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Vandy Vape Pulse Dual Kit Review — A Superb Dual Battery Squonker

Pulse Dual Kit



Pulse Dual Kit Review
Design — 9.0
Build Quality — 9.0
Features — 9.0
Performance — 9.5



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Vandy Vape have just released the latest addition to the Pulse family: the Pulse Dual. While the Pulse 80W and Pulse X were great for mid-high wattage vapers, those wanting to squonk at higher wattages were left feeling forgotten. The Pulse Dual is here to solve this problem.

As the name implies, the Pulse Dual takes two 18650 batteries and will fire up to a maximum of 220W. It also has a 7ml squonk bottle.

Included with the Pulse Dual Kit is the Pulse V2 RDA. This little guy is capable of running either single or dual coils and features a dual slot adjustable airflow. But what’s really neat about this RDA is that it includes three different airflow rings. This allows you to get the best flavor out of any setup, and proved to be very useful.

Let’s get right into our Pulse Dual Kit Review:

This kit was sent to us for the purpose of this review. However, this does not in any way affect our opinion or rating of the device.

Vandy Vape Pulse Dual Kit Review — A Superb Dual Battery Squonker

What’s In The BoxPulse Dual Kit Box Contents

  • 1 x Pulse Dual 220W Mod
  • 1 x Pulse V2 RDA
  • 1 x 7ml Squonk Bottle
  • 1 x Micro-USB Cable
  • 3 x Airflow Rings
  • 1 x Spare Parts
  • 1 x Manual & Warranty Card

Specifications —Pulse Dual Squonk ModPulse Dual Mod Specs

  • Uses the Vandy Chip
  • Powered by Dual, High-Drain 18650 Batteries
  • Supports Power, Temperature Control, and TCR Modes
  • Fires from 5-220W
  • Squonk-Ready with 7ml Bottle
  • 0.98” OLED Screen

Specifications — Pulse V2 RDAPulse V2 RDA Specs

  • 24mm Diameter
  • Dual Post, Four Terminal Build Deck
  • Single or Dual Coil RDA
  • 5mm Deep Juice Well
  • Dual Adjustable & Interchangeable Airflow
  • Three Different Airflow Rings Included with Kit
  • Squonk Ready

Design & Build Quality — Pulse Dual Squonk Mod

Being a dual battery squonk mod, the Pulse Dual looks nothing like the Pulse 80W or Pulse X. Rather than a rectangular shape, the Pulse Dual is designed to be more robust in order to accommodate the two 18650 batteries inside. And if you’re thinking that the design looks familiar, that’s because it is; the Pulse Dual shares the same shape and design as the Wismec Reuleaux (which was designed by JayBo). This means that the Pulse Dual is very comfortable to hold and still rather compact —  despite being a dual battery squonk mod.

In terms of weight, the Pulse Dual is quite a bit heavier than your typical squonk mod. But for dual batteries, it’s a compromise you have to make. You get better battery life and a higher wattage range, but it comes at the cost of weight.

Pulse Dual 510 Connector

On the top of the mod there is Pulse Dual branding printed, opposite the 510 plate. This 510 plate is not centered, and is located towards the back end of the device. Here, there is a semi-transparent plastic panel that covers the squonk bottle compartment. This panel is color coded to match with the drip tip on the included Pulse V2 RDA, and looks very cool. This also makes the Pulse Dual look very similar to the Simple Ex, also by Vandy Vape. Personally, I think the panels look very nice as they give the Pulse Dual a more playful and fun look.

The screen on the Pulse Dual is large enough at 0.98 Inches, and is positioned vertically. The layout is crisp and clear, and displays everything you need to know. By default, you’ll see your battery life, current mode, wattage, voltage, resistance, puffs, and puff time. This screen is integrated under a sheet of plastic and takes up the front of the device. The Pulse Dual looks modern and clean.

Pulse Dual Adjustment Buttons

The adjustment buttons are located just underneath the screen and work with a satisfying click. The fire button is located on the back of the device, and sits almost flush. It’s easy to fire the mod either with your index or your thumb, and I found it rather comfortable, too.

Pulse Dual Fire Button

The squonk bottle on the Pulse Dual is short and wide and will hold up to 7ml of eliquid. It’s a really nice bottle, and the way that it’s made and threaded makes it easy and mess-free to refill. It’s got just the right amount of squishiness to it and feels good to squonk with.

