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VOOPOO ARGUS Pod Family’s New Member: ARGUS G2 Mini

This is a sponsored press release that has been written and provided by VOOPOO. The views and opinions in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Versed Vaper.

VOOPOO, one of the world’s leading vape companies, has recently unveiled its latest product, ARGUS G2 mini. Responding to the third wave of VOOPOO, ARGUS G2 mini comes with high performance, and combines the portability and affordability of disposables to lead a new era of pods!

After the flagship ARGUS G2 achieved high popularity, VOOPOO launched a new member of the ARGUS Pod Family, ARGUS G2 mini. It’s the mini-size version of ARGUS G2 but it still delivers high performance, bringing a cost-effective new option. From ARGUS G and ARGUS G2 to ARGUS G2 mini, VOOPOO has always been dedicated to satisfying the diverse vaping demands of different users.

The new member of ARGUS Pod Family, ARGUS G2 mini, combines the best aspects of disposable, open-system, and closed-pod system products to provide a new option for users and upgrade users’ experience. Its more compact body enjoys the high performance of the pod, including max 30W high power, 1200 mAh large battery capacity, and precise airflow adjustment. It also continues the smooth taste of ARGUS G2 and features a 3X upgraded ARGUS Top Fill Cartridge, allowing the user to enjoy remarkable value beyond its price.

Super 3X Upgraded Cartridge, Super Taste

ARGUS G2 mini is equipped with a a super cartridge which has a large capacity of 3 mL, no oil leakage after 30 days of standing, a long lifespan of 90 days, and a convenient top-fill feature which delivers a super taste experience. Compared to other cartridges on the market, the ARGUS Top Fill Cartridge enjoys a longer-lasting flavor. Furthermore, the new ARGUS Top Fill Cartridge also matches all the ARGUS Pod Family devices with iCOSM CODE, bringing users a diverse vaping experience.

30 W Super Power, 1200 mAh Super Battery Life

With a maximum stable output of 30W, equipped with a Gene Ai chip, the ARGUS G2 mini intelligently matches the best power according to the different resistances of the coils, maximizing the restoration of the taste and the fullness of the clouds. Plus, the powerful 1200mAh large battery, once fully charged, can last for 3 days, freeing users from battery anxiety when they are outside.

Unique Balance, Transitioning from Disposables

Importantly, ARGUS G2 mini combines the high performance of a pod system with the portability and affordability of a disposable vape, making it a truly unique and compelling offering in the market. This balance of power, convenience, and cost-effectiveness sets the ARGUS G2 mini apart as a must-have device for vapers seeking an exceptional all-in-one solution. It’s also a very good choice for users of open-system pods and disposables.

VOOPOO ARGUS G2 mini leads a new era of pods. With its unbeatable combination of power, reliability, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and suitability for transitioning from disposable vapes, this device is poised to redefine how vapers approach their daily vaping routine. Prepare to elevate your vaping experience with the ARGUS G2 mini, one of the best choices in cost-effective and innovative vape pods for 2024.

For more users to enjoy VOOPOO’s new technology and energy, VOOPOO announces a worldwide campaign for the new ARGUS Top Fill Cartridge, which will cover more than 1,000 stores in total in the UK, France, etc. Users who purchase an ARGUS G2 or P2 kit will get an ARGUS Top Fill Cartridge for free.

Stay tuned for more about VOOPOO! For more information, please check VOOPOO’s official website:

WARNING: This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.

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