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Nine Must-Have Apps for Every Vaper: Android & iPhone Apps

In this age of information, our mobile phones have become ‘the go-to’ platform for anything and everything. From ordering a pizza, to getting a taxi, to grocery delivery; technology has tethered our needs to various apps that improve the living standards as well as efficiency of life. The field of vaping is no stranger to this trend, and after the relatively recent discovery of vaping itself, there has been software support of various kinds available in the App/Play Store to help users to get the most out of their vaping experience.

Whether it’s a vape device or e-juice purchase, vape social media, Ohm’s Law calculations, e-juice calculations, help quitting tobacco smoking; there are apps for them all. These apps provide a connection between your device and your vaping experience to make things easy and more enjoyable at the same time. So, if you are unaware of such developments, we provide you with 9 vape-related apps through which you can take your vaping to a whole new level!

#1. Ohm’s LawOhms Law App

Whether you are a new or an experienced vaper, understanding and being able to use Ohm’s Law is one of the most basic and most important requirements for vaping safely. It involves important calculations for mechanical mod users and anyone who likes to build their own coils for use with rebuildable tanks.

The Ohm’s Law app will do all of the math and equations for you, allowing you to build accordingly so that you can safely use your device the way that you want. After the calculations, this app displays the voltage, resistance, current, and wattage values that you need to know before you vape. By inputting two of the four values, the Ohm’s Law app will calculate the remaining two values. From here, you can decide how you’re going to build or see if your build is safe for use with your setup.  

If you want a customized vaping experience but don’t want to stress your mind or make a wrong calculation, this app is a must-have for you.

Developed by: Calculator Co. 

Can be downloaded for free on iPhone and Android.

#2. E-liquid RecipesEliquid Recipes App

DIY is a brilliant tool used in almost everything today. Sometimes you don’t wish to buy something off of the market and want to experiment with something of your own. With the help from this awesome app, you can now actually mix your own e-juice at home and enjoy your creation to the fullest. 

E-liquid Recipes allows you to calculate the quantity of PG, VG, salt nics, and flavorings that you need in order to brew the perfect eliquid for yourself. The calculations done by this app are on point. It gives you the amount of nicotine and flavoring ingredients that you need to add to an amount of PG/VG in order to create an ejuice of your desired PG/VG ratio, nicotine strength, and flavor.

That’s not all, this app also allows you to share your recipe, find recipes from other creators, and rate them according to your liking. The rating helps identify the best home brews people have come up with. All in all, this app helps you to come up with new recipes and provides a platform for sharing so that others may benefit.

Developed by: Ugar Studio Apps 

Can be downloaded for free on iPhone and Android.

#3. Vape ToolVape Tool App

This app is similar to the one given above, but with the added advantage of information on coil construction and calculating Ohm’s Law. Now you can have one app that performs multiple functions. According to Vape Tool, this app is an arsenal for every vaper with a friendly UI suitable for both new and old vapers. 

You should use this app if you want to perform all three tasks, otherwise, specialized apps are simpler to use.

Developed by: Vape Tool 

Can be downloaded for free on Android only.

#4. LiqCalcLiq Calc App

The LiqCalc app is designed to provide the user with e-juice mixing information. This app makes PG/VG, salt nic, and flavor calculations easy so that anyone can follow them to make their e-liquid at home. It also has an Ohm’s Law calculator, battery calculator, and savings calculator. A must-have app for every vaper!

Developed by: .dlx 

Can be downloaded for free on Android only.

#5. The Vapor MapVapor Map App

On the go and out of e-juice or coils? Don’t worry, The Vapor Map app allows you to locate a nearby store you can visit to replenish your supplies. Location data for this app is regularly updated so that you don’t end up at a closed shop. It is as easy to use as Google Maps and provides accurate location information. Don’t forget to set this app on your shortcut tab before traveling!

Developed by: Nash Dev Central 

Web application free for both iPhone and Android.

#6. VaffleVaffle App

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Whether it’s everyday life or an event, we all like to share our memories with friends and the public. Vaffle is a social media app made to cater to the needs of the vaping community. It is designed specifically for vapers to share their beautiful cloud pictures or amazing videos of them doing tricks with these clouds. Such social media apps were founded after Facebook and Instagram became somewhat unfriendly places for vapers to share their content.

Every social media app should have multiple features so that people can share media, opinions, make discussions, etc., and Vaffle is a multitasking app that does not disappoint. It has a sleek-looking interface, similar to Instagram, and a communal platform, similar to Facebook. Users have the option of viewing the general feed, personal feed, and vape reviews. If you are a reviewer and want to upload mini videos, you can do it directly on Vaffle or provide a YouTube link of your channel if they are long. You can share photos and videos with your thick clouds and show them off to the world. 

The app allows you to update your gear info and helps you connect with people that are using the same gear. In this way, you can share problems, ideas and get solutions for issues you are facing with your specific device. The communal aspect of the app is strong and you can discuss anything vape-related, make new vape friends, share your e-juice recipes, and more. There is even a section that allows you to calculate ohm’s law, help brew your e-liquid at home, keep a record of your vape tools and juice, and much more. 

All in all, Vaffle is a one-stop for all your vaping needs. Every vaper should register to Vaffle ASAP!

Developed by:

Can be downloaded for free on iPhone and Android.

#7. Smoke-FreeSmoke Free App

In these times, every person acknowledges the profound hazards of smoking and overall, they have become more conscious in this regard and want to give up tobacco. Vaping has brought the brightest opportunities for these people and many have turned their habits of smoking into vaping. Smoke-Free is an app that further augments this and helps users to track their performance in the smoke-free regime. 

This app allows you to monitor cravings and help reduce your smoking time until you completely give up. It features a counter for the time you have not smoked and displays the money you have saved in this time by not smoking. Subsequently, it has a reward system that provides you with badges as you move ahead in your non-smoking journey and motivate you further. 

The app has an overall ‘serious’ attitude and provides you with health statistics and the number of toxicants you have avoided. For example, the user is provided with the data of carbon monoxide level decrease and oxygen level increase. It also gives you data in the form of graphs and provides information on areas where you smoke the most so that you can avoid those spots whenever possible.

Developed by: David Carne PhD 

Can be downloaded for free on iPhone and Android.

#8. Escape the VapeEscape the Vape App

Although vaping is much safer than tobacco smoking, it still has negative repercussions. The healthiest life is one that is smoke or vape-free. Escape the Vape helps you follow this healthy lifestyle and helps overcome the addiction. This app is also aimed to help adolescents who vape with friends in school to quit and lead a full life. 

Users can monitor the number of days without vaping and the money saved over this time. It also provides information on the benefits of going vape and smoke-free so that the user can be educated. 

Developed by: Woke Enterprises LLC 

Can be downloaded for free on iPhone and Android.

#9. Vape MasterVape Master App

An app list is never complete with a game!

Vape Master is a little game that you can play on your phone to pass the time. In the game, you can grab your mod and blow massive clouds to fill up the environment but you need to avoid security guards. It has a multiplayer option where you can beat your opponent by clouding up the room quicker than him/her. There are various types of spaces including bars, a theatre, and even a big stadium. 

Vape Master is a fun little game for vapers to compete at and have a good time!

Developed by: playchocolate 

Can be downloaded for free on iPhone and Android.

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