  • Pulse Dual Squonk Bottle

The battery cover is located on the bottom of the device, and there are a few venting holes as well. I like that the squonk bottle is completed separated from the batteries, as this prevents any bad interactions altogether. The battery compartment is well-machined and constructed, and even has the + and – labels in white. Although the device does have battery safety features, this will prevent you from accidentally putting your batteries in the wrong way. I rate it!

  • Pulse Dual Battery

Overall, I really like the Pulse Dual. It’s similar in shape to the Wismec Reuleaux or Luxotic DF, but with improvements that make the device a great squonk mod. The screen is crisp, the build-quality is good, and it’s a dual battery squonk mod! And while it is a little weighty, it’s very comfortable to use and squonk with.


Design & Build Quality — Pulse V2 RDA

  • Pulse V2 RDA

Part of why I was so excited to receive this kit was the inclusion of the Pulse V2 RDA. It’s a dual airflow RDA that can be used with either single or dual coil setups. But what got me really excited is the inclusion of three different airflow rings: one dual slot, one with eight holes per side for single coils, and one with eight holes per side for dual coils. This is really neat and super useful as you can use the tank as if it was made for any coil setup you like.

Pulse V2 Airflow Rings

The deck on the Pulse V2 consists of a dual post, four terminal build deck. These posts are fused length wise, and this makes the deck resemble an “H”. As mentioned earlier, you’re able to use either dual or single coil builds with this deck, as you can switch the airflow ring to accommodate your choice. The screws are flat head and work without a hitch, but there are also some replacement screws included.

  • Pulse V2 Build Deck

The top cap on the Pulse V2 is conical and shaped well for maximum flavor. The included drip tip will match the squonk panel on the Pulse Dual mod, and is 810 and wide bore. It’s very nice, and feels great on the lips.

With a 5mm deep juice well, you get plenty of room to squonk without worry of leaking. But this is also this RDAs strong point: it’s very leak resistant. There are a couple reasons for this, one of them being that the deck has two drainage holes to suck up excess ejuice. Another reason for the leak resistance is the way that the airflow is positioned on the rings. It’s molded a bit on the inside of the ring, and slanted downward. This prevents juice from getting in, and leaking out of the airflow. Great design here.

Pulse V2 RDA

When it comes to the design and build quality of the Pulse V2, I’ve got no complaints. The three airflow rings are different and useful, and the deck design is practical and easy to build on.

Features & Functions of the Pulse Dual Squonk Mod

The Pulse Dual isn’t just a dual battery squonk mod — it’s got a couple of cool features and tricks up its sleeve, too. Powered by the new Vandy Chip, you get an all new layout and UI design, as well as the ability to fire at high wattage ranges. The device can be turned on or off with five clicks on the fire button.

You get a full set of features with the Pulse Dual, as it will support Power, Bypass, Voltage, and Temperature Control mode, as well as custom DIY curves. It will fire from 5-220W in Power mode, from 200-600F in Temperature Control mode and supports NI200, SS, and Titanium.

Something cool about the Pulse Dual is that it allows you to turn off modes that you don’t use. For example, if you only use wattage and bypass mode, you can turn off temperature control and voltage mode. This saves you from having to cycle through modes that you never use, and keeps the UI easy to navigate.

Pulse Dual Menu

Pulse Dual Button Combinations

Button Lock: Hold the + adjustment button and fire button together. The screen will display “LOCK”. You can choose to lock the fire button, or just the adjustment buttons in the settings. Selecting the fire button toggle will allow you to fire the mod while the adjustment buttons are still locked.

Menu: Hold the + and – adjustment buttons together. The menu will appear allowing you to select the available modes/settings, DIY modes, software version info, and chip ID.

Change Modes: Press the fire button three times. You can now cycle through the modes using the adjustment buttons. Press the fire button to select your mode.

Turn Off Modes: Hold the + and – adjustment buttons together to access the menu. Press the fire button to select the first option. Now, use the adjustment buttons to toggle the ovals next to the modes you want displayed. Untoggle the modes you do not want displayed. Use the fire button to proceed onto the next mode. For instance, if you only want wattage mode and bypass, you would use the adjustment buttons to toggle TC, then press the fire button to go to voltage and use the adjustment button to deselect that toggle, etc…

Adjust Screen Time On / Screen Brightness / Puff Reset / Reset: Hold the + and – buttons, then select the fire button to choose the first option for settings. In this menu, you can use the fire button to select an option, and the adjustment buttons to change your selection. This includes changing the screen time on and screen brightness, as well as being able to reset the puff counter. There is also the option to master reset the device.

