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What is Stealth Vaping and How Do You Do It?

Key Takeaways

  • Stealth vaping is like normal vaping, but done in a way that minimizes how likely it is that someone else will notice. It is usually done with small, low-power (and low vapor) devices like as pod vapes and disposables. 
  • Stealth vaping could be used to vape in places where it is not socially acceptable or even banned, such as airports, bars, and restaurants. This is not recommended and could lead to a significant fine or worse. 
  • The basic techniques for stealth vaping are: Use a small vape, cup your hand(s) around it, and cover any activation LEDs. Then take small puffs, hold them as long as is comfortable, and exhale a thin stream downwards. 
  • Your vape liquid can also affect how easy it is to stealth vape. High VG eliquids produce more vapor, therefore high PG eliquids are better for stealth. High PG eliquids also provide a better throat hit, which makes small puffs more satisfying.

Tired of getting those pointed looks when vaping in public? Want to avoid the tuts from your non-vaping friends when you reach for your box mod at the backyard barbeque? Maybe you just want to be respectful of the people who still think vaping is just as bad as smoking for everyone around you. 

If one or all of these is true, you might consider learning to stealth vape. In a world where vaping is still frowned upon in many places, this low-key vaping style allows you to get your nicotine hit without fuss and comment. 

What is Stealth Vaping

Stealth vaping is almost the same as standard vaping but done discreetly, in a way that hides both the inhaling action and the exhaled vapor. It doesn’t mean hiding in a bush so people don’t see you vaping, but rather vaping in a way that doesn’t make it obvious what you are doing.

It is usually done with small, low-power vapes that don’t produce a lot of vapor. That could be a disposable, a pen vape, or a small pod vape, and several different methods can be used to make drawing on these types of vape hard for others to notice. 

You might want to stealth vape in places where vaping is not socially acceptable, or even places where vaping is not allowed. But because stealth vaping is still vaping, you should be very wary of trying it in locations where that activity is illegal. 

In the United States, the places where vaping has been banned vary between states and sometimes cities. Most have made it an offense to vape in:

  • Enclosed workplaces, including bars and restaurants. 
  • Schools, universities, and government buildings, both inside and outside. 
  • Airports and airplanes.
  • Hospitals and health facilities

Attempting to stealth vape in any of these areas is not recommended and, although unlikely to get you arrested, could lead to a sizable fine. 

How to Stealth Vape

Stealth vaping could be achieved by moving to a quiet area, turning your body to block someone’s view, or exhaling in small puffs. However, if you want to master stealth vaping in a crowded or busy area, there are a few techniques to learn. First, here are the basics of stealth vaping.

  1. Using a small, easily concealed vape, cup your hand/hands around it to hide it. Ensure that any LED lights that activate when you draw are covered, especially at night when they will be a massive giveaway. 
  2. Take a small, short puff on the vape and hold the vapor for as long as you find comfortable. 
  3. Purse your lips and exhale any remaining vapor quickly, and in a tight stream. Blow the vapor stream down towards your chest to make it less visible to those around you. 

There you have it: stealth vaping 101 is complete. If, after trying stealth vaping, you find that you’re still blowing out large clouds, you can also try these more advanced techniques. 

Second Inhale: The second inhale is simply inhaling air after you draw on the vape. Take a puff, remove the vape from your lips, and inhale some air straight after. Hold the vapor for 10-15 seconds and when you exhale, very little should be visible. 

The Swallow: This is a bit harder to get used to but can be the best way to stealth vape without audible intakes of breath. Take a puff and swallow once (or twice if possible.) Hold for several seconds, and then exhale. This method is even more effective if you inhale a bit of air after swallowing the vapor. 

Fist Exhale: If you are still trying to master the stealth vaping techniques but still feel like too much vapor is being exhaled, try the Fist Exhale. This is simply exhaling into your closed fist, which both hides the vapor and diffuses it through the gaps between your fingers.

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What are the Best Vapes and Ejuices for Stealth Vaping?

Good technique is a big part of stealth vaping, but so is the vape kit that you use. It will be very hard to vape discreetly if you’re using a 200W mod with sub-ohm coils. 

Small, low-power pod vapes are ideal for stealth vaping. These devices are easy to hide in your hands and don’t put out huge clouds of vapor. Many pod vapes can be put into stealth mode, which turns off the screen (if it has one) and dims or turns off any LED lights. 

The liquid in your vape can also have an effect on how easy it is to stealth vape. High VG liquids tend to produce more vapor, so choosing a high PG liquid is better for stealth. High PG liquids also provide a better throat hit, potentially making the small puffs required for stealth vaping more satisfying. 

You might also want to consider the nicotine strength of your stealth vaping liquid. Small puffs mean less nicotine with each draw, so using a higher-strength vape liquid might make it easier to satisfy your needs. 

Is Stealth Vaping the Same as Zero Vaping?

Zero Vaping is a relatively new vaping-related term which refers to a variation of stealth vaping. Where stealth vaping is about exhaling more discrete amounts of vapor, zero vaping is about exhaling absolutely no vapor after each puff. 

This takes more practice than stealth vaping, but it’s essentially a case of adapting and refining the same techniques. Once you do, it should be possible to get your nicotine hit without even the person sitting next to you knowing what you’re doing. If you want to try zero vaping, it is best to learn how to stealth vape first. 

However, just like stealth vaping, zero vaping is still vaping. It could potentially lead to getting fined if you attempt it in places where the activity is banned. If you are caught doing it, it is unlikely to matter that you are exhaling no vapor, so always be sensible about where you try. 

How to Zero Vape

Using a small pen or pod vape, set to the lowest power settings, here’s how to vape with zero vapor. 

  1. Take a short hit on your vape and then inhale some air. Repeat this without exhaling, and hold the vapor for as long as possible. 
  2. Exhale slowly, in a controlled way, through pursed lips. 
  3. If vapor still escapes, take even smaller puffs or reduce the number of puffs you take. 
  4. An alternative method is to take a slightly longer puff and inhale air slowly and deeply for about five seconds. 
  5. Hold the vapor for as long as you find comfortable, and then exhale slowly through pursed lips. 

Both stealth vaping and zero vaping require you to completely change how you vape, so don’t be surprised if it takes a while to get right. Once you do, you’ll be equipped to enjoy a private vape even in the most public places. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly-asked questions we get about stealth or zero vaping.

Does Stealth Vaping Set Off Smoke Alarms?

Although stealth vaping results in less vapor in the air, it is still possible that it will set off a smoke alarm. It depends on how much you vape and the type of smoke alarm in the building. But if you are inside a building and find yourself wondering “do vapes set off smoke alarms?” it’s probably better to err on the side of caution and not vape. 

Is Stealth Vaping Dangerous?

Stealth vaping is no more or less dangerous than normal vaping. Although you might be holding the vapor in your lungs longer than usual, you will only inhale small amounts. And there is not even any evidence that even holding vapor for longer is dangerous.

Is Stealth Vaping Illegal?

Stealth vaping is prohibited in the same places where normal vaping is banned. Reducing the amount of vapor you exhale doesn’t change the fact that you’re still vaping. Being caught stealth vaping in places like hospitals, government buildings, or schools could result in a fine. In countries like India, where vaping has been made illegal everywhere, stealth vaping could even land you in jail. 

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