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JUUL Expanding Into Canada
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JUUL Set To Expand Into Canada This September

JUUL Labs is planning on expanding its massive sales north into Canada this September. JUUL says their aim is to provide Canada’s five million adult smokers with a healthier alternative to cigarettes: the Juul vape.

“It’s effectively our backyard,” noted James Monsees, who co-founded Juul along with fellow Stanford University alum Adam Bowen, and now serves as the company’s chief product officer.

On Thursday, the e-cigarette giant announced its launch in Canada, and will start selling products online immediately. In the following weeks, the JUUL will be available in Canadian vape shops, gas stations, and convenience stores around the country.

This expansion follows the passing of Canadian law Bill S-5. As of May 2018, this bill legalized the sale of vaping products to those 19 years and older. With the legal framework set, this was the perfect time to enter the Canadian market.

The JUULs closed pod vaping system delivers nicotine through the use of pods. The sleek device has a close resemblance to a USB drive, and is portable and easy to use.

JUUL has already gained massive market share in the United States, but this move north comes amid a time of controversy for the start-up. Concerns over targeting-youth and use in schools has landed the company under increased scrutiny as of late.

JUUL maintains that it is committed to preventing the sale of their products to minors. They also reiterate that the JUUL is strictly for adult smokers.

If you’re Canadian, you can expect to see the JUUL at your local vape shop in the coming weeks.

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