Building on the Pulse V2 RDA

  • Building on the Pulse V2

A high point of the Pulse V2 RDA is its build diversity, as well as how easy it is to build on the deck. The four posts are spaced just right, and allows you to center a single coil or use dual coils without a problem.

Simply unscrew the flat head screws from the posts that you’ll be using. Next, insert your coil(s), and secure it down. You’ll want to make sure that you position your coil to be raised up a bit, as this will work best with the airflow rings. They direct airflow downward, and so you want the coil to be positioned for airflow to hit it somewhere in the middle. This will catch the underside and the side of the coil for the best flavor.

I found it very simple to manoeuvre and install my coils, and I really like that it can be used with single coils as well without a performance drop.

Vaping & Squonking Performance

  • Pulse Dual Performance

The best part about this whole kit? Using it! I’m a huge fan of squonk mods, and they’re usually my go-to device (when I’m not testing, that is!). So you can imagine how much I loved using a well-built, dual battery squonk mod that I could really push the limits with.

For starters, the Pulse Dual mod itself is amazing from a performance standpoint. It fires pretty much instantly, and delivers steady power all the way. Wattage, Bypass, and Voltage mode are all great to use, and work without a hitch.

Battery efficiency of the Pulse Dual mod is also extremely good, as it lasted me an average of two days of heavy use, before having to recharge. This was at mid-high wattages (80-130W), and I really enjoyed using the mod for this reason. Not having to recharge batteries as frequently? Yes please! As opposed to when I use a single battery squonker, I got noticeably more life out of the Pulse Dual’s double 18650 batteries (and I would hope so too!).

Pulse Dual Performance

Using the Pulse V2 was a pleasure, and I got some very smooth hits and extremely flavorful pulls using it. I tried all of the airflow and coil combinations possible, and all of them were great. But my personal favorite was the dual slot wide open airflow ring, with a large single coil. I got the best flavor off this setup, and it rivaled some of the best RDAs that I’ve tried (and I’ve tried almost all of them!).

The downfall of any great RDA is leaking. But thankfully I didn’t experience any with the Pulse V2. It’s built in such a way that you can squonk and drip pretty liberally, without juice leaking out of the airflow.

As a kit, the squonking and vaping performance you get is incredible. The mod squonks and disperses juice evenly with the Pulse V2’s deck style, and then drains excess juice back into the bottle. This leads to nice even wicking, and because it squonks from the top, you don’t really have to wait for your wicks to saturate. Once you squonk, you can straight vaping.

When you take everything into account, the Pulse Dual kit delivers some banging performance. It’s built well in all of the right areas, and this leads to a superb vaping and squonking experience.   

Final Verdict — Pulse Dual Kit ReviewPulse Dual Kit Review

Would I recommend the Pulse Dual kit? Yes. When you take all of the factors into consideration, you’re getting a dual battery squonk mod as well as a great RDA to go with it. The battery efficiency and squonking performance of the mod are reason enough to buy the mod. But the airflow possibilities and seamless single or dual coil configuration of the Pulse V2 make it a good choice to get the kit. While either will perform great on their own, the kit really impressed me as a whole. So if you need a dual battery squonker, Vandy Vape is a name you can trust. Until next time, Stay Versed!


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  • One huge flaw. Love this mod but something literally just began to happen. I was streaming and saw the light pop on as if i hit the button to check battery lv’s or just finished taking my hit. thought oh maybe i did that? nope. a few minuets later it began to fire all on its own. No the fire button is not stuck. when pressing the fire button it will stop it from auto firing. ittle be fine for another few minuets before going off again. and again … and again. I thought oh… OK then maybe something in the chip needs a soft reboot. i popped out the battery’s, clean every thing changed my coil out thinking for some reason something i did made this happen. it worked ok for the rest of the night…. then it started to happen again. I would take it apart to see if there is any internal leeking but lo and behold the kit dose not have the tools you would need to check or work on it. A side note. I have another pule dual mod that i bought a week after this one and its still working fine. so i’m not cleaning them wrong.

  • This has to be the worst mod I’ve ever had this misfortune to own. Like below it started to fire on it’s own, then the whole thing just froze wont fire or change voltage can’t even turn it off. Tried to take batteries out and reset, but the same thing keeps happening. Me being stupid didn’t keep the receipt so can’t even send it back to Vandy Vape, bearing in mind it’s only 6 weeks old and now just a paper weight.

  • So far, a little disappointed. Loads of vapour, not much flavour.

    Squonk bottle a PITA to install (nice materials to use, poorly executed design ?)