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Best RTAs 2022: Top Rebuildable Tank Atomizers for Flavor & Clouds


Get great flavor and vapor with these high-performing rebuildable tank atomizers

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs) have grown increasingly popular over the years and it’s easy to understand why. RTAs bring together the customizability and flavor of an RDA, with the ease of use and convenience of a refillable tank.

However, unlike your traditional sub-ohm tank, there are no ready-to-use pre-built coils that you can purchase from the store. Instead, you’ll have to build your coils yourself, wick them, and mount them on the deck. After that, it’s simply a matter of putting the RTA back together, and filling it up with your favorite ejuice!

Now while this may sound complicated to a complete beginner, believe me when I say that it’s not. Building your own coils is easy with a bit of practice, and provides many advantages over your typical pre-made coils. Cost effectiveness, improved flavor, and customization options are just some of the many reasons why building your own coils is the way to go.

We’ve created this list of the best RTAs 2022 as a guide for those with sub-ohm tanks who are looking to purchase their first RTA, or for RDA users looking for a tank with a little more convenience. Additionally, if you already use an RTA and are shopping for a new one, you’ll definitely find a new RTA that you like.

For our list of the best RTAs 2022, we’ve divided them up into three categories: the best single coil RTAs, the best dual coil RTAs, and the best mesh coil RTAs.

These RTAs have been selected based on their build quality, ease of use, flavor and cloud production. So no matter what you’re looking for, these RTAs will satisfy your needs.

Best Dual Coil RTAs

1st Place

Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA 500x500

Hellvape Fat Rabbit

The Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA is a 28mm dual coil RTA with a large 5.5ml tank. The postless build deck allows plenty of room for large ID coils and the 12 airflow holes in the bottom of the deck funnels air straight under and through your coils . This deck/airflow setup means that the Fat Rabbit delivers monster flavor and clouds. The Fat Rabbit is hands-down the best dual coil RTA in 2022.





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#1. Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA

Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA 500x500The Hellvape Fat Rabbit is a massive dual coil RTA with a 28mm base diameter. It has a postless build deck that offers plenty of room for large coils; you can easily fit two 3.5mm ID coils without issue. 

Cut into the bottom of the build deck are twelve airflow holes that funnel air directly from the airflow slots on the cap & straight under and through your coils. This airflow design provides a smooth draw and massive clouds — all from a dual coil RTA that doesn’t leak.

The build deck is clean and straightforward so it’s really easy to use. Just drop a pair of coils into the postless build deck and secure the leads with the side mounted screws. While some RTAs can be difficult to wick, this one isn’t; it wicks like a charm as long as the cotton is nicely packed into the wicking holes. The Fat Rabbit will hold 5.5ml of eliquid.

The Fat Rabbit delivers excellent flavor, massive clouds, and it can hold up to 5.5ml of eliquid. What more could you want from a dual coil RTA?

Outstanding build quality
Excellent flavor
5.5ml max. capacity
Super smooth airflow
Gorgeous design

It’s a large RTA!


#2. OXVA Arbiter 2

OXVA Arbiter 2 RTA 500x500The Arbiter 2 is the successor to the highly acclaimed original Arbiter RTA. It is now smaller and more condensed for improved flavor and enhanced mod compatibility. The 24.5mm base diameter will sit flush without overhang on the majority of mods, and the updated postless deck can accommodate either single or dual coil builds. The Arbiter 2 will work best with two 3.0mm ID coils, but a single 4.0mm ID coil also vapes very well.

The top to bottom (T2B) airflow design of the Arbiter 2 is definitely its defining feature. It’s leak-proof thanks to the top airflow slots and the clever airflow path delivers flavor that is hard to believe from a top airflow tank. The air from the two top airflow slots goes down through two isolated channels. It then passes through 5 airflow cutouts on each wall of the deck to hit the sides and bottom of your coil(s). 

These 5 airflow cutouts are arranged in a pyramid shape with the tallest slot in the center, slightly shorter slots on either side of it, and then the shortest slots on the sides of those. There are also additional airflow holes underneath the coils.

