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9 Vape Tricks Any Beginner Can Try
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9 Vape Tricks Any Beginner Can Try

The vapor produced by your vape behaves in a subtly different way to smoke. That difference makes it great for performing tricks such as vapor rings and ghost inhaling. Even if you have never tried before, these beginner vape tricks are a fun way to bring a little extra to your vaping.

Before you try performing these vape tricks, we should mention that most will work better if you’re using a sub-ohm device. Low-resistance coils and higher wattages produce larger and thicker clouds than something like an MTL pod vape.

Most will also require you to be inside, where the air will not be disturbed. You can perform some of these vape tricks outside, but it will need to be a very still day.

So let’s get started. Here are 9 vape tricks any beginner can try and hopefully master!

#1. The Ghost Inhale

The Trick: The Ghost Inhale or Ghost Vaping is one of the most popular vape tricks for beginners. Maybe that’s because it is fairly easy to do, requires nothing except a vape, and makes you look like a pro vaper.

The Ghost Inhale trick requires you to expel a puff of vapor in a small, tight ball, which is then sucked back into your mouth. If done correctly, the ball of exhaled vapor should look like a cartoon ghost being captured.

The Method: 

  1. Take a good pull on your vape to fill your mouth with vapor, but don’t inhale.
  2. Hold the vapor in your mouth for a second, then part your lips slightly and push the vapor out using your tongue. Don’t blow or exhale in the usual way.
  3. The ball of vapor should hold together, just in front of your face, for long enough to allow you to “capture” it.
  4. Capture the ghost by sucking the ball back into your mouth, either slowly with tightly-pursed lips or quickly by opening your mouth a bit more.

Learning to push vapor out with your tongue rather than exhaling takes some practice. Once you have learned it, it will make several of the other vape tricks on our list much easier to perform.

#2. The Dragon

The Trick: Let’s move on from one of the most popular vape tricks to one of the easiest to do anywhere – The Dragon. You don’t need anything other than a vape and a slightly crazy expression on your face.

The Dragon trick involves you simply blowing out vapor in a particular way; to look like a dragon. You probably shouldn’t expect a casting call for the next Hollywood production about mythical beasts, but it’s still a cool beginner trick.

The Method: 

  1. Take a decently sized pull on your vape without inhaling too much vapor into your lungs.
  2. Purse your lips and then contort your mouth to create gaps on either side. Now exhale the vapor from both your nose and mouth.
  3. If you do this correctly, you should get four distinct plumes. One from each nostril and one on each side of your mouth, dragon-style!

#3. Vapor Rings/Vapor O’s

Blowing Os Vape Trick

The Trick: Ex-smokers will have probably tried to blow smoke rings at some point, but it’s even easier to create vapor rings. If you want to do vape tricks, rings are one of the best things to learn. In fact, you’ll need to know how to blow O’s before you can do the Triangle trick.

As the name suggests, this trick has you creating rings of vapor. The best vapor rings will expand as they move away from your mouth while holding their shape. This allows you to blow second and even third rings through the middle of the first.

The Method: 

  1. Draw a good amount of vapor into your mouth and hold it without inhaling.
  2. Open your mouth and form your lips into an O shape.
  3. To push the vapor out in small puffs, you have to create pressure with your throat and tongue. It’s tricky to explain if you have never done it before, but it’s similar to clicking your throat.

The O shape of your mouth will form rings as the vapor is pushed out in puffs. By varying how hard you “push” the vapor out and the size of the O your lips make, you can create slow, fast, large, and small vapor rings.

#4. The Waterfall

The Trick: The waterfall is one of the easiest tricks you can do with your vape, but to get the best results, you’ll need a bottle or large glass to hold the vapor. The Waterfall trick clearly shows you the difference between the physical properties of smoke and vapor.

Whether performed with or without a container, the Waterfall trick demonstrates the heavier-than-air properties of vapor. If you are using a container to hold the vapor, try to pick one with a wide opening. It can also help the vapor to build up in the bottle if there is a small amount of ice at the bottom.

The Method:

  1. Take a big pull on your vape and hold it in your mouth.
  2. Raise the container to your mouth and let the vapor flow into it. Repeat this as many times as you wish or until the container is full.
  3. You will then be able to pour the vapor from the bottle onto a flat solid surface, where it will spread out like the bottom of a waterfall.

If you don’t have a container, let the vapor spill from your mouth onto a flat surface. You will need to be quite close for this method to work.

#5. Tornado

Tornado Vape Trick

The Trick: This is a follow-up to the Waterfall trick because you’ll need to create a “puddle” of vapor on a flat surface before you can get your tornado spinning.

Performing the Tornado is all about your hand movements. If you don’t get that right, you won’t get the spinning spiral of vapor you’re looking for. That said, the setup is also important. Check out the Waterfall trick instructions to get the vapor ready.

The Method: 

  1. Get your pool of vapor onto a flat surface and let it settle.
  2. Hold your hand flat but vertically in a chopping position, and slide the side into the puddle of vapor.
  3. Then quickly flick your hand up and out of the vapor, while twisting your palm upwards.

