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Kind Juice E-Nectar Review — An All-Natural Approach to Eliquid

We live in a day and age where everyone is very concerned with what they put into their bodies. And why shouldn’t they be? After all, you are what you eat, and so it goes without saying that you should be watching what you intake and ensuring that the ingredients are safe.

The above remains as true about what you vape as it is about food, so if you’re someone who’s concerned about the ingredients in their eliquid you might just find what you’re looking for with the e-nectars from Kind Juice Vape Co.

All of their e-nectars are made using only 100% natural & organic ingredients, and when we heard this we were naturally curious. A company producing ejuices without the use of any artificial ingredients or flavorings is practically unheard of, and something so different from the norm that we had to give them a try.

Lucky for us, our friends over at Kind Juice were nice enough to send us two of their most popular flavors from their E-Nectar line for us to review for you — and I have to say that we’re very impressed. From the presentation and quality of the bottles alone, you can tell that a lot of time, care and effort was put into the creation of these eliquids, and when you vape them you can taste that you’re vaping all natural ingredients. The purity of the eliquid results in a cleaner vapor that you can really taste, and we were pleasantly surprised at the difference.

How an ‘E-Nectar’ Is Made

Kind Juice use only four ingredients in their e-nectars: vegetable glycerin, organic flavor concentrates, wild crafted botanical extracts, and optionally nicotine. No artificial ingredients and no propylene glycol. This makes it great for those with a PG allergy or those simply looking for a more health-conscious vaping experience.  

First, the VG in their e-nectar is produced from plants that are grown without the use of pesticides, and then extracted without the use of chemicals through a process called hydrolysis. Using only pressure, temperature, and water, the glycerin is naturally extracted. The resultant glycerin has a better taste, smoothness, and purity when compared to other lower-grade vegetable glycerin and forms the base of their e-nectars.

Further, Kind Juice use zero artificial ingredients or synthetic sweeteners in their eliquids, and instead use healthier, sugar-free, natural flavor concentrates and wild crafted botanical extracts that are calorie and wheat/gluten free. Because Kind Juice use only natural flavor concentrates and extracts instead of artificial flavoring, this means that propylene glycol (frequently used to carry artificial flavors) is not needed. Very neat.

Now if you’re a vaper who likes some nicotine in your juice, Kind Juice use nicotine sourced from only domestically grown and harvested USA tobacco crops. These crops are ethically grown and raised without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or growth control agents and this results in a very pure and natural tobacco. The nicotine is then extracted using a process free of chemicals and solvents called supercritical fluid extraction, which results in an ultra pure and clear nicotine that produces a smoother and cleaner draw.

If that wasn’t clean enough, their ejuices are also gluten and dairy free, contain no GMO’s, and use no preservatives. How’s that for a clean vape?

Kind Juice E-Nectar Review

Kind Juice were nice enough to send us two of the most popular flavors from their e-nectar line: “Once In A Blue Moon” and “Custard’s Last Stand”. They come in very premium looking dropper bottles, and after learning so much about their production process, we were naturally excited to try them. So let’s get right into it!

Vape Kind

Once In A Blue MoonOnce In A Blue Moon

Blue Raspberry, Blue Slushie, and Blue Popsicle
70% VG / 30% PG
0MG, 3MG, 6MG, 12MG

Unlike other candy-like, artificial tasting blueberry flavors, “Once In a Blue Moon” brings the refreshing and natural taste of fresh picked, wild forest blueberries to the palate.  

The taste of perfectly ripe blueberries is different and amazing, and Once In a Blue Moon gets its intense flavor accuracy thanks to the all-natural flavor concentrates that were used to make it. With no preservatives, no GMO’s, and no PG, you get the full, pure taste of wild blueberries. Additionally, because there’s no added sugar, Once In a Blue Moon is just right in terms of sweetness — enough to satisfy the taste buds, but not overly sweet.

We tested this eliquid in a few different RDA and tank setups at varying wattages and resistances, and this juice vaped beautifully in all of them. The clouds you can get with this juice are insane due to its max VG composition, and the all natural ingredients make for an extremely smooth vape. So If you’re looking to chuck some clouds of tasty blueberry goodness, we definitely recommend trying Once In A Blue Moon.


Custard’s Last StandCustard's Last Stand

A Rich Butterscotch Creme Brulee Topped With A Caramel Cognac Glaze!
100% VG
0MG, 1.5MG, 3MG, 6MG, 12MG, 18MG
15ML, 30ML

A unique custard flavor that stands out from the crowd, Custard’s Last Stand is a rich butterscotch creme brûlée, topped with a caramel cognac glaze. The rich and creamy taste that you get is due to the clever combination of complementary flavors that come together in perfect harmony.

On the inhale, you get the rich taste of butterscotch and custard, and on the exhale you get the smooth taste of caramel with a subtle hint of cognac. The fact that Kind Juice were able to so accurately recreate a complex custard flavor without the use of artificial ingredients is pretty amazing. And of course, there are no preservatives, no GMO’s, and no PG to mess with the taste of the custard, so you get a full, clean vapor that you can really taste.

We also tested Custard’s Last Stand in a few different RDA and tank setups at varying wattages and resistances, and it vaped beautifully in all of them. The max VG composition makes some huge clouds, and the taste you get from this flavor is very, very, good. The creme brûlée custard taste is at the forefront of the flavor profile along with the taste of a rich butterscotch, followed by a lighter taste of caramel and a subtle hint of cognac. Overall, Custard’s Last Stand is a very good eliquid that will satisfy any dessert flavor lover.


Kind Juice E-Nectar Review – Final Verdict

The organic and all-natural approach that Kind Juice are taking to eliquids is not something that you see very often, and is definitely a welcome change. After vaping the e-nectars from Kind Juice, you can taste that there is a noticeable difference between artificial and natural eliquids, and the smoothness and taste of these two flavors is great.

The only downside to Kind Juice is their pricing, as they are quite a bit more expensive when compared to your typical bottle of ejuice in the same size. However, keep in mind that premium organic and all-natural ingredients aren’t cheap or easy to source, and having tried their juices, we would say that their pricing is justified. Premium packaging, natural ingredients, and amazing flavor don’t come cheap.

Once In A Blue Moon is a flavor that we think anyone will enjoy, even if they aren’t a fan of fruity flavors, while Custard’s Last Stand will definitely be hit with dessert lovers. Additionally, if you’re someone with a PG allergy, Kind Juice’s E-Nectars will be perfect for you as they contain zero propylene glycol. Overall, Once In A Blue Moon and Custard’s Last Stand are great eliquids and we give them a Versed Vaper Rating of A+.

You can follow Kind Juice on Twitter here, and on their FaceBook page here!

Versed Vaper Rating: A+

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  • I just purchased a 60 ml bottle with 6mg nicotine of custard’s last stand. It was extremely harsh at first,but after puffing on it for a while my lungs got used to it. I’ve read that some people will set the e liquid bottle’s in warm water for a while,maybe I should give that a try.