This arrangement results in more airflow hitting the center of the coil (side and bottom), and less airflow hitting the outer sides. This delivers tremendous vapor production and also delivers incredible flavor. The airflow is quiet, too. With the Arbiter 2 you get nothing but good, flavorful, and smooth draws.

With its 5ml max capacity this RTA will hold more than enough ejuice to get most vapers through their day and this, along with its great performance, makes it a great tank for any rebuildable lover. It’s reliable, easy to build on and it vapes like a beast — that’s the Arbiter 2 RTA.

24.5mm base diameter will sit flush on most mods
“T2B” airflow works really well
Quiet airflow
Flavor is excellent
Pyramid airflow slots on build deck optimize flavor
Can be used with single or dual coil builds

Post holes are very shallow
Small build deck
Requires precise coil positioning for best flavor



#3. Dead Rabbit V3 RTA

Dead Rabbit V3 Best RTA 500x500

Building upon the success of the Dead Rabbit series, the Dead Rabbit V3 RTA brings you the convenience of a tank and still delivers incredible flavor too. It features a postless build deck that is super easy to build on. Simply trim your coil legs to 5mm using the included coil leg measuring tool and you’re ready to build. 

Also awesome is the airflow. There are two wide airflow slots located at the top of the device that funnel air downward and into the tank. Thanks to the internal honeycomb airflow, air will hit the bottom and sides of your coils before exiting out the drip tip. This airflow setup allows the Dead Rabbit V3 RTA to deliver flavor and performance similar to a bottom airflow tank, while still being leakproof thanks to the top airflow design.

The tank on the Dead Rabbit V3 RTA will hold up to 5.5ml of ejuice with the included bubble glass. This allows for ample vaping time without having to refill, even for heavy vapers.

The top cap of the Dead Rabbit V3 RTA is super secure and comes off with a quarter-turn to reveal two large, recessed fill ports. You can easily fill up the tank without worrying about making a mess. Overall, the good flavor production and ease of use make the Dead Rabbit V3 RTA one of our top picks for a dual coil RTA.

Very good looking design
Very good looking design
Airflow design delivers flavor close to a bottom airflow tank
Top airflow design doesn’t leak
Postless build deck is easy enough to build on

No bunny-ear styled posts like previous Dead Rabbit tanks; have to precut your leads
Wicking can be tricky



#4. Wotofo Troll X RTAWotofo Troll X RTA 500x500

The Wotofo Troll X is a remake of the classic Troll RTA of 2017. Just like the original, the Troll X has a 24mm diameter and is designed to output massive flavor. Out of the box, the Troll X comes with two airflow inserts that can be swapped onto the build deck: one honeycomb insert, and one with two wide slots. 

This allows you to further restrict or open up the airflow to better suit the coil setup that you use. What’s great about these inserts is that you can swap them without having to uninstall your coils.

The Troll X also has a bottom airflow control ring with three sets of 5 horizontal slots that can be adjusted to your preference. Paired with the airflow inserts, this RTA allows you to fine tune your draw for either single or dual coil builds and offers better airflow control than the rest of the competition.

The Troll X has a postless build deck that is a breeze to build on. The bottom of the deck is where the airflow insert sits and brings airflow directly up and underneath your coils. Paired with the side airflow, this airflow design results in flavorful, rich and concentrated vapor.

Filling the Troll X  is simple and is done by sliding open the top cap. High build-quality, good airflow options, and impressive flavor are all good reasons why the Troll X RTA makes our list of the best dual coil RTAs 2022.

Airflow inserts work well
Excellent flavor
Solid build quality
4.4ml capacity
Very nice aesthetics

Hard to fill with bigger bottles
Unforgiving wicking




Best Single Coil RTAs

1st Place

Vandy Vape Kylin Mini V2 RTA 500x500

Kylin Mini V2

The Kylin Mini V2 has a large 5ml tank and a secure threaded fill port to prevent leaking. It features a two terminal build deck and a unique 270° honeycomb airflow system. This honeycomb airflow design increases vapor and enhances flavor. The Kylin Mini V2 is definitely the best single coil RTA in 2022.






