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Best Vape Cotton For Wicking Rebuildables 2022

Get the most from your rebuildables with these high-quality vape cottons

Whether you’re just getting into rebuildables or you’re a veteran to the game, choosing the right vape cotton is essential for a successful build. Some store-bought cotton contain harsh chemicals that should not be inhaled, but vape cotton is specifically made for vaping and is unbleached and undyed. It’s also heat resistant and will efficiently absorb and funnel juice to your coils.

If you’re seeking maximum flavor and clouds from your build, you’re going to need the best cotton. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best vaping cotton available in 2022. These vaping cotton’s have been selected based on their manageability, wicking performance, heat resistance, and flavor. Choosing any one of these is guaranteed to give you the best vaping experience.

Best Vape Cotton For Wicking Rebuildables 2022

1st Place

Vapefly Firebolt Cotton 500x500

Vapefly Firebolt Cotton

Firebolt cotton is made out of 100% natural and organic japanese cotton and free of chemicals and dyes. Each pack comes with 20 pieces of agleted cotton. Firebolt cotton is ultra absorbent, wicks well, and delivers clean and crisp flavor.





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#1. Vapefly Firebolt CottonVapefly Firebolt Botton

Firebolt cotton makes it easy to wick your coils. It’s made entirely of 100% natural and organic japanese cotton and free of any harmful chemicals or dyes. It’s also agleted for added convenience — without the use of acetone or glue. 

Each pack of Firebolt cotton comes with 20 pieces. These cotton strips are the perfect size and density to fit coils with a 3mm inner diameter. It wicks great, it’s ultra absorbent and it’s super easy to work with. What more could you want from vape cotton? 

Tip: Using three pieces of Firebolt cotton is one of the best ways to wick the Profile Unity RTA. See the video guide here


#2. Cotton Bacon Prime

Wick N Vape Cotton Bacon

Made in the USA, Cotton Bacon has become a staple in the world of rebuildables. Their 100% organic cotton is unbleached and undyed, and is one of the cleanest and best tasting vape cottons on the market. Cotton Bacon Prime features a 33% faster absorption rate and is easier to separate when compared to the original Cotton Bacon. This makes it easier to get just the right amount of cotton for your build and results in more efficient wicking.

Each package of Cotton Bacon Prime comes in a resealable bag for freshness and you get 10, four-inch strips of cotton per bag. Cotton Bacon Prime is the perfect choice for hassle-free wicking.


#3. Kendo Vape Cotton Gold

Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition

Excellent vapor production and excellent flavor are exactly what you get from Kendo Vape Cotton. Cultivated in Japan, their Gold edition brings 100% organic and unbleached cotton with superior wicking capabilities and ultra-high absorbency. In addition, it’s also extremely heat resistant for a longest lasting vape cotton.

Easy to wick and ready to use, Kendo Vape Cotton Gold is certainly one of the best options out there. There’s almost no cotton taste, and a very minimal break-in period.


#4. Coil Master Pro Cotton

Coil Master Pro Cotton

Coil Master is a known-name in the vaping industry for their quality building tools. So it only makes sense that they know what builders need in a vaping cotton. Coil Master Pro Cotton contains no chemicals, colorants, or bleach for the purest flavor. Each pack comes with three pieces of cotton in a resealable bag for freshness. And when it comes to absorbency, it’s some of the best heat-resistant cotton you can get.


#5. COTN Threads

COTN Threads Final

For the ultimate in wicking convenience, COTN Threads has you covered. Each resealable bag comes with 20 organic cotton wicks. These wicks are pre-rolled and agleted like a shoelace to make wicking as easy as can possibly be. Made in the USA and designed for 3mm inner diameter coils, COTN Threads are perfect for rebuildable atomizers, rebuildable tanks, and bottom feeding atomizers. Simply put, COTN Threads offer one of the most user friendly wicking experiences around.


#6. Wotofo Agleted Cotton

Wotofo Cotton

With hits like the Wotofo Recurve RDA and Serpent Elevate RTA, Wotofo are certainly no strangers to the world of rebuildables. Available for either 3mm or 6mm inner diameter coils, their agleted Organic cotton is unbleached and pesticide-free. Specially selected for vaping, Wotofo Agleted cotton absorbs ejuice rapidly and is very resistant to dry-burning. Completely ready-to-use, Wotofo cotton delivers pure, fresh, and clean flavor.


What Is Vape Cotton?

Vape cotton is untreated, unbleached, and undyed cotton that has been specifically selected for vaping use. While many think that you’re able to buy a pack of cotton pads from the store and use it to vape, many store-bought cotton pads contain chemicals and dyes that are unsafe to inhale.

Vaping cotton is meant to be used in rebuildables; where you build your own coil and wick it with cotton yourself. This cotton is meant to be very absorbent and is also heat-resistant; perfect for vaping use. Additionally, good vape cotton is nearly tasteless and requires very little break-in time.

Most top brands use Japanese organic cotton. This has become the go-to type of cotton for vapers for its clean, pure taste, manageability, and absorbency.

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