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Aspire Breeze 2 Review — New Pod System, Adjustable Air Flow, and More

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The Aspire Breeze 2 is finally here, and is the long awaited sequel to one of the most popular all-in-one vaping devices of all time, the Aspire Breeze. Sleek and compact, the Breeze 2 brings some minor cosmetic changes to the device as well as some much needed improvements over the original such as: improved performance, a new pod system, adjustable airflow, and a longer lasting battery.

In our hands-on Aspire Breeze 2 review, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the device so that you can decide if it’s worth picking one up.

Aspire Breeze 2 Review

What’s In The BoxAspire Breeze 2 Whats In the Box

The Aspire Breeze 2 comes in a small but solid box and the packaging looks good. Once you slide the box out of the sleeve and open it up you’ll find:

  • Aspire Breeze 2 device
  • Mouthpiece cap
  • One 1.0ohm coil
  • One 0.6ohm coil
  • Four extra O rings
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • Warranty card and user manual

Specifications: Aspire Breeze 2

  • All In One System
  • Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Compact Profile
  • Integrated 1000 mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 3.0ml “Pod” Reservoir
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • LED Battery Life Indicator

Design & Build QualityBreeze 2 Design and Build

The Breeze 2 is a well-built, compact device. Similar to the original, the Breeze 2 is made of aluminum alloy and is an all-in-one device with a rounded rectangular body. In terms of size, it’s only a bit taller than a credit card, and about half as wide.

The Breeze 2 feels solid but comfortable to hold, and the soft-touch metallic finish both looks and feels amazing. Now, while the Breeze 2 does have a similar look and style as the original and even features a similarly styled drip tip, this is about where the similarities end.

Instead of a built-in tank, the Breeze 2 features a new refillable pod system that will hold up to 3ml of ejuice. The pod is quite darkly tinted, but it’s still very easy to see how much juice you have inside. The pod on the Breeze 2 appears to be quite durable, and it’s thick enough that it won’t easily crack.

The drip tip on the Breeze 2 is very similar to the original, however there are now five small air flow holes on both sides. A drip tip cover is included with the Breeze 2 but it doesn’t fit on the bottom of the device when not in use, so be careful not to lose it.

The bottom of the Aspire Breeze 2 is thankfully flat as opposed to the rounded design of the original, and will stand up on its own without a problem.

The Breeze 2 is designed with a number of safety features built-in. These include:

  • Automatic Cut Off (if the fire button is pressed for 10 seconds)
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Overcharge Protection


How to Use the Aspire Breeze 2

Small and easy to use, the Aspire Breeze 2 turns on or off with five quick clicks on the fire button. Sadly, Aspire has done away with the auto-fire function on the Breeze 2 and you’ll have to press the fire button to draw just like everyone else. No big deal, right? Wrong. We loved the auto-fire feature, and while it isn’t a deal breaker, we see no reason why they would remove a feature that was so popular with the original.

How to Fill the Aspire Breeze 2How to Fill the Breeze 2

  • To fill the Breeze 2, you’ll want to release the pod by pushing the two pod-release buttons on the side of the device. Slide the pod up and out and carefully remove the drip tip. We say carefully because the drip tip on the Breeze 2 is a little too snug and tends to go flying whenever its removed.
  • Unscrew the small, rounded airflow adjustment piece from the pod.
  • Take your Breeze coil of choice and screw it into the airflow adjustment piece. We suggest priming your coil with a bit of eliquid before the next step, but it’s up to personal preference.
  • Take your coil and airflow adjustment ensemble, and ensure that the rubber o-ring is up against the top of the coil, where you’ll be screwing it in.
  • Screw the coil and airflow adjustment ensemble securely into the pod, and be sure not to over tighten it.
  • Next, flip the pod over, and pop open the orange rubber seal from the larger side.
  • Now simply insert your bottle or dropper of eliquid and fill the pod up. When you’ve got the pod almost completely full, push the plug back in.
  • Reinsert your pod into the main housing of the Breeze 2, and ensure that it fully clicks in. You can check that the pod-release buttons are sitting flush to be sure that it’s sitting properly.
  • Adjust the airflow to fully open, and replace the drip tip onto the device. You’ll want to wait a few minutes for the ejuice to be absorbed and wicked properly before vaping.
  • Once you’ve waited those long five minutes: ensure that the Breeze 2 is on, press the fire button, and vape away!