#1. Kylin Mini V2Vandy Vape Kylin Mini V2 RTA 500x500

The Kylin Mini V2 is a 24mm, single coil RTA by Vandy Vape. It delivers incredible flavor and clouds and features a great deck design that is super easy to use. The build deck on the Kylin Mini V2 is postless, and features two terminals with side mounted screws. This tank is beautifully machined and very user-friendly to build on.

A unique feature of the Kylin Mini V2 is its “270° Honeycomb” airflow. Two wide honeycomb airflow slots funnel air into the build deck from the top of the tank. The airflow is then directed through honeycomb airflow holes on the build deck and straight to your coil. This design results in airflow hitting your coil from all angles and allows the Kylin Mini V2 to deliver flavorful and smooth draws.

The Kylin Mini V2 will hold up to 5ml of ejuice with the included bubble glass. To fill the Kylin Mini V2, simply unscrew the top cap and fill away! This top fill design is extremely easy to use. Overall, the Kylin Mini V2’s ease of use and top-notch flavor definitely make it one of the best single coil RTAs in 2022.

Honeycomb airflow design
Easy to build on
Amazing flavor
Well built and machined

Airflow whistles at times
Measuring wicks right can be a little tricky


#2. Dovpo Blotto Single Coil

Dovpo Blotto Single Coil RTA 500x500The Blotto Single Coil is an RTA manufactured by Dovpo and designed by popular vape Youtuber, Vaping Bogan. Everything about this tank is perfect; it has a 23.5mm base diameter, a 5ml bubble glass tank capacity, and large top-fill ports.

The standout feature of the Blotto Single Coil is its 272° dual honeycomb airflow design. On both sides of the build deck there are walls that rise and ‘hug’ your coils. There are airflow holes in these walls, as well as in the base of the build deck. This forces air to hit your coils from 272 degrees and delivers absolute monster flavor and clouds.

The build deck is funneled air from two extremely wide slots that are located at the base of the tank. Each slot is made up of 22 holes arranged in a honeycomb pattern. With the airflow completely open, you get a restricted direct lung draw that is both smooth and quiet.

There’s a bit of a learning curve to wicking the Blotto Single Coil correctly but the performance is worth learning for. All things considered, the Blotto Single Coil is a top pick for the best single coil RTA in 2022.

Small size concentrates flavor
No leaking
Smooth airflow
Great restricted vape

No coils or wicks included


#3. Yachtvape Eclipse

Yachtvape Eclipse Best Single Coil RTA 500x500The Yachtvape Eclipse RTA is a collaboration between Yachtvape and popular YouTube vape reviewer, Mike Vapes. This 24mm, single coil RTA features a postless, 4 terminal deck design. This allows coils to be installed in either a clockwise or counterclockwise manner for hassle-free building.

The airflow on the Hellvape Destiny RTA is located at the bottom of the tank and consists of two wide, adjustable airflow slots. These airflow slots feed air into the walls of the build deck to effectively hit your coil and provide better flavor.

The tank will hold up to 3.5ml of eliquid with the included bubble glass tube. To fill the Yachtvape Eclipse, simply remove the top cap and fill it up with your desired ejuice. 

The Yachtvape Eclipse is a great RTA that comes from a vaper who knows his stuff when it comes to rebuildables. Pick one up, you won’t be disappointed.

Great flavor
Good looking tank
Easy to build

Small tank capacity



#4. Wotofo Gear V2 RTA

Wotofo Gear V2 Best RTA 500x500

The Gear V2 is the latest single coil RTA from Wotofo and it’s perfect for those who like a slightly restricted DL draw. This tank is specially designed for vapers looking for a simple, single-coil RTA that doesn’t leak.

Its 24mm base diameter and small chamber concentrates your vapor and enhances the flavor of your draws. The deck is easy to build on and consists of two posts on opposite sides of the deck. A 2.5mm to 3mm inner diameter coil fits perfectly.

