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The Best Vape Starter Kits in 2020: Best Starter Kits For Beginners

These vape starter kits make it easy to get into vaping, even for a complete beginner

Do you want to get into vaping in 2020 but don’t know where to start? Well rest assured, you’re not alone. Feeling confused is a common sentiment among beginner vapers, mainly because there are so many different tank, mods, and device combos. Choosing a tank, box mod, battery, charger and ejuice can be complicated for someone completely new to vaping. That’s why we created a list of the best vape starter kits in 2020.

For someone who is a complete beginner, you should consider buying either a vape pen or an all-in-one style vape kit. For those who may have already purchased a vape pen or all-in-one vape, or if you’re looking for something that will provide a stronger draw, you should consider buying a box mod vape kit.

Below you’ll find a list of the best vape starter kits in 2020 that are available right now. These vape starter kits have been chosen for their ease of use and performance and contain everything you need to start vaping other than your own juice (box mods may require batteries that are sold separately)! These vape starter kits can be purchased from our selected, reputable vendors who are known in the vaping industry for their customer service and authentic products.

Box Mod

Geekvape Aegis X Zeus 500x500

Geekvape Aegis X + Zeus Tank

The Aegix X + Zeus Tank starter kit comes with one of the best box mods of 2020, as well as one of the best tanks. The Aegis X is IP67 waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. It's also extremely reliable and easy to use. The Zeus sub-ohm tank is flavorful and produces warm, satisfying vapor. Together, you get a great setup that will last.



Smok Nord


The Nord is ultra-portable and easy to slip into your pocket. It has a simple all-in-one design and only a single button: the fire button. Pop in a coil, fill up the pod, and you're ready to vape. There are no settings to adjust which allows you to vape hassle-free.


Vape Pen


Freemax Twister

The Freemax Twister will fire at up to 80W. You can adjust wattage by twisting the ring at the base of the device. The 2300mAh battery provides long, all-day power. The Twister kit comes with the Fireluke 2 which is known as one of the best tanks on the market. The tank will hold up to 5ml of ejuice and delivers incredible flavor.


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The Best Box Mod Starter Kits

Box mod vape starter kits are made up of a tank, a mod that is probably box shaped (hence the name), and a battery or two (sold separately). These kits come you with the right tank for the mod, so you won’t have to worry about their compatibility. Box mod vape starter kits are generally more customizable than vape pen kits and all-in-one vapes. However, the separate tank, mod, and battery mean that there is more maintenance involved. This means disassembly and a minor cleaning every once in a while to keep it running in tip-top shape.

The advantage to box mod starter kits are their power and customization. This includes the ability to adjust the wattage going to your coil, giving you a heavier hit, as well as the ability to adjust the airflow on the tank to get a tighter or more airy draw. Some box mods take two batteries which allows for higher wattages, longer battery life, heavier vapor and larger clouds. Here are a few of the best box mod starter kits in 2020:

#1. Geekvape Aegis X + Zeus Tank KitGeekvape Aegis X Zeus Kit

This Geekvape Aegis X starter kit delivers everything you could want from a box mod and more. Not only do you get a great mod, but you also get the Geekvape Zeus sub-ohm tank which is known as one of the best sub ohm tanks of the year.

The Aegis X is one of the most durable mods that you can get. It’s waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof with an IP67 durability rating so it can definitely take a few drops without breaking. The Aegis X takes two 18650 batteries to function so make sure that you pick up a good pair.

The design sticks to the same blueprint as Geekvape’s other Aegis mods — it looks modern, attractive and clean. It features a beautiful 2.4 inch OLED screen that displays all the info you need about your vaping setup. The Aegis X is capable of firing in power mode at up to 200W and that’s more than enough for any setup.

The Zeus sub ohm tank comes with two coils: one 0.2ohm mesh coil, and one 0.4ohm mesh coil. Both coils are incredible and produce flavor that is on par with the absolute best sub ohm tanks available. 

