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10 of the Best Vaping Tips for New and Beginner Vapers

If you’re new to vaping or just thinking of starting out you probably have a lot of questions. And it’s no wonder, there is a lot of information to learn when it comes to the world of vaping.

With thousands of tanks, mods, ejuices, and vaping accessories there is a lot to choose from. However, don’t feel overwhelmed. While it may seem scary at first, it can be a lot of fun to try new tanks, mods and ejuice flavors. Don’t forget, vaping is definitely a lot safer than smoking!

So to help get you started, we’ve put together a list of 10 of the best vaping tips for new and beginner vapers. Through our many and combined years of vaping experience here at the Versed Vaper team, these are some of the best vaping tips that we’ve found.

Now, while we can’t teach you everything, these 10 vaping tips will definitely help get you started on the right foot and set you on your way to becoming a versed vaper!

10 of the Best Vaping Tips for New and Beginner Vapers

#1 — Know Your Battery Safety

Even if using a regulated mod, it’s always a good idea to make sure that your battery is safe for vaping with. Read up on battery safety and never use a battery with a torn wrapper. Also, make sure that you read up on Ohm’s Law and ensure that you get a battery with an amperage draw rating that is higher than the current you’ll be drawing from it.

For example, if you’ll be drawing 10A from your battery, you’ll want a battery rated at 15A to give you some wiggle room. Click here for a list of the best 18650 batteries for vaping.

#2 — Regularly Check Your Battery Connection For Ejuice Build-Up

This vaping tip is one of the most important, so take note: checking your battery connection for ejuice buildup is a necessity. If you don’t, you could end up with degraded vaping performance and even a fried mod. To clean your battery connection, simply unscrew your tank from your battery/mod. Then, take a cloth or cotton swab and wipe out any ejuice that may have found its way in there. Don’t forget to clean out the connector on your tank as well.

#3 — Change Your Coils When Things Start To Taste Funky

While some of you reading may already know this, surprisingly many new and beginner vapers don’t. The coil is the part of your vape that sits inside of the tank, and is made up of a metal wire and cotton. The cotton absorbs the ejuice, and the metal wire heats up and vaporizes the eliquid.

Now, while some coils can last as long as 3 weeks, others may burn out in a week or less. It all depends on the brand and type of coil that you’re using, as well as the type of ejuice and how much sweetener is present, among other factors.

As a general rule of thumb, when things start to taste burnt or a little funky it’s probably time to change your coil. Two weeks is generally the average life of a coil.

#4 — Buy Your Ejuice and Hardware From a Reputable Source

With the popularity of vaping having skyrocketed in the last few years, there is no shortage of people trying to get their piece of the pie from the hype. If you’re not careful, you can fall victim to low quality, even dangerous counterfeit products and ejuices that will not perform anywhere near the same as the original.

Even if they do, is it really worth taking the risk of inhaling from a product of which you’re unsure how it was produced? With their cheap prices, counterfeits can be attractive. But they’re cheap for a reason, and their standards of manufacturing and safety are definitely lower than purchasing the authentic product.

With ejuices, it can be even worse to buy from a source that isn’t reputable. They may not be following any sort of safety standards, and could be using any sorts of ingredients. It’s best to stick with a manufacturer of ejuices that is known to produce high quality juices using only USP grade ingredients in a sterile lab. DirectVapor & VaporDNA are two of the lowest priced and most reputable online sources to buy your vaping hardware, ejuices, and supplies. As for ejuices, UltimateVapeDeals, KindJuice, VapeWild and have a large selection of low priced and authentic eliquids, so be sure to check them out.

#5 — Charge Your Batteries In An External Battery Charger

It’s okay to charge your batteries in your mod temporarily if you forget your external charger, but don’t make it a habit.

While your mods built-in USB port might seem like the obvious way to charge your batteries, it may not charge your batteries fully. Not only that, but external battery chargers are generally better ventilated, which means better heat dissipation, and therefore a longer battery lifespan.

A good and authentic battery charger is as important as your batteries, so don’t cheap out! Investing in quality batteries and an external charger is well worth the peace of mind and extra battery longevity. Some good, reputable, external battery charger brands are: Nitecore, Xtar, and Efest.

Read our list of the best 18650 battery chargers for vaping here!

#6 — Prime Your Coils & Poke Tiny Holes In The CottonPriming first side hole

Priming your coils is definitely something you want to be doing. What this means is saturating your coils with eliquid and letting it soak in. Instead of screwing on your new coil and filling your tank, try this.

Take your coil and a clean safety pin, and poke a couple of tiny holes through the cotton of the coil. This will allow the ejuice to absorb more deeply and evenly.

Next, drip a few drops of your ejuice onto the cotton itself, and into the middle of the coil. Let it soak and completely saturate, then install the coil and fill your tank with juice. Wait a few minutes,do a few dry pulls, and you’re good to go! Click here for a more in-depth guide on how to prime your coil properly.

#7 — Carry A Small Cloth / Paper Towel With You For Leaks

Believe me, you don’t want to be stuck with spilled ejuice and nothing to clean it up with. I’ve been there many times after spilling some ejuice while trying to drip or fill my tank, and it’s a terrible feeling. Having a small cloth or some paper towel on you at all times is something I would definitely recommend to any vaper. Accidents happen and because of the oily nature of eliquid, you’ll be thankful you have something on you to clean up any little leaks or spills.

#8 — Carry Your Supplies With You

You don’t have to carry around every single vaping accessory, mod, and ejuice that you own, but carrying some essential extras can really come in handy. If you’re having a craving and need that nicotine now, the last thing you want is for your vape to be dead, or out of ejuice. It’s situations like these that make it very easy to go and pick up a pack of cigarettes and start smoking again. So if you’re serious about quitting smoking, make sure that you’re well prepared.

We recommend carrying a small bottle of your preferred ejuice, extra batteries (in a proper carrying case), an extra coil, and a small cloth. All of these are rather small items, and can be carried around easily and conveniently in a pocket, purse, or bag.

Batteries died? Pop in your back-ups. Coil burnt out and tasting funky? Change your coil and prime it on the spot. Finished the ejuice in your tank? Fill it up! Spill? You got a cloth for that!  As always, be safe and make sure to get your supplies from a reputable vendor of authentic products.

#9 — Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things

The endless possibilities and combinations of mods, tanks, and ejuices is part of what makes vaping great, so don’t be afraid to try new things! For example, while you may hate eating peaches, you might find that you really love a peach flavored ejuice. Similarly, you might be intimidated to try more than just a cig-a-like, but you would be missing a large part of the vaping experience that cig-a-likes just can’t deliver. If you’re looking for a great vape starter kit, Click here for the best vape starter kits in 2018.

#10 — Drink Plenty Of Water

If you don’t drink enough water while you vape, you can end up with a sore throat, headache, or vapers tongue (where you lose taste temporarily). This is because vaping dehydrates you, and so you’ll need to drink more water to compensate. If you make sure to stay hydrated and manage your water intake according to how much you’re vaping, you’ll have no problems. Definitely one of the best vaping tips to keep in mind.

Well… That’s it!

These are 10 of the best vaping tips for new and beginner vapers that we’ve gathered over the years, and we hope that you’ve learned something useful from our list! If you have anything to share or add, make sure to leave us a comment down below! Stay Versed!


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  • Thanks for these tips they are very helpful especially if you are new to vaping. These are basic tips so you can have more benefit from your vaping products.