This tank is different from other RTAs on the market because it is a fixed airflow RTA. This means that the airflow is non-adjustable and the airflow slots remain wide open; there is no airflow control ring. As such, the Gear V2 provides an airy draw with a slight touch of restriction. The draw is smooth, quiet, and free of turbulence. It’s one of the smoothest and quietest draws that you can get from an RTA.

The tank on the Gear V2 RTA holds 3.5ml of ejuice. When it comes to filling, it has a secure threaded top cap that unscrews to reveal three large kidney shaped filling ports. 

Its unique design, good flavor, and easy building all make the Wotofo Gear V2 a good choice for vapers who like an airy draw and who are looking for a simple, single-coil RTA that doesn’t leak.

Very small 24mm RTA
Unique design
Two post build deck is very easy to build on
Beginner friendly RTA
Delivers good flavor and clouds

Cannot adjust airflow (fixed airflow design)
Airflow may be too airy for some vapers



#5. Berserker V3 MTL RTA

Vandy Vape B3 MTL Best RTA 500x500

The B3 (Berserker V3) is a small, good looking, and extremely customizable tank. It’s a single coil RTA meant for MTL vaping at low wattages and the airflow can be adjusted for a range of MTL draws. Included with the B3 are 3 different MTL drip tips, as well as 4 tank sections: one 4.5ml glass and one 2ml glass, as well as one 4.5ml tank and one 2ml tank made of heat resistant PEI.

As it is meant for mouth-to-lung vaping, the build deck on the B3 will fit a single small coil. The build deck consists of two posts with a single terminal in each post.

Located directly underneath the coil is a space for an airflow insert. The B3 comes with 4 airflow inserts: 0.8mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, and 2.0mm. You can get anywhere from a loose MTL draw to a tight MTL draw depending on the insert that you use. The inserts are easily swappable by unscrewing the base of the tank and you can swap inserts even with a full tank of ejuice. 

The airflow inserts combined with the choice of drip tips allows you to achieve the exact MTL vape that you desire. If MTL is your vape style then you’ll love the B3 RTA.

Easy to build on
 Great flavor for MTL
 Smooth airflow
Airflow inserts & MTL drip tips let you dial in your draw
 Solid build quality

Good only for low wattages


Best Mesh Coil RTAs

1st Place

Wotofo Profile M RTA 500x500px

Wotofo Profile M

The Profile M is another great tank from Wotofo. It has a 4ml tank and a secure top fill port to prevent leaking. It features an easy to use, two clamp build deck and comes with 3 types of mesh, including a clapton mesh coil. When it comes to mesh RTAs, the flavor is unrivaled. The Profile M is definitely the best mesh coil RTA in 2022.






#1. Wotofo Profile M RTA

The Profile M RTA is not only a looker, it’s also one of the best new mesh RTAs around. With a 24.5mm diameter and a great mesh build deck taken straight from the Profile 1.5 RDA, the Profile M is the perfect tank for massively flavorful mesh builds. There are two clamps on the build deck, as well as a center block that pushes up on your cotton to ensure full contact with the mesh and prevent nasty dry mesh hits

There are two wide airflow slots located at the top of the tank. While top airflow tanks usually turn out to be less flavorful than their bottom airflow counterparts, this thankfully isn’t the case with the Profile M. The airflow is fully adjustable and can be restricted to suit your preference. Because of the Profile M’s small size, it has a short airflow path that increases vapor production and enhances flavor at the same time. It’s one of the most flavorful mesh RTAs to date.

The Profile M has a 3.1ml standard ejuice capacity. However, this can be increased to 4ml with the use of the included bubble tank extension. If mesh is your thing then the Profile M will definitely not disappoint! It’s a good solid RTA with flavor by the bucket load, lovely aesthetics, and solid performance.

Amazing flavor
Pleasing Aesthetics
Smooth top airflow
Multiple mesh options included
Diverse; you can install a standard single coil and still keep performance.

