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Zinwi Unveil Exquisite Flavor at the Vaper Expo UK in Birmingham

This is a sponsored press release that has been written and provided by ZINWI. The views and opinions in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Versed Vaper.

The third stop of Zinwi’s global tour officially opened today in Birmingham, the birthplace of the modern manufacturing industry.

Zinwi set off to gather with global industry practitioners at the Vaper Expo UK to touch the most cutting-edge industry technology and create a magnificent future for the vaping industry.

The 2023 Vaper Expo UK was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre in Birmingham. This is the largest and most recognized vaping exhibition in the UK and Europe, now held for 14 editions. This year, it is expected that there will be more than 500 exhibitors.

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The brand image of Zinwi has once again appeared internationally

At this exhibition, Zinwi appeared internationally with its new brand image. The exhibition area adopts an open activity space design, with multiple experience areas and negotiation areas to bring an immersive interactive experience to the audience. In the center of the exhibition area, the logo of Zinwi stands out as a supporting structure, which is eye-catching.

The new logo closely integrates the shape of oil droplets with the initial “Z” of Zinwi, symbolizing the firmness and original intention of Zinwi to focus on the essence of e-liquid, and reflecting Zinwi’s ultimate pursuit of high-quality e-liquid. The “Zinwi Blue” is the representative color of Zinwi focusing on scientific research experiments, which contains Zinwi’s diligent exploration and innovation in scientific research.

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Localized flavors on display

In response to the flavor trend in the European market, Zinwi has developed 12 series with a total of 48 flavored e-liquids prepared to match vaping equipment for the on-site audience to experience. From the fruit series to the tobacco series, Zinwi has been fully upgraded on the basis of traditional superior flavors.

Launched with the classic innovative flavor, two star series were created by Zinwi. (AQUA Series: Pure, Swell, Splash, Breeze) We will experience refreshment and mellowness together. (Food Series: peanut chocolate candy, spearmint gum, orange soda, blackcurrant apple juice) Looking for childhood memories of the vaping experience.

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At the same time, a flavor wall display area is set up in the exhibition area, which vividly shows the flavor characteristics of various e-liquids. Relying on rich experience in flavoring and strong strength in fragrance, Zinwi has accumulated more than 50,000 e-liquid formulas to meet the consumer demand in the global market fully, and is constantly developing and innovating, continuously upgrading existing flavors, and is committed to building an industry-leading high-quality e-liquids.

Fragrance laboratory, open customized fragrance experience

At the exhibition site, Zinwi launched an on-site fragrance laboratory for the first time. Under the guidance of Zinwi’s professional perfumer, the audience can mix any exclusive flavor they want, and experience Zinwi’s fragrance-mixing ability in all aspects.

Having been deeply involved in the industry for many years, the flavoring strength of Zinwi has won unanimous praise from within the industry. Whether it is the control of the flavor trend in the global market or the standardization and improvement of the traditional flavoring process, it is inseparable from Zinwi’s persistence in R&D and innovation.

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Zinwi focuses on the innovation and development of the field of fragrance and has successively established an atomization technology research and development center and a Yunnan research institute, focusing on basic research on fragrance, so as to lead the high-quality and standardized development of the industry. Today, Zinwi ZTouch series nicotine salt technology has been fully applied in high-quality e-liquid, demonstrating the outstanding strength of customized flavoring.

At the same time, in response to the collaborative customized development strategy of e-liquid and vaping equipment, Zinwi has also established a professional R&D team to deeply explore the standardized technology and innovative direction of collaborative development.

Participate in the online questionnaire survey at the exhibition site, and you can get an opportunity to make an appointment for fragrance blending or a beautiful souvenir. There is also a Wheel of Fortune event on-site, and you can win free gifts around the Zinwi brand.

The third stop of the global tour, Zinwi once again amazed the audience with its unique flavor experience. Let us look forward to the exhibition site tomorrow and what surprises Zinwi will bring.

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