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ProVape Website Re-Launch — Promo Code Inside!

Have you ever been browsing vape sites and been hit with an overwhelming feeling of “same-ness”? Maybe you’ve spent an hour looking for that one specific thing, only to immediately forget the name of the site where you found it? As vapers ourselves, we’ve definitely had that experience – a feeling we’ve diagnosed as Vaper’s Existential Angst (or VEA for short). If you or someone you love is suffering from VEA, has the antidote.

When they put together, their goal was to create a memorable place online for vapers to go and get everything they need in one convenient location. Think about it, where do we go right now? We’ve got some blogs and forums for discussion. We’ve got dozens of online stores with no meaningful distinction between them. If we’re looking for news, we might strap on a virtual headlamp and mine some media sites for relevant articles too, but why are we doing this to ourselves? Why not cut out all that virtual legwork, put all these things in one simple and easy-to-use website, and let’s call it Consider it done.

In case you didn’t pick up on this by now, ProVape is run by real people – real vapers – just like you. In fact, their biggest motivation in creating their site was to create some of the things they’ve been wishing for in the vape scene. You know, “be the change you wish to see in the world”, and all that.

There aren’t any other sites out there like them. In addition to being driven by passion and experience, they follow some basic rules and principles. Here’s their manifesto:

#1 They’re not going to waste your time. The Internet is a wild place, overrun with useless information and uninteresting articles whose only purpose seems to be getting a reader to ask, “Who is this even for?” None of that at They’ve got a team designed specifically to bring you content you want and articles you’re asking for. From exclusives to reviews to reader-requested content, you’ll find it all there.

#2 They care about vaping and they care about you. Sure, in the age where Wendy’s gets into Twitter beefs with Arby’s on a regular basis and Nissan is preaching to you about self-care on Instagram, this sentiment might seem played out. But seriously, go check them out, they promise that their interest in vaping and in their customers goes deeper than the surface.

#3 Deals. Alright, so maybe some of you guys are here for one thing and one thing only. We get it, not everyone is an “enthusiast” and that’s fine; they’ve got something for you too. Their beautiful warehouse in an undisclosed location near picturesque Burbank, California houses everything you could possibly need, from mods to tanks to kits to pod systems to juices, etc. More importantly, they work with all the major brands in the business to make sure you’re getting the most competitive prices out there. Keep going back and keep your eyes out for regular sales and clearances on top of their great prices.

Oh, and right now, get $5 off every $50 you spend with the promo code “ProVapesBack”. You can even up the ante and get $10 off your next $100 spent!

Visit for all your vaping needs.

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