Plastic bubble tank



#2. Vandy Vape Kylin M Pro

Vandy Vape Kylin M Pro RTA 500x500The Kylin M Pro is an excellent mesh coil RTA manufactured by Vandy Vape. It addresses all of the shortcomings of the original Kylin M RTA, while maintaining and even improving all of the things that we loved. Everything about this tank is perfect; it has a 24mm base diameter, an 8ml tank capacity, and large recessed fill ports that will fit any type of ejuice bottle. 

This tank uses Vandy Vape’s M Class coils and they are excellent to vape with. You get four mesh strips of two different types and resistances included with the tank, but there are three additional types of mesh available for purchase. The amount of mesh coil options that the Kylin M Pro offers is unmatched and this gives you the option to experiment until you find the one that you like best.

Both of the included coils provide warm, moist, and flavorful draws. The airflow is spot-on for DL vapers and offers just enough resistance without feeling too restrictive. If you prefer a tighter draw, this tank is even better with the airflow slightly closed and will deliver even warmer and more flavorful vapor.

There’s a bit of a learning curve to wicking the Kylin M Pro correctly, but the performance is worth learning for. All things considered, the Kylin M Pro is a top pick for the best RTA in 2022.

Huge capacity
Excellent build quality
Good flavor
Easy refilling
Anti-leaking design

Tricky to Wick
Loud Airflow



#3. Wotofo Profile Unity RTAWotofo Profile Unity Best RTA 2019

The Profile Unity RTA is a collaboration between some of the biggest names in vaping. Mr.JustRight1 (the creator of the Profile 1.5 RDA) and TVC (responsible for the Drop RDA) have teamed up with Wotofo to create one of the best RTAs of recent times. You can build single, dual, or mesh coils on the deck.

It’s got a 25mm diameter that retains the same convenient build deck as its RDA counterpart; a dual clamp, mesh coil compatible deck with a spring-loaded central support platform. This platform applies constant pressure to your cotton which ensures that it’s always in contact with your mesh for optimal performance and flavor.

The body of the Profile Unity has two notches that align with the base of the tank to secure the top cap and also ensures that airflow is always properly directed to your coil. It’s got a 3.5ml standard capacity that can be expanded up to 5ml with the included glass tank section. Wicking the Profile Unity right can be a little tricky at first. However, once you get the hang of it you’ll never go back to using another RTA.

Top-notch flavor
Top & bottom wicking
Great restricted lung hits
Simple design

Uses a lot of e-juice




What is an RTA?

RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. It is a type of rebuildable atomizer that utilizes a refillable tank section. With an RTA,  the user has to install their own coil or coils onto the build deck. Unlike subohm tanks, which are sold with pre-made coils, you have to make the coil for an RTA yourself.

Once the coil has been installed onto the build deck, a wick (cotton) has to be threaded through the coil to absorb and hold eliquid. From there, you can reassemble the atomizer, fill up the tank, and vape like you would with a subohm tank. 

RTAs are best described as a mix of a rebuildable tank and a refillable tank. Similar to RDAs, you build your own coils and you make your own wicks. However, unlike RDAs, there is no need to drip your eliquid onto the coil. With an RTA, you fill up the tank like you would with a subohm tank, and the cotton does the work of absorbing eliquid from the tank and transporting it to the coil(s). From an outward appearance, RTAs look nearly identical to subohm tanks.

How does an RTA work?

An RTA works just like a typical refillable tank that uses pre-made coils. The difference is that with an RTA, the user needs to build the coil that will be used. After the coil has been built, it must be installed onto the build deck of the atomizer. This involves inserting the coil legs into the post holes (terminals) on the build deck, and securing the coil to the deck by tightening a few screws. 

Once the coil has been installed, it has to be wicked. This is done by threading cotton through the coil and inserting the tail ends of the cotton into the “wicking holes” on the build deck. The wicking holes are the point of contact between the cotton and the ejuice that will be in the tank once it is filled up. The cotton will absorb ejuice from the tank through these wicking holes, and transport it to the coil to be vaporized.

