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Mini DRAG, Ultra Taste! ZOVOO DRAGBAR New Products Released

This is a sponsored press release that has been written and provided by ZOVOO. The views and opinions in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Versed Vaper.

On October 10th, ZOVOO unveiled two new products of DRAGBAR series, DRAGBAR F600 and DRAGBAR F1000. As products of a star series, since ZOVOO released the product preview, they have received extensive attention from global DRAGBAR fans.

Known as “Mini DRAG”, DRAGBAR F600 and DRAGBAR F1000 are the mini-look, new members of the DRAG family. They carry high-end quality and bring an extraordinary vaping experience with excellent cost performance. They are flagship choices among small puff disposable products!

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Mesh Coil inside delivers excellent flavors

Mini DRAG adopts a mesh coil, which can highly restore the taste of vapor and make fresh taste consistently, thus guaranteeing excellent flavor.

The new condensation recovery system ensures that every puff has a fresh and pure taste. It is also equipped with an upgraded oil-leakage-proof design to create a comfortable and pleasant, high-quality vaping experience

It is worth mentioning that the DRAGBAR F600, as the first 2ml selected Mesh Coil revolutionary product, will definitely overturn traditional impressions of the disposable e-cigarette and bring you a new feeling!

Compact and handy, more than imagined

Mini DRAG has an ultra compact body and exquisite design, bringing unimaginable lightness and convenience. They are the miniature vape that you can easily carry in your pocket, which is suitable for all scenarios.

DRAGBAR F600 can support about 600 puffs with a nicotine concentration not higher than 20mg/ml, while DRAGBAR F1000 can support about 1000 puffs with a nicotine content of 50mg/ml. Perfectly compatible with the needs of users with different puff count needs, you can enjoy a variety of different nicotine throat hits. We are confident that these DRAGBAR’s will definitely meet the diversified needs of our users.

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DRAG design, classic inheritance

A tribute to the classic leather-textured design language of DRAG series, Mini DRAG adopts an integrated texture design, and the body is integrated with an embossed texture, providing a more advanced texture and a comfortable grip. Every piece contains craftsmanship, making every touch full of pleasure.

Well-chosen flavors to awaken taste buds

We’ve created new flavors that break out of the norm to give your taste buds more freedom. Experience refined flavor and highly restored natural taste through scientific matching.

Mini DRAG has been released with 20 fresh mixed flavors to choose from. Each flavor has a clear identification, and the rich flavors can be selected at will to meet diversified preferences and needs.

Founded in 2020, ZOVOO now has a complete product line covering all user scenarios, and our products are sold in more than 70 countries. For more information, please visit and follow ZOVOO on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok.

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WARNING: This product may be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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