The Aegis X + Zeus tank starter kit comes with everything you need to start vaping other than batteries and ejuice. All things considered, it’s a great purchase for any beginner vaper.



#2. Vaporesso Gen S KitVaporesso Gen S Kit

The Vaporesso Gen S Kit is another great starter kit. The included NRG-S tank is one of the most flavorful vape tanks on the market, so the fact that it comes included in this kit makes it a prime choice for beginners. You get a high-functioning mod as well as a tank that will deliver top-notch flavor.

The Gen S mod takes two 18650 batteries to function, so make sure to grab yourself a good pair. The Gen S will fire at up to 220W and does so without hesitation. It’s reliable, battery efficient and extremely well-built. The buttons are firm but easy to push and the screen is bright and easy to read.

The Gen S comes with every mode you could need: wattage modes, variable voltage mode, and temperature control modes. It also has a few unique but very useful modes. Pulse mode works similar to regular wattage mode except it pulses the wattage every 0.02S. This pulsing isn’t noticeable when you’re taking a draw, but longer draws feel smoother and the vapor doesn’t feel as hot.

The included NRG-S tank is a beauty. It’s one of the most flavorful tanks on the market and comes with two coils in the box. This lets you find the coil that you like the most and then you can easily buy more replacement coils. Plus, the NRG-S can take any of Vaporesso’s GT coils. These are the same coils used in the Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus and in the NRG PE tank that comes with the Swag II kit. This is great for future coil availability because since many tanks use the same coils, your local vape shop or online retailers will likely keep them in stock.

The NRG-S tank is leak-free and has adjustable airflow slots so that you can have either an airy draw or a more restricted hit, depending on what you like. This is a great kit for beginners, but even intermediate and advanced vapers will love what it has to offer. As far as vape starter kits go, the Gen S Kit is one of the best



#3. Geekvape Aegis Legend KitAegis Legend Starter Kit

The Aegis Legend starter kit by Geekvape is great mod all around. You get the Aegis Legend mod, which is IP67 waterproof and nearly indestructible, as well as the Geekvape Aero Mesh sub ohm tank. You’ll get two coils: one 0.2ohm coil (best used at 30-90W) and one 0.15ohm coil (best used from 60-80W). The Aero Mesh tank is top filled, so it’s very easy and hassle free to refill.

This kit will produce some major clouds and flavor, and the Aegis Legend kit is a setup that even advanced vapers will love. The Aegis Legend takes two 18650 batteries to function and is capable of firing at up to 200 watts in power mode. It also supports bypass mode, and temperature control mode as well. The battery efficiency of the Aegis Legend is great, and you’ll definitely make it through the day if you’re vaping at lower wattages.

On the side of the device, there is a rocker style firing button that is easy to reach. On the front, there are two small adjustment buttons, as well as a 0.91” OLED screen. This screen will display essential vaping information such as your current wattage, battery life, coil resistance, and voltage output.

Because of its full set of features, great performance, and ease of use, the Aegis Legend starter kit is a our top pick for the best box mod starter kit 2020.  


#4. Geekvape Aegis Solo KitAegis Solo Best Starter Kit

The Aegis Solo is an awesome vape mod for beginners because of its straightforward operation and reliable performance. It has a nice, compact and comfortable form factor that comes in multiple attractive colors. The Aegis Solo is without a doubt one of the nicest mods on the market.

The Aegis Solo will fire at up to 100W and this gives more than enough of a range for beginner vapers to find a wattage that they like vaping at. The included Cerberus sub-ohm tank delivers great flavor and ensures that you’ll be getting a top-notch vaping experience out of this kit. You’ll really be able to taste the flavors in your ejuices and this goes a long way in helping new users to stick with vaping.

The screen on the Aegis Solo gives all of the info you need about your device and it’s easy to read, even outdoors. Included with the Aegis Solo kit is everything you need to start vaping aside from a single 18650 battery and some ejuice.