After wicking, the tank can be reassembled and filled with ejuice. Filling the tank is done by removing the fill cap, usually at the top of the tank, to gain access to the fill holes. Once the tank has been filled, the next step is to wait for the wicks to get saturated with ejuice. 

When you press the fire button on your mod and inhale on the mouthpiece of an RTA, air will enter the tank through the airflow holes. The air is then channeled to the coil on the build deck. Air will hit your coil as the coil heats up and produces vapor, which goes out the drip tip and into your mouth.

Why Use An RTA?

There are a number of good reasons why you should use an RTA. If you’re new to vaping, don’t be frightened by the thought of building your own coils. It’s actually very simple to learn and, with some practice, you’ll be able to make your own coils and wick them without a second thought.

This brings us to our first reason why you should use an RTA. Building your own coil(s) adds another level of customization to your vaping. You can tailor the resistance to just the way you like it, and therefore vape at a wattage that you find most comfortable. 

Building your own coils also comes with the advantage of cost-savings. You can purchase a roll of wire for coil building and a package of cotton that will last you for months or years for approximately the same cost as just a few pre made subohm coils. Plus, with subohm tanks, users have to rely on the manufacturer of the tank to continue producing coils for purchase. When you use an RTA, you never have to worry because you can always make another coil yourself.

Increased flavor is another reason why you should use an RTA. When built right, an RTA will generally deliver better performance and better flavor than a subohm tank. Building your own coils gives you the option of using coils with more surface area, which in turn will produce better flavor and more vapor too. 

The flavor from a well-built rebuildable atomizer is also generally better than a subohm tank because the coil is in closer proximity to the drip tip. The design of the build deck can also greatly contribute to the flavor that you get from an RTA, but that will depend on the specific tank that you use. 

RTAs are also better than RDAs in some aspects. First off, the refillable tank section of an RTA provides the advantage of convenience over RDA users who must continually drip ejuice onto their coils. Most RTAs have tank capacities of around 4-5ml which is usually enough ejuice to get through a day of vaping without having to refill.

Advantages of RTAs over other atomizers

  • Building your own coil(s) adds another level of customization to your vaping
  • Building your own coils is more cost-effective than purchasing coils for  a subohm tank
  • You don’t have to worry about coils for your tank being discontinued — you can make your own
  • When built right they provide better flavor than subohm tanks
  • More convenient to use than an RDA
  • Most RTAs have a large enough tank capacity to last for a day of vaping without needing to be refilled

Disadvantages of RTAs compared to other atomizers

  • It takes time to perfect building your own coils
  • There can be a learning curve to installing coils optimally on a specific build deck
  • Building your own coils is more work compared to using a subohm tank
  • Wicking can be tricky depending on the tank

Things to consider when choosing an RTA

If you’re totally new to the world of rebuildable atomizers then choosing an RTA can be intimidating. You don’t want to pick the wrong one, or pick one that is too complicated; we get it. It’s enough to have to build your own coils — we don’t want you worrying about whether or not you’re choosing the right RTA! Here are a few factors to consider when choosing an RTA.

Single coil, Dual coil, or Mesh RTA?

All RTAs will have at least two terminals. Terminals are the holes on the build deck where you insert the legs of your coil. Single coil RTAs will typically have two terminals, but some will have four terminals so that you can install your coils whether they are wrapped clockwise or counterclockwise. Dual coil RTAs will have four terminals; two terminals for the legs of one coil, and two terminals for the legs of the other coil. Mesh RTAs typically have two clamps, with one on either side of the deck. The ends of a mesh strip are inserted into the clamps. 

For someone who is completely new to rebuildable atomizers, single coil RTAs are the best choice. They allow you to learn to wrap and wick your own coil, and provide a deck that is straightforward to install it on. Positioning a single coil on a build deck is also a lot easier. You only have a single coil to worry about, so it’s easy to move it around and experiment for the best flavor and performance.

Dual coil RTAs are slightly more complicated because you have to build two coils, install two coils, wick two coils, and position them correctly relative to each other for the best experience. This can be a headache for someone new to rebuildables.

