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Magic Maze 2.0: The World’s First Ever High-Wattage Disposable

This is a sponsored press release that has been written and provided by OXBAR. The views and opinions in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Versed Vaper.

OXBAR, a rapidly growing vape brand, has become a top brand in multiple regions in the United States. The G8000 and Magic Maze Pro made their way to success thanks to the high product quality control and unparalleled flavor.

The OXBAR team has also done a great job on market analysis and strategy. Now, OXBAR has brought Magic Maze 2.0 which will be a new surprise and once again lead the vape market.

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The world’s first ever high wattage disposable

The disposable vape segment of the market has been developing very quickly. More and more functions are attached to disposable vapes to meet market demands. Vapers are looking for a product that is convenient to use, and which offers multiple vape experiences.

That’s why OXBAR released the MAGIC MAZE 2.0: the first ever high wattage disposable with a max output of 28W! The 6-level adjustment range from 12W to 28W meets the various vape preferences of users. Paired with a MEGA screen and adjustable airflow, vapers can enjoy all functional adjustments easily and visibly.

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Magical vaping experience

The Magic Maze 2.0 features UNIONE® dual mesh coils to guarantee a smooth and continuous burst of flavor from 12-28W. Due to the narrow wattage range of most products on the market, there is a lack of obvious difference among the available wattages.

With the UNIONE® coil technology, Magic Maze 2 offers an alternative choice between MTL and RDL, and stable performance at the ultra-high wattage, with low battery, or after chain vaping. In addition, the puff count can reach up to 30000 in normal mode. With a large 900mAh battery, the product ensures long-lasting enjoyment.

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Unique appearance

The design still remains classic and stylish, and the product is treated with a special finish to give it a unique metallic feel. This greatly enhances the touch and color expression of the product.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the classic maze elements of the MAGIC MAZE series, this new product also adds the concept of constellations to make the product personal and interesting. The square product edge adopts a rounded design for a comfortable grip.

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Stick to the real needs of users

Every time the OXBAR team develops a new product, they think about and confirm the real demands of users. We know that many new products on the market have emerged with seemingly cool functions such as phone calls, cameras, playing music, and gaming.

Initially, we understood the rapid development of the industry, but we questioned whether these functions are the real demands of users. What OXBAR wants is to explore the real demands of users. Focus on upgrading taste first, and then upgrade the various functions that assist in improving the experience to truly satisfy consumers.

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OXBAR is a rapidly emerging and dynamic vaping brand, developed by the original OXVA team. Deeply immersed in the e-cigarette industry for over a decade, OXBAR brings extensive technical, marketing, and production experience.

OXBAR provides top-notch OEM/ODM services and manufactures professional disposable and closed pod systems. With over 30 experienced R&D members dedicated to continuous innovation and reform of disposable products, OXBAR has cultivated enduring and stable partnerships with distributors in the United States, the European Union, and Southeast Asia.



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