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Tips To Keep Your Vape Batteries Running Efficiently
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Tips To Keep Your Vape Batteries Running Efficiently

The vaping trend is slowly catching up across the world. More people are turning to try vaping pens for consuming marijuana and various other herbs. Various claims indicate that vaping can be a safer alternative to smoking marijuana, which has led to this sudden interest. Vaping brings out the essence of the plant without having to mix with tobacco, making it a comfortable way to consume the plant. 

Today just like you buy weed online, you can browse through a catalogue of various vaping pens. They have different capacities, levels of filters, battery life, and course are made of different materials. An important criterion while choosing a good vape pen is to look for battery life. People often find themselves charging vape pens more often than expected. It is a puzzle how fast vape pen batteries drain out.

Tips To Keep Your Vape Batteries Running EfficientlyTips To Keep Your Vape Batteries Running Efficiently

The reason behind draining out so fast is that unlike batteries used for your remote the amount of energy required for operating your vape pen is high. The battery needs to provide enough to get the cannabis or any other herb inside at higher temperatures, which means the battery is not going to last as long. Hence the cells used are also more powerful. But there are a few ways you can try that can help you utilize and save the battery efficiently. Here are some ways listed that can help you keep long-lasting battery life for your vape pens.

1. Switch Off When Not In Use

Like any other electrical or electronic components, the best way to save battery is to switch off when not in use. Make sure you completely turn off the e-cigarette or vape pen when you are not using it. Even if you are not vaping, if the power button is on, the device will drain the battery. If you make it a habit to turn it off anytime you aren’t using it, you will see that the battery life is longer. Also, the battery lasts for more charge cycles. Tips To Keep Your Vape Batteries Running Efficiently

2. Be Mindful of your Batteries When They are Charging

 Just like your phone’s battery, it is never good to charge your vape pen batteries to a full 100%. Also leaving it for a longer duration after it has been charged completely damages your battery and causes inefficiency. Be mindful of the battery when you put it for charging. Make sure to remove it when it reaches around 80%. This kind of care for your battery will not only make sure it lasts for more cycles but is also a safety measure. Overcharging could lead to potential risks such as explosions.

3. Don’t Drain Till the Last Straw

It is tempting to put your vape pens to use until it reaches the last drop of charge. But this type of usage damages the battery in the long run. It reduces the charge cycle of the battery and causes it to drain faster. You should always have a small amount of charge left when you decide to recharge it. Try to keep a threshold somewhere between 20- 25 %, below which you should put your e-cigarettes to charge. This way, your battery will take less energy to recover and at the same time last longer.

4. Keep your Batteries Clean

Just like how cleaning your vape pens can improve the efficiency of your vape, cleaning your batteries can ensure it lasts longer. Dirty batteries drain quickly. Your batteries go in your vape pens and then in your pockets, and this switch happens very often. In this case, the chances of e-liquid spills are higher, which means a regular clean-up is essential to keep it working well. If the battery is dirty, it causes a weak connection between the pen and the battery, and hence, there is low efficiency. Invest in a plastic case to store your batteries. This way, they stay away from dirt, and it is also easy to store them properly.

Tips To Keep Your Vape Batteries Running Efficiently

5. Clean your Vape Pens

If any part of your vape pen is choked, then it increases strain on the battery to give more power for the same efficiency. The dirt causes the battery to drain away too fast. Keep your vape pens clean. Try to clean every removable part as often as possible to ensure you remove any debris. This step also gives you a better vaping experience, as the same buds or leaves won’t heat over and again causing it to burn. Cleaning ensures you receive the benefits from the fantastic cannabis. To buy the best medicinal strains, one can surf the internet for Ontario weed online and can easily compare and buy these strains. 

6. Store your Batteries at the Right Temperature

If you have the habit of throwing your battery around, then the chances that you are damaging it are high. If you keep your battery in places susceptible to too much heat or cold, then it hurts the life cycle of the cell. For example, if you leave the cells on top of your refrigerator, TV, the temperature starts damaging it. Keeping it on charge for longer also causes the internal temperature to rise. Keeping it at average room temperature, stored well in a box can help enhance the life cycle of your battery.

7. Invest in a Second Battery

Try buying another battery for your vape pen and switch between them too often. This method makes sure that the burden is not on one battery. This method also improves the life cycle of both batteries. Check out the best vape batteries for a list of the best performing vape batteries.

Tips To Keep Your Vape Batteries Running Efficiently

8. Do Not Leave Batteries Idle

A common misconception among us is that withdrawing a battery unused does not affect it. But the truth is, if the battery has been idle for a long time, the chances are that its charging efficiency has gone down significantly. Modern electronics, including e-cigarettes, need to charge regularly to keep them in good order. Even if you don’t use the battery every day, make sure you drain it at least for a while once every 2-3 days to keep it running. Using it even for a short duration every day can keep the batteries lasting longer. If you have a second pair of battery, then rotate the sets to keep them both running well.

9. Always Use the Correct Charger

Charger design is specific to individual batteries. Their power delivery is suitable only for a few models, and it is essential to keep that in mind. Do not use any charger that fits the vape pen connector. Using the correct charger ensures your battery life is long, and the pen charges appropriately. To make sure that you’re using the correct charger, check out our list of the best battery chargers for vaping.

These simple tips to take care of your vape batteries can ensure you enjoy the best vaping experience for a longer time.

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