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Juice Head Tobacco-Free Nicotine Pouches Review

Ever find yourself needing to use your vape but can’t due to being in a non-vaping location? We’ve all been in a situation where we want to use our vapes but we can’t, such as watching a movie in the theater or on a plane for an extended period of time. Juice Head has brought a potential solution to the table with their Tobacco-Free Nicotine Pouches.

Juice Head is known for the quality and flavor of their ejuices. They have launched some of our favorite ejuices out there and are expanding into new territories. They recently moved into launching disposables with the Juice Head 5k, which continued to show Juice Heads dedication to quality. Juice Head’s latest product line is their Nicotine Pouches, which I will be reviewing today.

Like me, you’ll probably have a lot of questions about Juice Head’s Zero-Tobacco Nicotine pouches. How long do they last? Is their nicotine delivery satisfying? How is the flavor delivery? These are the questions that I will answer today. I’ll also explain how to properly use the pouches.

These products were sent to me directly by Juice Head for the purpose of this review. This does not affect my opinions or thoughts in any way.

The Pouches

Juice Head TFN Pouches - 1

Each package of Juice Head pouches come with 20 individual pouches which are available in both 6mg and 12mg nicotine strengths. 

At the time of writing this review there are 5 different flavors available with all of them being fruit-mint focused. These flavors include Raspberry Lemonade mint, Blueberry Lemon mint, Mango Strawberry mint, Peach Pineapple mint, and Watermelon Strawberry mint.

These pouches are meant to be used as an alternative to smoking or vaping. I’ve found them to be most useful for times when I’m in a smoke/vape-free location, such as indoors in a public setting or around family and friends, but they can be used just as effectively outdoors and in places that you would normally vape.

These pouches are useful for times when being discreet is a priority. Even in locations where pulling out your vape is an option, you can covertly pop a pouch into your mouth and none of your co-workers or family would be the wiser.

Another instance where I can see these pouches coming in handy is if you’re sick. I know that when I have a bad cough or cold, vaping is something that I want to do but just inhaling a little bit of vapor would make me cough up a fit. These pouches give your lungs a break and allow you to still get the nicotine you crave without making your sickness worse.


  • Juice Head TFN Pouches - Raspberry Lemonade Mint

All flavors the pouches are available in include a mint flavoring, this flavoring is comparable to chewing on a mint leaf and it is quite strong. For every flavor the mint flavor lingered in the back of my mouth and throat for the duration of the pouch.

Raspberry Lemonade Mint

This flavor is quite enjoyable. The lemonade is a very sour lemon, almost like a candy lemon head, where the raspberry is a more natural fruit flavor. The lemonade can be overwhelming at times, almost too sour so I would be cautious unless you enjoy sour.

Blueberry Lemon Mint

Blueberry lemon mint has both flavors quite strong, where the lemon is less overpowering compared to the lemonade flavors. The blueberry taste is more comparable to a candy but the lemon flavoring is more accurate to the fruit. This is a very balanced flavor and would be easy to recommend.

Mango Strawberry Mint

As with most flavors sometimes they just don’t work for certain people. I am only able to taste the mango and mint within this flavor. It does have a natural mango flavor that is quite enjoyable, unfortunately the strawberry is not apparent to me. 

Watermelon Strawberry Mint

A classic combination that Juice Head did an excellent job with. The flavors are both a very natural fruit flavor that makes my mouth water, by far this was my personal favorite. Both flavors work perfectly together to give a delicious experience.

Peach Pineapple Mint

Compared to the other flavors, this one felt a little mute. However, that’s not to say it is a bad thing as I quite enjoy it. The flavor is not completely overwhelming and probably one that I would enjoy using when out and about. The peach is a naturally fruity flavor that mixes nicely with the pineapple which is more sweet and on the candy side of flavors.

Using the Pouches

Juice Head TFN Pouches - 2

Using the Juice Head nicotine pouches is quite simple. Take one pouch and place it between your gums and either upper or lower lip. Once the pouch is in place, I can tell that it is working as I am hit with a burst of flavor and a light tingling sensation similar to when ejuice gets on your lips. This sensation for me is a little awkward at first, but becomes comfortable over time (it does last the entire duration of the pouch). Once that tingling sensation fades, this is when it’s time to remove the pouch. No more than one pouch should be used at a time according to the directions. Each pouch lasted me for up to an hour and did not deteriorate at all through the entire time of use.  

Nicotine delivery of these pouches is quite satisfying as I do not feel the need to vape at all during the usage of the pouch. For those who normally vape with nicotine salts, the 12mg pouches should be enough to satisfy you. If you vape regular nicotine then I would recommend the 6mg strength pouches. I can definitely see these being convenient when going into locations where I am unable to vape in order to get the nicotine that I desire. 

One of my larger concerns when picking up these pouches was how noticeable they are when in my lip. However , the way the pouches are designed (elongated and thin) allows them to sit quite comfortably and not be noticeable while in use.

The flavor is very satisfying with each packet. I found the flavor to last the life of the pouch. Unlike other tobacco related pouches, there is no activation required as you do not have to chew the pouches; you set and forget them. However, if you have never used a nicotine pouch of any kind before and are only used to chewing tobacco, the flavor may be a little unnatural at first. Since this is not a tobacco product, and because it is synthetic nicotine, it will not have the normal tobacco flavor hint under the other flavors. You can also expect that tingling feeling in your lip to persist at times to your throat as you swallow.

Over use of the pouches can cause normal symptoms of nicotine sickness, such as nausea, racing heart, sweating or clamminess, and anxiety. If you experience these symptoms you should consider using a lower strength or using pouches for less time. It is also stated that using nicotine pouches can cause hiccups, which I did experience myself.


Sometimes we find ourselves in situations or areas that we are unable to vape and Juice Head has brought a great alternative to the table. If you aren’t a vaper, these Zero-Tobacco nicotine pouches also allow you to continue to get the nicotine you desire, but without the worry of the horrible side effects of regular tobacco products. The flavor is enjoyable and lasts the entire duration of the pouch, which is around an hour. 

Although the flavor is excellent on each pouch, it can potentially be a bit too much for some. Nicotine through pouches also give a tingly feeling while they work and this can be bothersome to some people. However, after a few minutes it does become comfortable and satisfying in its own way.

Juice Heads Nicotine pouches deliver a satisfying nicotine delivery that will ensure you feel satisfied and able to go as needed without your vape. If you frequently find yourself in situations unable to vape, keep these on hand and you’ll be ready for anything.


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