Mesh RTAs involve the least prep work, but they are the hardest to install correctly. Mesh wire is usually sold in ribbons. You need only cut off the correct length of mesh for your RTA, which saves you time compared to wrapping your own coil. However, cutting the length of the mesh correctly for your tank can be a hassle, especially if your mesh RTA did not come with coils that you can use as a template (most do, though). 

Once you cut the mesh to the correct length, installing them correctly can be difficult. There are only two clamps, but you have to be sure not to crease or bend the mesh in anything other than a perfect semi-circle. Otherwise, the mesh can develop hotspots which will heat up unevenly and burn your cotton. Worst-case, you get a dry mesh hit. Yuck. 

Once installed correctly, wicking is the most difficult part of using a mesh coil. You have to be sure that the cotton is tight up against the underside of the mesh, all without bending or deforming it. 

With all this said, mesh coils are not for beginners. Those new to rebuildable atomizers should go with a single coil RTA. Once they are familiar with the process of building coils, wicking, and using rebuildable, they can move on to dual coil RTAs, and then mesh RTAs.

Posts vs Postless Decks

To simplify things, there are two basic types of build decks: those with posts, and those without. Build decks with posts usually have two posts that are raised off of the build deck. These posts have the terminals cut out of them. You insert your coil legs into the terminals and secure your coil in a way that the coil is “floating” over the build deck.

Postless decks are ones where the terminals are in the floor of the deck itself. These require you to precut your coil legs so that they do not stick up too far from the bottom of the deck.

Decks with posts will be easiest to build for because you can cut your coil legs to size after they have been installed on the deck. Postless decks will require you to experiment by cutting your coil legs to continually shorter sizes until you find the length that is right for the deck that you are using.

Size of the wicking ports

Wicking is one of the most important aspects of setting up an RTA. It’s usually also the most challenging. An RTA with smaller wicking ports will require combing out and thinning your wicks so that they do not “jam” up the ports and prevent ejuice from effectively transporting to the coil. RTAs with larger wicking ports will require more cotton to dam, requiring you to use a thicker wick, but will allow ejuice to flow more easily to the coil(s).

How to stop an RTA from leaking

A leaking RTA usually comes down to one thing: wicking. When wicking an RTA you should ensure that the wicks are completely filling up the wicking ports. The wicks should not be stuffed into the fill ports to the point where it is difficult to get the cotton in and hindering juice flow. Instead, it should be inserted so that the cotton is comfortably and completely filling up the wicking holes. If ejuice can flow past the wicks, you will have flooding, gurgling, and leaking. 

Which is better; RTA, RDA, or RDTA?

This really comes down to personal preference. As we mentioned earlier, RTAs are more convenient than RDAs because the tank can be refilled. However, some RDAs deliver better flavor than RTAs, but need to be redripped often or used with a squonk mod.

RDTAs are like a mix of an RTA and an RDA, and a fair bit more complicated than either to build and wick correctly. However, RDTAs give you the option of dripping and having a tank at the same time. This is useful if you want to drip a different flavor to vape on temporarily. 

For a very general breakdown, the best tank is as follows: for convenience, RTAs are best. For versatility, RDTAs offer a little bit of RTAs and RDAs and are the best. For flavor, RDAs are the best. 

How long do RTA coils last?

The lifespan of your RTA coil will depend on a few things. The main factors are the amount of sweetener in your ejuice and how much you vape. Using an ejuice with a lot of sweetener in it, like sugary fruit or candy ejuices, will gunk up your coil and cotton quickly. This will lead to a reduction in flavor and performance. Similarly, if you vape a lot your coil and cotton will also start to lose flavor and performance. 

The good news is that the cotton can be easily changed on an RTA, and the coils can be dry burned and cleaned. You can also choose to build entirely new coils completely. Because materials to make your own coils is so cheap, many vapers will change their coils (or at least the cotton) on their RTA once a week, at the minimum, for maximum performance.

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