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VAPORESSO to Launch User Customization Competition

This is a sponsored press release that has been written and provided by VAPORESSO. The views and opinions in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Versed Vaper.

VAPORESSO to Launch User Customization Competition with XROS 3 NANO to Encourage Innovation

VAPORESSO, a world-leading vaping brand, is set to launch its latest brand innovation campaign, the “Fun with Innovation Now – VAPORESSO Sparkling Creative Design Competition”. The event, which runs from April 15 to September 15, aims to highlight the Company’s innovation DNA by combining its latest XROS 3 NANO product with a unique design innovation platform, allowing consumers to play a key role in co-creating the future of vaping.

VAPORESSO to Launch User Customization Competition

As part of its focus on innovation, VAPORESSO has introduced a new theme for 2023 – Innovate at Once – a commitment to fearlessly pursue innovation and push boundaries in all areas of design and user experience optimization, which allows VAPORESSO to focus on its three core brand values – innovation, reliability, and style – while continuing to emphasize its commitment to a multidimensional approach to innovation.

In the latest campaign, VAPORESSO is focusing on the concept of “unlimited innovation”. This means that VAPORESSO’s innovation is not restricted to a single dimension but instead permeates across multiple dimensions such as products, design, culture, and ecology. The Company’s ideology goes beyond the conventional, and aims to integrate, break through, and empower, in order to create infinite beauty for the world. 

With such innovation philosophy, VAPORESSO aims to create unlimited beauty for the world, and the FUN WITH INNOVATION NOW – VAPORESSO SPARKLING CREATIVE DESIGN COMPETITION is an excellent example of this, with the Company inviting all consumers to join them in this journey of innovation.

During the campaign, VAPORESSO will showcase the CMF (Color, Material, and Finish) of the XROS 3 and XROS 3 NANO series, and invite internal ID designers, artists, and KOLs to build unique CMFs for display. In addition, consumers will have the opportunity to participate in the XROS 3 NANO customization competition, where they can submit their own designs for the chance to win exciting prizes, including an iPad Pro, an iWatch, and Air Pods. The winners also have the chance to be included in the blind box imagination plan and become a custom blind box product sold globally. 


VAPORESSO was created in 2015 and is dedicated to establishing a smoke-free world while raising the quality of life for its users. Based on its continuous innovation, strict quality control, and substantial commitment, VAPORESSO creates products that can fit all levels and styles of vapers.

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