#5. Vaporesso Gen Nano KitVaporesso Gen Nano Kit

If you’re looking for something small and portable but still reliable and powerful, the Gen Nano starter kit is the way to go. It has a beautiful modern design with soft-touch, semi-rubberized panels. The build quality is evident when you hold the Gen Nano in your hands. It has a sleek but sturdy feel.

The Gen Nano functions at a power range of 5 to 80 watts which will be more than enough for any beginner vaper. Additionally, the included GTX Tank 22 tank has a great “plug-n-play” coil system that allows you to change your coil more easily. The coils simply push into the bottom of the tank so installation or removal is simple. You get a 0.2ohm coil and a 0.6ohm coil included with the kit.

There’s no need to purchase separate batteries either as the Gen Nano uses a built-in 2000mAh battery. If you aren’t a very heavy vaper/smoker, you’ll probably find yourself getting a couple of days out of a full charge because the battery efficiency of this kit is amazing.

For a beginner that wants a great vaping experience right off the bat (and who doesn’t!) the Gen Nano is a great beginners vape. The kit comes with everything you’ll need to start vaping once you’ve got yourself some ejuice. The Gen Nano is an impressive kit and it’s one that won’t leave you disappointed.



#6. Vaporesso Target Mini 2 KitVaporesso Gen S Kit

The Target Mini 2 is a small and easy to use beginner vape. The starter kit includes the very modern looking and awesome Vaporesso VM tank. This tank will hold up to 2ml of ejuice and comes with one 1.0ohm coil and one 0.6ohm mesh coil. To fill the tank, just unscrew the top and insert your ejuice bottle. The Vaporesso VM offers a tight mouth-to-lung draw that is similar to pulling on a cigarette.

The Target Mini 2 has a built-in 2000mAh battery that can be easily recharged using a micro-USB cable. It also features a gorgeous, detailed 0.66” OLED display. Plus, the firing button and adjustment buttons are conveniently and comfortably placed on the body of the mod. Overall, the Target Mini 2 has a durable, solid feel to it and it’s available in four beautiful colors.

Aside from ejuice, the Target Mini 2 starter kit comes with everything you’ll need to begin vaping. The Target Mini 2 is a great beginner vape kit for those seeking a smooth and more customizable vaping experience. Plus, with over-discharge and over-amp safety protections, you can’t go wrong. The Target Mini 2 is one of the best vape starter kits and is a great choice for any new vaper.



Best All-In-One Vape Starter Kits 2020

An all-in-one style vape is made up of a pod and a battery. This design makes it very easy to use and is meant for someone who doesn’t want a larger pen style vape with a separate tank. Similar to vape pens, most all-in-one style vapes are not very adjustable or customizable and have a smaller pod capacity and smaller battery.  

All-in-one vape starter kits are recommended for those who are not heavy vapers/smokers, as the pod sizes are generally smaller than what you would get from a vape tank. However, all-in-one vape starter kits allow a beginner to get into vaping without having to do a lot of complicated research into the right tank, mod, battery and components. All-in-one starter kits also have low maintenance needs because of their simple pod and battery construction. Here are a few of the best all-in-one vape starter kits in 2020:

#1. SMOK NordSMOK Nord Best Starter Kits

Ultra compact, sleek, and stylish, the SMOK Nord is the cream of the crop when it comes to vape starter kits. The Nord is simple to use due to its all-in-one design; just pop in a coil and fill up the pod and you’re good to go. There are no settings to adjust — hit the fire button and the Nord will automatically vape at the optimal wattage for the coil. 

The Nord features an attractive form factor that is available in multiple colors and finishes including resin options. Aside from its great looks, the Nord produces excellent flavor that you wouldn’t expect from such a small device.

The Nord packs an ample 3ml pod that can be easily refilled. It also houses a large 1100mAh built-in battery. The device functions through direct voltage output, so you’ll get the best performance if your battery is at a 50% charge or fuller. It also features an LED battery life indicator to let you know where your battery life is sitting. 

