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NJOY Ace Authorized for Sale By FDA
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NJOY Ace Authorized For Sale by FDA

The FDA issued its third marketing granted order for a vape on April 26, 2022. The NJOY Ace passed the premarket tobacco product application (PMTA) process, along with three tobacco-flavored pods produced by NJOY. Decisions on other flavors that NJOY applied for are yet to be made by the FDA.

The authorization by the FDA does not mean the NJOY Ace and its accompanying pods are approved by the FDA. It means that these products from NJOY are safe from being pulled off of the market in the United States.

The list of other vaping products that have been granted this authorization are the Vuse Solo, Logic Vapeleaf, Logic Pro, and Logic Power.

Most of the authorizations of vape devices and flavors came as a result of the FDA acknowledging the known value of these products in terms of tobacco harm reduction.

More About the Decision

The FDA is still balancing the fine line between the prevention of flavored pods and e-liquids being the cause of underage vaping and the notable tobacco harm reduction potentials of vapes as a whole.

This has resulted in only tobacco-flavored pods and vape juices being authorized for marketing, while countless flavored counterparts have been denied. Even applications from companies such as Juul, Vuse, and now NJOY have been faced with denials of their flavored liquids, despite the huge market shares or successful applications for their tobacco-flavored products.

The authorized pods include NJOY’s Ace Pod Classic Tobacco in 2.4% and 5%, as well as their Rich Tobacco 5%. These are relatively high-strength pods, making them geared more directly for current smokers looking to quit.

Slow Progress is Still Progress

In terms of harm reduction, this is definitely a win for vaping. While Logic and Vuse are backed by big tobacco, NJOY is a relatively small manufacturer. This is potentially the first step in the door for other vape manufacturers to receive authorization amidst a period of immense marketing denial orders (MDO).

An analysis of convenience store data shows that NJOY is the third-largest shareholder in the current market in the states, with 3 percent. The other major players are of course Juul and Vuse, with 38 and 30 percent respectively.

“Unlike the only two other companies with authorizations, NJOY could not subsidize their applications with cigarette sales, so they were at a disadvantage from the start,” Greg Conely, President of the American Vaping Association, told Filter.

Having a vape product attain FDA approval based on merit, rather than significant tobacco funding could potentially allow for optimism. Small manufacturers will no doubt have seen this as an encouraging sign after a long period of somewhat predictable MDOs.

To Summarize

The NJOY Ace and the accompanying tobacco-flavored pods have become the third set of products that have been authorized for marketing by the FDA. This is another step forward for vaping, particularly when considering the relatively small market shares NJOY currently possesses. Hopefully, momentum for smaller vape manufacturers will be seen in the coming times.

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