#6. Vapor Bubble

The Trick: The Vapor Bubble is another vape trick that requires some preparation, but it looks pretty cool when done correctly.

To achieve the best result, you will need a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off and a small bowl of soapy water. If you don’t have a bottle, you can blow the vapor bubble through a circle formed by your thumb and finger.

The Method: 

  1. Stand the cut plastic bottle in the bowl of soapy water.
  2. Take a pull on your vape and hold the vapor in your mouth.
  3. Gently lift the bottle, hopefully with a film of liquid covering the cut end (if not, dip it back into the water and try once again,) and blow the vapor into the neck of the bottle.

You’ll need to blow hard enough to form a bubble but not so hard that it bursts. You know, just like blowing soap bubbles when you were a kid. You can then burst the Vapor Bubble to create a nice little finish to the trick.

#7. The Triangle

The Trick: Before you can try the Triangle trick, you’ll want to master the Vapor Ring trick. And even when you can blow great O’s, turning them into triangles takes some practice and requires the air to be very still.

The Triangle vape trick can be difficult to get right. But with some experimentation, you should be able to find the sweet spot between creating the ring and shaping it with your hand movements. The trick works best with a small, dense vapor ring, so use a vape and liquid that can produce thick clouds.

The Method:

  1. Take a pull on your vape and hold the vapor in your mouth.
  2. Blow a vapor ring gently, then use your hand to shape the O into a triangle.
  3. The best way to do this is to make two quick patting motions in the air directly beside your O. The change in air current should form the circle into a triangle.

#8. French Inhale

The Trick: As with smoke rings, the French Inhale might be familiar to some ex-smokers. Despite the name, we’re not sure if this trick originated in France (it is also known as the Irish Waterfall to some people,) but let’s go with that for now.

The French Inhale is a simple trick, requiring nothing more than a vape and your face to perform. You can use any vape for the French Inhale, as you only need a relatively small amount of vapor.

The Method: 

  1. Draw a small mouthful of vapor and hold it without inhaling.
  2. Open your mouth slightly and push out your bottom lip.
  3. Let the vapor leak out of your mouth, while gently and continuously inhaling through your nose.
  4. The vapor will create a sort of backward waterfall going from mouth to nose.

#9. Cocktail Mist/Liquid Mist

The Trick: We’ll finish our list with a vape trick that’s perfect for party season, the Cocktail Mist or Liquid Mist trick. So get yourself a glass of something nice and get ready to wow your fellow party guests.

The Cocktail trick looks best if you use a cool cocktail glass, such as the type used for a Martini. But it will work with almost any drinking glass you have to hand. 

The Method: 

  1. Drink about half of your cocktail (or other drink) and take a sneaky pull on your vape.
  2. Raise the glass to your lips and let the vapor spill out of your mouth.
  3. Exhale gently to fill the glass with vapor, then place it back on the table.

You can draw on your vape in full sight of everyone, but it’s more exciting if the vapor appearing is a surprise.

Tips for Better Vape Tricks

Tips for Better Vape Tricks

All of the tricks we’ve covered can be attempted by beginners, and repeated practice will help you to master them. Here are a few essential tips to help make the journey from beginner to expert easier and quicker. 

Learn to DL Vape: Most, if not all, of the vape tricks we’ve covered require you to inhale using the Direct Lung method. Even if the trick instructions are to hold the vapor in your mouth, you can do that more efficiently if you aren’t drawing on your vape as if it’s a cigarette. 

It is also difficult to draw enough vapor through a tank and mod vape if you’re using the Mouth to Lung method of vaping. But more on that in a moment. 

Create a Still Environment: As you become more adept at trick vaping, you might be able to perform some of them in busy rooms or even outside. But until you have a trick mastered, practice in a closed room, with windows shut and the AC/fans turned off. 

It is much easier to see if you have understood the method for performing a vape trick if the vapor isn’t being pulled out of shape by a breeze from the AC unit. 

Choose the Right Vape: You will usually need to create thick, dense clouds of vapor for vape tricks. And to do that, you need the right type of vape. High wattage and low resistance coils are the keys, and they come with a vape mod and vape tank setup. Your pen or pod-style vape just isn’t going to cut it. 

Look for a vape with at least 80W of power, that can use coils below 0.5ohm resistance. Something like the Voopoo Drag H80 S is a great place to start. If you want to take your vape tricks to the next level, you can always step up to a 100+ Watt vape later. 

Use High-VG, Low-Nicotine Liquid: For vape tricks, the liquid you choose to put in your vape is almost as important as the device itself. Liquids with high-VG content produce more dense and thick vapor, especially when paired with a high-wattage, low-resistance vape. 

And if you think you will be practicing the tricks a lot, choose a zero or low-nicotine liquid. You don’t want to over-indulge on the nicotine while you attempt to create the perfect Ghost vape. 

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