It’s hassle-free and it just works — the SMOK Nord is definitely one of the best picks for an all in one vape starter kit.


#2. Aspire AVPAspire AVP Best Starter Kit

For an all-in-one vape mod for beginners, the Aspire AVP is amazing. It’s simple to fill and to use and delivers great flavor and clouds. It’s got a large 700mAh built-in battery for long, all-day usage and is one of the most battery efficient pod vapes around. It’s super small which makes it easy to take around and it’s also got a beautiful design.

The AVP uses replaceable pods. You just fill them from the bottom and they magnetically pop into the device. Once the coil in the pod is burned out (after about 2 weeks of use) you just replace it with another one. The pods are super cheap and this makes it a great device for those just getting into vaping.

The pods on the AVP hold 2ml of eliquid. Your juice will last you a while too thanks to it’s low power output. The Aspire AVP fires at three low wattages: 14W, 12W or 8W. You can choose which wattage you like best by pressing the button twice. The AVP is also draw-activated so you don’t have to push a button to vape. Just draw on the mouthpiece and it will start producing vapor.

The AVP has a nice draw that isn’t too tight nor too airy and this will satisfy most beginner vapers who are looking to quit smoking. It’s really a great device. For its ease of use and slick form factor, the Aspire AVP is certainly one of the best all-in-one vape starter kits for beginners.


#3. Uwell CaliburnUwell Caliburn Best Pod Vape

The Caliburn is a low-profile and light pod vape made by Uwell that hits just right for nicotine salts. It has a very skinny and slim profile that is similar to the JUUL and is available in seven different colors. For such a small device, the Caliburn packs a surprisingly large 520mAh battery and functions with both draw-activated firing as well as a single firing button.

The Caliburn uses a 1.4ohm coil in its pods and fires at ultra low wattages that make it perfect for beginners. The refillable pods will hold up to 2ml of eliquid and are easily refilled by removing the drip tip. The Caliburn will fire at a maximum wattage of 11W, however this wattage will decrease as the battery depletes. There’s an LED battery life indicator to let you know when it’s time to recharge.

For a simple yet effective beginner vape, the Caliburn is a device that doesn’t disappoint.


#4. Aspire Breeze 2aspire-breeze-2

The Aspire Breeze 2 is a great all-in-one device that brings satisfying vapor and a nice draw without needing to fuss about adjusting anything. Much smaller and lighter than vape tube starter kits and box mods, the Breeze 2 is about the height of a credit card and very easy to carry around. It has a nice metal finish, and is available in multiple colors.

The Aspire Breeze 2 comes with two coils: one 0.6ohm coil, and one 1.0ohm coil. The 0.6ohm coil will work best with regular ejuices, while the 1.0ohm coil is meant for use with nicotine salt eliquids. Both coils provide great flavor, and the cloud production is also quite good for such a small device.

The Breeze 2 uses a removable and refillable pod system that will hold up to 3ml of ejuice. The battery on the Breeze 2 is built in, and quite large at 1300mAh. This means plenty of battery to get you through your day, and then some.

The Breeze 2 is activated by pressing the fire button, and turns on or off with five clicks. If you’re looking to transition from smoking to vaping, the Aspire Breeze 2 all-in-one starter kit is an extremely easy to use device that is perfect for beginners.


Best Vape Pen Starter Kits 2020

For total beginners vape pen starter kits are very user-friendly and easy to get into using, but also not very customizable. Vape pen starter kits are composed of a small tank and a pen shaped mod with a built-in battery. The tank and mod screw together to give the device a slim but long profile.  While vape pen mods may not be very customizable, the upside is that you won’t have to research a compatible tank, mod, coil, and battery. Vape pen kits are easy to use, portable, and have low maintenance needs. Best suited to someone who is just entering the world of vaping. Here are a few of the best vape pen starter kits in 2020:

#1. FreeMax TwisterFreeMax Twister 80W Kit

For the absolute best vape pen starter kit, look no further than the Freemax Twister. Each color comes in it’s own unique, graffiti-styled design. The Freemax Twister is also perfectly sized so it’s comfortable to hold and easy to take on the go.

