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Aspire AVP Best Pod Vape

Best Pod Vapes 2019 — The Best All-In-One & Refillable Pod Systems

In the past year more and more people have been shying away from using vape tanks and vape mods. Instead, vapers have been gravitating towards the more simple and portable pod vapes. These vapes are compact, easy to vape with and use refillable pods. They make vaping as hassle-free, all while providing great flavor and great battery life as well.

With the increasing popularity of pod vapes the market has been flooded with new devices almost daily. This makes it hard to pick out the ones that are good and the ones that are just a waste of money. To make things easier we’ve put together this list of the best pod vapes in 2019. These devices have all been selected based on their ease of use, portability, flavor, and vapor quality so that you can get the most bang for your buck.  

Best Pod Vapes 2019 — The Best All-In-One & Refillable Pod Systems

Aspire AVPAspire AVP Best Pod Vape

The Aspire AVP is a small and portable pod vape that is available in five different colors. Unlike most other pod vapes that function at one set wattage, you have the option of using three different wattage outputs with the AVP: 12W, 10W or 8W. The wattage can be selected by clicking the single button twice. It also packs a long-lasting 700mAh battery that can be recharged quickly via Micro-USB.

The Aspire AVP uses replaceable pods that are easy to fill and will hold a maximum of 2ml of eliquid. These pods use a 1.2ohm coil that is perfect for MTL and works great with both nicotine salt and regular nicotine eliquids. Plus, the device is draw-activated for added ease of use and simplicity. The Asire AVP is the ultimate combination of high performance, portability and simplicity that come together to make a great all-in-one pod vape.



Lost Vape Orion QLost Vape Orion Q Pod Vape

The Lost Vape Orion Q is the successor to the Orion of mid-2018, and this time it’s more affordable. The Orion Q no longer uses a DNA chip and instead uses an in-house proprietary chipset. However, this doesn’t mean the device is any less great. What it does mean is a less expensive price point for the same excellent performance.

The Orion Q has a small and compact all-in-one design that is comfortable to use and super portable. Lost Vape are a brand that are known for their build-quality and the Orion Q is no exception. The device is very well put together and feels premium to hold.

The Orion Q uses 1.0ohm replaceable pods that have a capacity of 2ml. The 1.0ohm resistance will function great with either regular nicotine ejuices or nicotine salts. The device is easily refilled and packs a large 950mAh battery for long, all-day usage. When it’s time to recharge there’s a battery life indicator that will turn red to let you know.

The Orion Q wil fire at a maximum output wattage of 17W. Its stainless steel body is durable and made to last and its performance is above what you would expect from a pod device; just make sure to grab yourself some pods! All things considered, the Orion Q is certainly one of the best pod vapes of 2019.




Smok NordSmok NORD Best Pod Vape

Available in over ten different designs, including resin options, the Smok Nord is the ultimate combination of good looks and performance. Its compact size and weighted feel make it comfortable to hold, while the curved mouthpiece keeps it comfortable to use. The Nord includes a 1.4ohm coil that is suited for MTL-draw users and nicotine salts and you also get a 0.6ohm mesh coil for use with regular nicotine ejuices.

The Nord is  one of the most leak-resistant pod vapes around. It’s also extremely simple to fill. There’s a side port which is secured by a rubber plug to prevent leaking and the pod on the Nord will hold up to 3ml of ejuice. Plus, the Nord houses a massive 1100mAh built-in battery. Because of its low output wattage of 15W,  the Nord will definitely get you through a day of heavy vaping. And when the battery runs low there’s an LED indicator that will glow red; letting you know that it’s time to charge up.

Although relatively new the SMOK Nord has already solidified its place as one of the best pod vapes of 2019.



Voopoo Drag NanoDrag Nano Best Pod Vape

The Drag Nano is like a miniaturized version of the Drag 2, only it’s a pod vape. It’s just as good looking as Voopoo’s other mods and the small form factor and lightweight make it their most portable device yet. The Drag Nano comes in seven different resin options with a shiny mirror-finish on the back, complete with the familiar DRAG logo that we’ve all come to know and love.

