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POWER ALPHA 2.0 First Ever Charge-Free 15,000+ Puffs Vape Solution by FEELM
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POWER ALPHA 2.0: First Ever Charge-Free 15,000+ Puffs Vape

This is a sponsored press release that has been written and provided by FEELM. The views and opinions in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Versed Vaper.

On January 31, 2024, FEELM, a leading provider of closed-system vape solutions, released the world’s first charge-free disposable technology solution for large-puffs, POWER ALPHA 2.0. It is the world’s first charge-free solution for over 15,000 puffs, effectively solving the problem of needing repeated charging in the large puffs vapes popular on the market.

Previous reports of the original POWER ALPHA technology can only support 6,000 puffs without charging. This upgrade now breaks through more than doubles to 15,000 puffs. In addition, it also effectively cracked the problem of decaying tastes in cotton mesh coils, realizing consistently true flavors in every puff.

POWER ALPHA 2.0 Large Puff Charge Free Disposable

Patented Battery Technology, Charge-Free Large-Puffs

With the global economy under stress, consumers are pursuing more cost-effective products, and the demand for large-puffs products is projected to continue to grow. Research shows that consumers are fast approaching the cut-off line at 10,000 puffs as the minimum puff counts for the disposable products.

The transition from small-puffs to large-puffs has brought about an upgrade in the consumer experience and cost-effectiveness, but has brought with it its own problems. Problems such as, the hassle to find charging ports or the lack of portability of the product, leaving some products not being fully utilized before it is disposed of.

For example, a 10,000 puffs disposable vape if used in high frequency may require charging every half day, and a total of charge of 3-5 times throughout its lifetime. This means a consumer may be inconvenienced with needing to carry a charging line or pushed to purchase a new one if no charging solution is available.

To tackle this issue, FEELM started developing the charge-free battery technology that can empower large-puffs vapes as early as 2022. The work paid off in 2023 when it was revealed as the innovative technology, POWER ALPHA. Back then, it was able to support 6,000 puffs without charging.

This time, with the rapidly increasing in the number of puffs in disposable products, FEELM has once again taken the lead by launching POWER ALPHA 2.0, a charge-free disposable solution for more than 15,000 puffs.

POWER ALPHA2.0 is equipped with the world’s first “TOPOWER” technology. Relying on this technology, the energy density of POWER ALPHA2.0’s battery cells is 40% higher than those other products of the same size, making POWER ALPHA2.0’s battery cells 40% smaller than those other products with the same amount of power.

The extremely low self-discharge rate is another addition to benefits. A 700% lower self-discharge rate compared to others on the market, which can lead to a longer shelf life and better support customers’ global market rollout.

Unique MESH Constant Power Solution, Best Taste in Every Puff

Consumers are accustomed to the issue that large-puff devices are accompanied by the fading quality of flavors as use is continued. Professional diagnostics reveal that the fading of flavor is due to the draining of battery power, the longer it is used with cotton coils.

This is where POWER ALPHA 2.0 has another major breakthrough. It comes with a unique MESH constant power solution, leading to a taste that is 300% more consistent than other products on the market.

With the substantial increase in the vapor volume and atomization efficiency, POWER ALPHA2.0 supports the ability to fully vaporize the e-liquids for richer and fuller flavors. Each puff stays intense and each draw delivers the best flavor possible.

Experiment data shows that the POWER ALPHA2.0 solution’s atomization efficiency has increased by 200% along with an increased vapor volume of 49% compared to similar products from competitors. The numbers show a very evident advantage.

Innovative Product Experience, Smart Interactive Technology

There has been a global trend for the disposable market. Smarter product is the rage, and it swept the market with interactive screen display and apps. In addition to meeting people’s daily taste and flavor experience needs, the disposable vapes are becoming more and more aligned with electronic consumer products, becoming smarter through interactive technology.

FEELM has always been committed to technological innovation and product upgrades to refresh the consumer experience, consistently bringing leading products to the global market. Previously, in the European market, FEELM took the lead in launching the world’s first ceramic core disposable solution, FEELM Max. It brings consumers another type of experience, a softer and more delicate taste in vape.

Along with it, a transparent e-liquid container for consumers to keep track of the usage at any time. Solving the consumer anxiety of not knowing how much e-liquid is left that plagued the European market at the time.

Along with it all, POWER ALPHA 2.0 brings with it a series of screen display solutions. Visitors at the TPE can see the unique long runway strip display, displaying in real-time the e-liquid level after vaping it.

The FEELM staff on-site introduced that FEELM has prepared a series of intelligent display options, including curved screen, touch screen, and more. Different solutions for different customer needs for interactive technology.

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