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The Disposable Vape Market Created by the FDA
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The Disposable Vape Market Created by the FDA

A recent review conducted by Reuters has determined that disposable devices account for approximately one-third of the sales in the United States. 

Disposable vapes and e-cigarettes form one of the largest and fastest-growing segments of the market. Yet, their astronomical growth over the past few years has been almost entirely ignored by the already overworked Food & Drug Administration. 

Interestingly, the boom in disposable vapes could be considered to be a direct result of the FDA’s marketing denial orders (MDO) to countless flavored pod-based products since the premarket tobacco application process (PMTA). 

Outside of the U.S., disposables face even less regulation which allows them to flourish. Australia, the U.K., and even South Africa have seen massive surges in the sales of disposable devices. 

This is where the real benefits of these easy-to-use devices can be found, especially those made with high-quality materials and regulated ingredients. 

The FDA’s role in the disposable market

It is no secret that a huge appeal of vaping is the vast array of flavors made available by manufacturers.

The joint crusade conducted by the FDA and government officials against pod-based flavored products has left consumers wanting, which is where disposables neatly fit into the equation.

Disposables are still relatively unregulated by the FDA, allowing a hugely important loophole for manufacturers to exploit. Vape companies have been forced time and time again to employ ingenuity to overcome challenges imposed by poor decision-making, and this is just another example of it. 

Despite a large amount of the FDA’s attention being given to larger manufacturers and their respective PMTAs, there are companies that have garnered enough of a following to lead to the agency’s intervention. 

Puff Bar is one of the most notable of these companies. The manufacturers gained infamy amongst parenting and anti-vape groups alike as many believed them to be solely behind the increase in underage vapers. 

The many results of disposable vape popularity

As with all things, there are pros and cons to the huge popularity of disposable vapes. As a whole, they have done a lot of good for vaping and harm reduction, but they have also presented their own set of unique challenges. 

Concerns for the environment

One of the biggest concerns regarding disposable vapes is their potential for harm to the environment. As many manufacturers in all sectors are attempting to make one-use items a thing of the past, concern regarding the surge of disposable vapes is warranted.

Perhaps one of the most important issues in this regard is the lack of recycling done with these products. Many disposable e-cigarettes are recyclable, including the battery. 

Despite this, these products are typically not recycled due to either lack of knowledge or difficulty to do so. 

While increased regulation might be the last thing the vaping community needs, these companies that are manufacturing disposables should be required in some way to make efforts to promote the recycling of their products. 

There has been a significant change in the products coming to market in terms of their environmental impact that should not be ignored, though.  

Most manufacturers have begun to turn to rechargeable devices with larger e-liquid capacities. This can have a huge role in decreasing the number of waste products created. By simply doubling the capacity of a disposable device, vape manufacturers can reduce waste by up to half of the disposables sold. 

Disposables Have Helped Save the Vaping Economy 

There is no arguing that the boom in sales of disposables has hugely impacted the vape market. Manufacturers have all scrambled in response to the newly highlighted demand from customers. 

In recent years, the vaping landscape has slowly turned to one of survival in the face of continued regulation seeking to slow business or halt it completely. Companies being issued MDOs simply had to adapt or be forgotten. 

This necessity for ingenuity has resulted in vaping continuing to grow as an economic sector. 

The surge of disposable devices has only further increased this. While many companies have been forced to stop sales due to MDOs, others have excelled through the sales of disposables. 

This has given hope to many that vaping will still be around for the foreseeable future, despite the attempts of many to remove it from the markets. 

A Vital Tool for Smoking Cessation 

The biggest benefit disposable vapes have comes from their simplicity, ease of use, and accessibility. 

While the proper vapes are undeniably better in many respects, they can be somewhat daunting for those looking to begin vaping. Disposables give anyone wanting to veer away from their current smoking habits the chance to start vaping with much less of a barrier to entry. 

One-use devices are also a very common sight in gas stations, convenience stores, and in some places, even liquor shops. This mirrors the current purchasing habits that smokers already have, meaning making the change from cigarettes to a disposable device becomes easier. 

This is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to promote the tobacco harm reduction (THR) capabilities of vaping. 

Thereafter, smokers are often able to seek out the further benefits of more traditional vape setups. This creates a great opportunity for regulators and vape manufacturers to work together to promote one-use devices as a sort of transition from cigarettes to long-term devices. 

Effectively, this would tout the benefits of vaping in comparison to smoking, while mitigating many of the concerns around one-use devices.  

In Summary

Disposable vapes and e-cigarettes are a testament to the vaping landscape’s determination to fight against harsh regulatory practices. This has led to a booming business, with disposables holding roughly one-third of the market share in the United States. 

There are some environmental concerns that should be seriously considered by manufacturers, but the increase in higher capacity devices and the implementation of recyclable materials is already addressing this as more focus is put on the disposable market. 

Most importantly, these devices offer a much easier route for smokers wanting to quit traditional cigarettes, making them an invaluable tool. Furthermore, they open up the door for smokers to move away from cigarettes and one-use devices altogether. 

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