The new pod system in the Breeze 2 is extremely simple to use, and reduces the chances of making a mess when refilling. The rubber seal design holds up quite well, and we haven’t experienced a single incident of leaking thus far with the Breeze 2.

The simplicity of the design and its single fire button make the Breeze 2 perfect for new vapers searching for an entry-level device. The Breeze 2 doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, has few removable parts, and is easy to use.

Performance and Vapor QualityBreeze 2 Performance and Vapor Quality

For such a small device, the Breeze 2 performs exceedingly well. The warm, dense, flavorful vapor from the 0.6ohm coil was what we preferred, but you may like the 1.0ohm coil which performs just as well.

In our experience, you can get either a very tight draw, or a very very tight draw with the Aspire Breeze 2. Regardless of how you adjust the airflow or of which coil you use, the Breeze 2 offers a very tight draw with a MTL vaping experience. The MTL draw is very pleasant, and the throat hit produced with a 6mg eliquid is present but smooth.

The flavor that you get with the Breeze 2 is surprising for such a small device, and is comparable to what you would get from your average sub-ohm tank. While the flavor doesn’t ‘pop’ like what you would get with an RDA, the Breeze 2 delivers great, satisfying flavor for a simple, all-in-one device.

Vaping with the Breeze 2 has been hassle free, and we haven’t experienced any spit back, popping, or dry hits. Overall, the Breeze 2 has been extremely reliable and functionality issues have been non-existent.

Battery and Charging

A much needed improvement over the original, the Breeze 2 comes with a built-in 1000mAh battery. If you’re a heavy vaper, you’re going to be using the Breeze 2 all day, and you want to know if it’s going to last you. Well, I have good news, the answer is yes.

The battery performance of the Breeze 2 is great. Even when I’ve been sitting there just consistently puffing away, it hasn’t died until closer towards the end of the day. The battery life on the Breeze 2 is quite impressive, and will mean no interruptions for charging during your day.

The battery life of the Breeze 2 is indicated by colored LEDs that sit just below the pod. There are three different color combinations:

  • 3.8 volts and above: both Blue and Orange lights
  • 3.5 to 3.8 volts: Blue light
  • 3.5 volts or less: Orange light

When the battery level of the Breeze 2 drops below 3.2 volts, the Breeze 2 will shut down and the LED with flash orange fifteen times.

When the Breeze 2 is fully charged, the LED will flash both blue and orange twenty times, and then remain off.

The LED indicators can be pretty hard to see through the pod, and you may have to remove it to check your battery level every once in a while.

The Breeze 2 charges via micro-USB, and the port is located on the side of the device. This is an improvement over the original, where the charging port was located on the bottom of the device. With the side charging port location on the Breeze 2 and its flat bottom, you can comfortably charge the Breeze 2 standing up. Just make sure it’s on a sturdy surface.

As for charging time, the Breeze 2 has a pretty average charge time and will take just over an hour to fully charge.

Final VerdictAspire Breeze 2 Review Final Verdict

The Breeze 2 is a superb all-in-one vaporizer that delivers awesome flavor in a small and easy-to-use device. The new pod system is very user-friendly, and reduces the chances of making a mess. The vapor you get from the Breeze 2 is warm, dense, and flavorful. Considering the low-powered nature of the device, it goes beyond expectations in terms of performance.

If you’re looking for a compact MTL vape with a tight draw, the Breeze 2 is for you. It looks great, it performs well, and the battery life is respectable. While we wish that they would’ve kept the auto-fire draw feature, the device does just fine without it.

Overall, the Breeze 2 is a device that any beginner will love, but that anyone can use. Its compact profile, sleek looks and great performance make the Breeze 2 a must-have in any versed vapers collection.


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