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Vozol D1 Disposable Vape Review
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Vozol D1 Disposable Vape Review — These Are Great: If you Like Menthol

Vozol D1 Disposable Vape



Vozol D1 Disposable Vape
Design — 8.0
Build Quality — 8.0
Performance — 8.0
Flavor — 8.0



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Disposable vapes are becoming more and more commonplace these days. There’s the Mojo and the STIG, both of which are excellent disposables but I suppose that there’s always room for another. Vozol are the latest company to foray into disposables and the flavors look pretty enticing. 

Vozol’s D1 disposables come in six different flavors and are pre-filled with 1.2ml of 5% (50mg) nicotine salts. Vozol say that they will last for approximately 250 puffs but we’ll see how that holds up. I got my hands on all six flavors to try so here are my thoughts on these little disposable vapes.

This tank was sent to me for review from Vaporl.

Vozol D1 Disposable Vape Review — These Are Great: If you Like Menthol

Box ContentsVozol D1 Box Contents

  • 1 x Vozol Disposable Vape

Each Vozol comes in its own distinct box. The box is themed to the flavor inside and has a prominent nicotine warning on the front. Once you open the box the Vozol disposable is sealed inside of plastic packaging to keep it fresh. The packaging is easy to open because of the tear tabs at the top. 

Before you use the Vozol you have to remove the silicone plug from the mouthpiece as well as the plastic sticker from the bottom of the device. Once that’s done it’s ready to go.


  • Pre-Filled 1.2ml Device
  • 5% (50mg) Nicotine Salt Content
  • Lasts Approximately 250 Puffs
  • LED Puff Indicator
  • Leak Resistant Design
  • Draw-Activated
  • Disposable
  • 240mAh Battery

Design & Build Quality

  • Vozol D1 Disposable Vape

You would think that a disposable vape would feel cheap and be made of flimsy plastic. That’s definitely what I expected. But Vozol’s disposables are actually surprisingly well made. They feel solid and not at all like they’re going to fall apart. They’re a combination of shiny plastic for the front plate and a matte plastic for the rest of the body. 

Each Vozol D1 is only a little taller than an 18650 battery so they’re pretty small. They’re wider than they are thick and have a slightly curved but nearly flat shape. I can easily hide one of these in my hands no problem.

Each flavor comes in a different color so it’s easy to tell them apart. As a bunch they look vibrant and colorful. VOZOL is printed on the front plate of each disposable and there are FCC warnings on the bottom. Other than that there’s no other branding. These disposables sport a simple and clean look.

There’s no button to press as these have draw-activated firing. There’s a small LED at the bottom of the device that lights up when you take a draw. Each flavor has its own LED color. The hole for the LED is also the airflow hole so you have to be careful not to block it when you’re vaping.

Each Vozol D1 comes pre-filled with 1.2ml of 50mg nicotine salts and this is the only strength that they offer. That’s definitely a con because not everyone will be able to vape on something this strong. 50mg is too strong even for me and i’m someone who vapes all the time. 25mg or 30mg options would be nice. These aren’t refillable so once they’re done, they’re done.

The Vozol D1 comes with a 240mAh battery built-in. It should last until the eliquid is finished which, according to Vozol, is about 250 puffs. Once the eliquid is done the LED will flash and the device will refuse to fire.

Performance & Vapor QualityVozol D1 Performance

The throat hit is strong and satisfying thanks to the 50mg nicotine salt. It’s going to be too much for lighter smokers but it’s perfect if you smoke heavily. The draw is pleasant and smooth too. It’s a very tight mouth-to-lung draw that feels just like puffing on a cigarette and the draw activation works nicely. It activates and fires right away without having to draw too hard.

Vozol’s 250 puff estimation is pretty accurate. I got anywhere from 225-245 puffs with each flavor (as well as a massive nicotine rush) before they died out. With moderate to heavy use that should give you about two days of vaping.

I’ll go over the flavors in more depth in the next section but generally they’re all very tasty. That is if you like a touch of menthol. Only the American Tobacco and Green Apple flavors are menthol/mint free while the other four flavors all have a light menthol added. 

I’m not a big menthol fan but I can appreciate the flavor. If you like menthol you’ll love them. If you can’t stand menthol then you could always just go with the Green Apple or American Tobacco flavors if those are flavors that interest you. Otherwise, these aren’t the disposables for you.


  • Vozol Disposable Refreshing Mint

Refreshing Mint

This is a clean tasting mint flavor but it’s so minty that I can feel it in my ears. If you like that sort of thing then power to you. Much too minty for me though. This flavor will wake you up in the morning.

American Tobacco

This one actually tastes like a cigarette. Maybe a bit more like a cigar but it definitely tastes like tobacco. It doesn’t taste artificial like other tobacco flavors and that really sets it apart. This is my second favorite flavor.  

Iced Mango

If you’ve ever had those mango gummy candies that’s exactly what this tastes like. It’s very yummy but there’s a hint of cooling menthol in here. You don’t taste menthol but rather feel the coolness. I would prefer the mango without the menthol but it’s still a tasty vape.

Green Apple

My absolute favorite flavor of the bunch. This is the perfect green apple flavor. I like it so much that I want a bottle of this in 6mg so I can fill my tanks or use it with my RDAs. It’s a sweet candy type green apple taste that is just so good. I gave myself multiple unpleasant nicotine rushes with this flavor but I have no regrets.

Cool Melon

Watermelon and honeydew are the flavors in this disposable and they go together great. It’s more honeydew than watermelon and I think it tastes great. Like Iced Mango this flavor also has a touch of menthol. Again, I would love this flavor much more without the menthol. 

Blueberry Bomb

This is supposed to be a blueberry, ice mint and tobacco flavor but it’s really muddled. It actually doesn’t taste like blueberries at all. I taste pure mint however the taste isn’t as clean as the Refreshing Mint. This could use a lot more blueberry and a lot less mint. Avoid this flavor if you’re expecting blueberries.

VerdictVozol D1 Disposable Vape Review

These Vozol D1 disposables are impressively good. The flavors are also relatively tasty but only if you’re a fan of menthol. If they sold the Iced Mango and Cool Melon without the menthol then I would be a big fan. I absolutely love their Green Apple though. It’s one of the best apple flavors that I’ve tried. 

Another downside is that they only come in 50mg strength. I hope they come out with 30mg soon so that I can stockpile that Green Apple flavor. The puff life is good and they vape well. Overall they’re solid disposables. If you’re looking for something with no maintenance required and that’s easy to use then you should check these guys out.


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  • Bit dissatisfied, bought two at thee airport and one was defective. Hard to pull and sometimes would not work. Not good