For such a small device, it still packs a 750mAh battery and is powered by Voopoo’s renowned GENE chip. The Drag Nano also features something called “Cold Boot Mode” to keep the flavor and draw consistent. Plus, it uses draw-activated firing to keep it easy to use. 

The pods will hold a maximum of 1ml of ejuice and contain a 1.8ohm coil that is perfect for regular and nicotine salt ejuices. While the pod capacity is a little on the small side, the Drag Nano sips ejuice so a single fill will last for quite a bit of vaping. The draw is smooth and the flavor is great; there isn’t much to complain about with the Drag Nano.



Renova ZeroRenova Zero Pod Vape

The Zero by Renova features the OMNI Board Mini chip which was developed by Vaporesso, specifically for the Renova. This means that you get an accurate and consistent draw, as well as a host of safety features built-in. Similar to the Aspire AVP, the Renova has an output range of 7 to 12W that can be adjusted using the single button on the front of the device. The Renova can be set to 12.5W (high), 10.5W (medium), or 9W (low). For convenience, the Zero uses draw-activated firing.

Most interestingly, the Renova Zero has an “auto-temperature control” feature that regulates the power going to your coil to ensure that you don’t get any dry-hits. If it sense that the coil is getting too hot due to lack of eliquid it will throttle the power down. Super neat.

The Zero uses refillable pods with a 1.6ml capacity. These pods use a 1.0ohm coil that can accommodate both regular ejuices and nicotine salt ejuices all the same. These pods use a unique press-to-fill system that opens when pushed in and closes by itself once you’re done. For all-day vaping the Zero has a built-in 650mAh battery and there’s an LED indicator that will glow red when the device is under 30% charge.


Smok MicoSmok MICO

The SMOK Mico is one of the nicest looking and most compact pod vapes on the market. It comes in beautiful multi-colored resin panels and functions at ultra-low wattages of 10-26W. In terms of portability the Mico is one of the best. It’s less than 2.5inches tall and this makes it easy to throw in your pocket and take around with you all day. Plus, the 700mAh battery is huge for a device of this size and this means you’ll get all day usage without having to worry about the device dying.

The Mico uses refillable and replaceable pods that will hold up to 1.7ml of eliquid and because of its low wattage output your juice will go a long way. The Mico comes with a 0.8ohm mesh coil that is amazing for flavor and also comes with a 1.0ohm regular coil. For added convenience, the Mico has draw-activated firing that works great — it doesn’t require any buttons to fire. Just take a draw on the mouthpiece and you’re good to go!



Innokin EQInnokin EQ Pod Vape

Innokin produce some of the best box mods around and their pod vapes are no different. This little guy is compact but don’t let its small size fool you. The EQ packs a huge 800mAh battery and functions at two set wattages: 13.5W and a boosted 15.5W. There’s an LED battery life indicator that will go red when it’s time to recharge but you won’t be seeing that for a while; the battery efficiency of the EQ is one of the best on a pod vape.

The Innokin EQ has a 2ml pod capacity and is bottom filled with two fill ports for easier filling. It also has a nice mouth to lung draw that is extremely satisfying. For coils, the EQ uses 0.5ohm mesh coils that are great for flavor and produce decent vapor as well. This is a pod vape that will give you what you’re looking for if you want a discreet and stealthy vape. Innokin know what vapers want and they don’t disappoint.


SV Mi-PodMi Pod Best Pod Vape

Ultra compact, sleek, and stylish, Smoking Vapors Mi-Pod is the cream of the crop when it comes to pod vape devices. The Mi-Pod is simple to use due to its all-in-one design. It also features an attractive form factor that is available in multiple colors and finishes. Aside from its great looks, it also produces excellent flavor that you wouldn’t expect from such a small device.

The Mi-Pod packs an ample 2ml replaceable pod that can be easily refilled. It also houses a large 950mAh built-in battery. The device functions through direct voltage output, so you’ll get the best performance if your battery is at a 50% charge or more. It also features an LED battery life indicator to let you know where your battery life is sitting.

What makes the Mi-Pod even better to use is the fact that it is draw activated. There is a convenient vertical viewing window that allows you to see your eliquid level. And for those of you who are worried about dropping it, you also get a nifty braided lanyard. The Mi-Pod is a top pick for the best pod vape in 2019.