The Twister will fire up to a maximum of 80W. Unlike most vape pens, the Twister gives you the ability to adjust your wattage. Using a ring at the base of the device the wattage can be adjusted in 5W increments. To support this high wattage output, it packs a large built-in 2300mAh battery. This will definitely get you through a day of vaping and then some — even if you’re vaping at higher wattages. Around the fire button is an LED indicator to let you know how much charge you have left.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Twister kit also comes with the new Fireluke 2 sub-ohm tank. Fireluke tanks are known as some of the best on the market and the Fireluke 2 is no exception. You get two mesh coils included with the tank and they both deliver incredible flavor. The tank will hold up to 5 ml of ejuice and has a push-to fill system. For airflow, there are two large airflow slots that can be adjusted to your liking for a flavorful DTL draw.

It hits all the right spots for a vape pen, and then some. Well-built, flavorful and reliable, the Freemax Twister is our top recommended vape pen for beginners.


#2. Smok Stick V9 MaxSmok Stick V9 Max Vape Pen

The SMOK Stick V9 Max improves on the already great SMOK Stick series with the Stick V9 Max tank. The dual adjustable bottom airflow design delivers a great draw and the improved 8.5ml tank provides amazing flavour and vapor production.

The SMOK Stick V9 Max starter kit comes with one 0.15ohm single mesh coil and one 0.15ohm quad coil that gives new users entry to the sub-ohm vaping experience in an easy to use device.

The SMOK Stick V9 Max has a massive 4000mAh battery and charges with the included Micro USB cable. The battery size on this device means that you won’t have to worry about charging it all the time. The V9 Max has a maximum output of 60 watts and automatically adjusts the wattage based on the coil and battery charge.

Some other convenient features of the V9 Max are 8 second cut off protection, short circuit protection and low voltage protection. The stainless steel and glass construction is definitely eye-catching and there are a variety of different colors to choose from.

The SMOK Stick V9 Max kit comes included with everything you’ll need to start vaping except for the ejuice so be sure to pick some up! The SMOK Stick V9 Max starter kit is a great purchase for entry-level vapers and will provide a satisfactory vaping experience with minimal hassle.


#3. Vaporesso Sky Solo PlusVaporesso Sky Solo Plus Best Starter Kit

The Sky Solo Plus by Vaporesso is a beautiful and cheap vape starter kit. The tank and battery are combined on the Sky Solo Plus and the device itself is pen shaped. It comes in a variety of nice colors and it’s a well-built, minimalist vape starter kit. 

The tank will hold a whopping 8ml of eliquid and features an easy to use top filling system that unscrews for easy access. This starter kit comes with two GT mesh 0.18ohm coils. These coils perform great with any type of eliquid and the Sky Solo Plus delivers respectable flavor and clouds that any beginner will enjoy.

The battery on the Sky Solo Plus is an integrated, high efficiency 3000mAh battery that charges through a micro-USB port on the device. This vape starter kit is extremely easy to use, with a single fire button that is also used to turn the device on or off. You won’t have to worry about adjusting anything with the Sky Solo Plus; just hit the fire button to draw.

The Sky Solo Plus also has multiple safety features built in such as: low voltage protection, short circuit protection, and low resistance protection. It’s a great vape starter kit; you’ll definitely be happy with the Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus.


Final Thoughts

At least one of these starter kits on our list will fit your needs, and you can rest assured that you’re getting one of the best vape starter kits out there. Whether you’re looking for a vape tube starter kit, an all-in-one vape starter kit, or a box mod starter kit, these are the best out there at the moment. Their ease of use and build-quality make these the most attractive and logical choices for any beginner vaper.

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