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Cilicon® Launches Reoregin™-Powered Disposable Vape

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Cilicon GLIST 1- Experience the Ultimate Enjoyment with Portability

As a leading innovator in the cannabis vaporizing industry, Cilicon® is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology that enhances the vaporizing experience. It has unveiled the ultra-portable new product- GLIST 1.

The flat-shaped, compact-sized disposable vape is powered by Cilicon®‘s latest Reoregin™ ceramic heating technology, providing an unparalleled flavor restoration experience. The mouthpiece is crafted in a petal-like shape for a comfortable fit, while the 10% shortened polyhedron battery housing makes GLIST 1 even more discreet.

Reoregin™ ceramic heating technology, with its exclusive mesh heating coil, delivers 30% lower heating temperatures and a 2.0×2.8 mm hollow cuboid throughout the ceramic to reduce air-blocking issues. The BioBaleen™ Module lets users discover every scent molecule in the cannabis oil, resulting in a faster and purer vaporizing process. The Type-C charging interface ensures on-the-go ease of use, making GLIST 1 a must-have for vaping enthusiasts worldwide.

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Comfortable and Portable

GLIST 1 is an ergonomically designed vape that promotes an enjoyable and comfortable experience. The mouthpiece is engineered in an applicable shape to support the sides of the users’ lips, allowing for pleasing use. The device is also grab-and-go friendly as it is designed to be compact for easy holding and taking. The shortened polyhedron battery housing gives the device a sleek look and feel. GLIST 1 is equipped with an internationally compatible Type-C charging interface, which adapts to most usage scenarios in everyday life.

With the convenience of charging the device in the car, office, or coffee shop, users are guaranteed an immediate and flavor-consistent vaping experience. It is the perfect choice for those who are looking for an ergonomic, grab-and-go, and enjoyable vape experience.

100% Natural Flavor Delivery

Cilicon®‘s significant groundbreaking technology – Reoregin™ heating coil sets a brand-new standard in vaporizer quality by fully restoring and releasing intense potency. The natural flavor could be 100% delivered with this innovative ceramic heating element. Moreover, Cilicon®‘s exclusive mesh heating coil provides an astonishing 30% reduction in heating temperature, ensuring that every draw is smoother and more satisfying than ever before.


Endless Possibilities

Cilicon GLIST 1 is a masterpiece of convenience, aesthetics, and unparalleled user experience. This one-of-a-kind device epitomizes elegance and is a testament to Cilicon®‘s commitment to excellence. GLIST 1 is not just a device; it’s your canvas to customize and elevate your brand’s identity. Every part of the device is available for creativity and imagination. To explore more, please visit:

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