Suorin DropSuorin_Drop Nicotine Salt Vape

Fittingly named, the Suorin Drop is a teardrop shaped, ultra-portable pod vape. Featuring an all-in-one design the Suorin Drop is draw activated and comes in some beautiful colors.

The pod on the device acts as your mouthpiece. And with a 2ml capacity that is easily refillable, the Suorin Drop is extremely convenient as well as hassle free to use. The device functions at an output of 13W, and features a 310mAh battery. There is also an LED battery life indicator.

While the 310mAh battery may seem small, the low wattage output of the Suorin Drop ensures that both your juice and battery will last you. You’re not going to be chucking any clouds, but the flavor and vapor quality are definitely top notch. So if you’re looking for an excellent MTL pod vape, check out the Suorin Drop.



What Is A Pod Vape?

Pod vapes are small, portable and ease to use devices that are made up of two main parts: a refillable/replaceable pod & a battery. The pod usually has the coil built-in. In this case, all you have to do is fill up the pod, wait for it to soak, and you’re ready to vape! Some vapes like the SMOK Nord use replaceable coils for their pods but it’s more or less the same process; you just have to replace the coils every once-in-a-while instead of the entire pod.

Pod vapes are perfect for beginners, but advanced vapers love them too. They make a great backup device for when your main device is charging. They’re also low-profile and light for those times when you don’t want too much on your person.

Pod vapes come in all different shapes and sizes but they’re all very compact and light. This makes them easy to carry around or slip into a pocket as opposed to an entire box mod and tank. For this reason, more and more vapers are gravitating towards pod vapes. Why bring around a mod and tank when you get get great flavor from a device less than half the size and weight?

Pod vapes are usually draw-activated, meaning you just have to pull on the mouthpiece to produce vapor. This adds to their ease of use and convenience. However, some pod-vapes use a single button to fire but they are still super easy to operate.  

The Different Types of Pod Vapes

As with all devices, pod vapes come in a few different varieties:

Open System, Refillable Pods: In pod vapes with refillable pods you have the option of using your own ejuice. You just unplug the stopper and fill up your favorite ejuice. Open systems give you much more freedom but they also require a little more work as you have to buy your own ejuice and fill it up yourself.

Closed System, Pre-Filled Pods: Pod vapes with pre-filled pods are the most simple to use. These vapes have pods that are prefilled with eliquid so you don’t have the option of using your own ejuice. This makes them super easy to use and you won’t have to use your own ejuice. Instead, you can choose from the flavors that the manufacturer makes and simply pop them into your device and begin vaping.

Draw Activated: Draw activated pod vapes will produce vapor as soon as you pull on the device. Simply inhale and the device will begin to produce vapor, much like a cigarette.

Button Activated: Button activated pod vapes require you to push a button while you draw for it to begin to produce vapor.

Benefits of Using a Pod Vape

There are multiple benefits to using a pod vape over a traditional tank and mod:

  • Easy To Use
  • More Affordable
  • Portable
  • More Discreet
  • Lighter
  • Convenient

Disadvantages of Using a Pod Vape

There are also some disadvantages to using a pod vape as opposed to a vape tank and mod:

  • Less Flavorful
  • Less Powerful
  • Shorter Battery Life
  • No Airflow Adjustment Option
  • Less Vapor Production

How To Use A Pod Vape

Using a pod vape is easy. You’ll want to start by filling up the pod that comes with the device. To do this, locate the fill port. It’s usually located on the side of most pods and sealed with a rubber stopper. For other pods, you may have to remove the drip tip to access the fill port.

Once you’ve found the fill port take your bottle of ejuice and fill the pod nearly to the top, leaving just a little bit of space inside. This will ensure the best performance of the coil and pod.

After filling, allowing the pod to sit for at least 10 minutes before starting to vape. This is so that the coil can soak and so that you don’t burn the coil inside the pod. You’ll want to be very careful not to burn the coil — most pods have the coil built in so if you burn the coil, the entire pod will have to be thrown out.

Once the coil has been allowed to sit and prime you can attach the pod to the device. If it’s a draw-activated vape you can simply inhale on the mouthpiece to start vaping. If it’s a button activated pod vape you’ll want to press the button as you inhale. Voila! That’s all there is to it!

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