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Puffmi Introduces Disposable C800: See the Puffs, See the Compliance

This is a sponsored press release that has been written and provided by PUFFMI. The views and opinions in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Versed Vaper.

In response to market demands and regulatory challenges, Puffmi has launched the Disposable C800, amidst a vaping industry fraught with non-TPD compliant products in the first half of 2023. This innovative disposable vape not only delivers satisfying and cost-effective vaping experiences but also fully complies with TPD regulations, offering 800 puffs from 2ml pre-filled e-juice. 

With its transparent tank, the C800 offers users a glimpse into their e-juice levels, allowing them to redefine their vaping experience. Let’s explore the remarkable features and benefits that make the Disposable C800 stand out from the crowd.

Smooth & Silky Taste from FEELM Max 

At the core of the Disposable C800, the pioneering FEELM Max ceramic coil takes center stage, revolutionizing the vaping experience. Renowned for its exceptional heat exchange and e-juice conveyance capabilities, this ceramic coil surpasses traditional cotton or silica wicks. It ensures a consistently flavorful and satisfying vaping session, while also boasting an impressive lifespan.

With the FEELM Max ceramic coil, the C800 elevates your vaping experience to new heights. Prepare to be captivated as it delivers an astonishing 800 puffs from 2ml pre-filled e-juice, fully TPD compliance. This represents a remarkable 40% increase in puff quantity compared to other devices in the industry. Each puff is a sensory delight, enveloping your palate with super smooth and silky tastes that will keep you coming back for more. Indulge in the enhanced flavors and longevity that the FEELM Max ceramic coil brings to your vaping sessions.

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Efficiency by Design: Making Every Puff Counts

Efficiency is at the forefront of the Disposable Vape C800 design. By eliminating cotton, this device eliminates e-juice wastage, maximizing the utilization of each cartridge. Furthermore, the innovative FEELMAX coil, featuring nano pores, creates a system that produces voluminous clouds, surpassing regular devices by 25%. This seamless combination not only enriches the vaping experience with intense flavor and impressive cloud production but also ensures that every drop of e-juice counts. 

Embrace the efficiency of the C800 and embark on a vaping journey that is as satisfying as it is economical. The C800 is designed to provide an unparalleled vaping experience, ensuring that every puff is a moment of pure satisfaction. Experience the difference for yourself and discover a new level of enjoyment with C800 by Puffmi.

Unrivaled Power and Performance, Battery and Longevity

Concealed within its stylish and streamlined design, C800 houses a robust 500mAh battery engineered for enduring power and unwavering performance. This meticulously crafted battery ensures long-lasting vaping sessions without compromising on satisfaction. Brace yourself for a vaping experience where each inhalation counts, as the C800 redefines standards for performance and longevity. 

With its advanced battery technology, the C800 empowers vapers to enjoy extended sessions without interruption, providing an exceptional and fulfilling journey that lasts. Experience the pinnacle of vaping performance with the C800, where every puff becomes a testament to its exceptional power and efficiency.

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Trusted by a Community of Vapers: The Seal of Approval

The Disposable C800 has earned the trust and endorsement of over 500 local users who have firsthand experience with the product. These vapers have expressed their utmost satisfaction with the C800, acknowledging its superiority over other offerings in the market, especially the super smooth taste and consistent favors. The fully visible e-liquid tank of the C800 was highly praised, allowing users to easily monitor the remaining puffs and they hope this design could be used widely in the following vaping devices. 

The positive reception from the vaping community, coupled with the practical advantages of the transparent tank, solidifies the C800 as a reliable choice for vapers of all levels. Join the community of satisfied users and discover why the C800 has become a preferred vaping option.

Catering to Individual Tastes: A Flavorful Journey

Puffmi understands that every individual has unique preferences. That’s why the Disposable C800 offers a diverse range of over 20 flavors to cater to every vaper’s desires. Whether you crave fruity tang or the classic essence of traditional tobacco, Puffmi has carefully crafted a flavor selection that resonates with your palate. This commitment to providing an exceptional vaping journey is exemplified by the extensive variety, allowing you to indulge in a bespoke experience tailored to your unique taste. Explore the full range of flavors and embark on a personalized vaping adventure with the C800.

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Puffmi Disposable C800 represents a remarkable leap into the future of vaping. By combining innovation, full compliance, and superior satisfaction, the C800 redefines the vaping experience. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or just starting, the C800 promises a silky and smooth journey with its extensive flavor options, efficient design, and powerful performance. 

Embrace the revolution and experience the extraordinary with C800 by Puffmi. For more information about the product, visit the Puffmi C800 product link at:


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