our team, vaping is more than just tasty flavors and big clouds. It’s a fast-moving, ever-evolving industry. But more than that, it’s a lifestyle choice. We want to know everything that there is about vaping and the latest products and we want to share those findings with our readers.

The result is a team of some of the most knowledgeable vapers on the planet, ensuring our reviews give you the most in-depth information about each product and the details you need to make a purchasing decision.

How we test

Real vapers aren’t going to be taking one thousand puffs per hour on their vape so that’s not how we test either. We review vaping products as real vapers, using them the way that real vapers will. 

For example, manufactures often test their disposable vapes by hooking them up to machines to determine the overall puff count. However, a machine is not a good representation of how an average vaper will use their device. Here at Versed Vaper, we take those puffs ourselves and use tally counters to track the overall puffs. This is one of the many ways that we provide real world data as to if a device performs to the manufacturers specifications.

Our reviewers use and review more vaping products than anyone else, so we know which aspects of a product are important and test devices accordingly.

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