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Cilicon Lit Disposable Review: How Does This Small Oil Vaporizer Fare?

Cilicon Lit



Cilicon Lit 5
Design — 8.0
Build Quality — 8.5
Vapor Quality — 8.0
Flavor — 8.5
Ease of Use — 10.0
Battery Life — 9.0



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Cilicon is a company that specializes in manufacturing all manners of cannabis vaporizers — cartridges, disposables, pod systems, and batteries. They offer these for sale under their own brand name, but they also offer OEM services where they will brand these products with your company name, as well as ODM services where you can have your products designed and manufactured at their facilities.

The Cilicon Lit is a small disposable vaporizer that is meant for use with cannabis oils like delta 8 oil and THC oil. It can also be used with CBD oil. The Lit features micro-USB charging so that it can be recharged and refilled, but the coil is built-in and non-replaceable.

Like the Cilicon Vision, the Lit features a ceramic coil for effective vaporization. It’s available for purchase with either a 0.5mL or 1mL tank capacity and a standard 400mAh battery. The Lit will fire up to a maximum wattage of 8.2W.

Is this disposable vaporizer worth buying to vape your oils? Keep reading to find out!

This device was sent to me directly by Cilicon for the purpose of this review. This does not in any way affect my opinion or ratings of the device.


  • Size: 88.30mm x 14mm (0.5mL)
  • 95.10mm x 14mm (1.0mL)
  • 0.5mL or 1.0ml Capacity
  • Refillable
  • 400mAh Battery
  • 1.25Ω Coil Resistance
  • Non-Replaceable Coil
  • 8.2W Maximum Output
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • Disposable Device

Design & Build Quality

  • Cilicon Lit 1

The Lit reminds me of those old-school vapes that I started vaping on. You know, the ones with a tall and skinny battery and a tall and slim tank? They were like the vape pens that we know today, but slimmer, taller, and of course lower powered. 

The Lit has a skinny and slim vape pen profile but it’s not very tall at all. My 1ml capacity unit is only 95.10mm tall with a 14mm diameter which is really tiny. The 0.5ml capacity version is slightly smaller at 88.30mm tall with a 14mm diameter. It’s also extremely light so it’s ultra portable and great for taking out of the house.

I particularly like how understated and simple the design is. It doesn’t look like a THC oil vape at all and you would never know it unless you were told. You can easily take this out in public without attracting any more attention than you would if it was a regular nicotine vape. No one will be the wiser.

The body is a tube made of stainless steel and finished in a soft-touch rubber coating. It feels really great and adds a lot of grip to the body. The soft touch just makes the Lit feel more premium and sets it apart from other plain, plastic devices.

The Lit is completely draw activated so there are no buttons on the device. There is also no branding present whatsoever. The only thing on the body is a small LED indicator that lights up when you take a draw. Just under the glass tank is a gold metal ring that adds a nice, subtle accent to the design. Overall, it’s a plain looking device with not a lot going on.

The tank section is made of glass and completely transparent. You can easily see how much oil you have left in the tank so there’s very little chance of burning the coil (unless you’re not paying attention). There are four 1.5mm wicking holes that feed to the ceramic coil inside. You can get the Lit with either a 0.5ml tank or a 1ml tank. The 0.5ml version is slightly more portable which is the only reason I can see for picking up the smaller capacity version.

Cilicon Lit 6

This is an all-in-one design so the tank and coil do not separate from the battery. You can remove the mouthpiece cap and the glass tank section for cleaning, but it can’t be filled separately from the battery.

The mouthpiece comes off of the tank by pulling. It’s really snug and tight and really difficult to remove once it’s on there. My unit came with the cap off, and installing it was equally as difficult. It’s tough to get it to sit all the way on the top of the glass. I tried pushing it straight down but this didn’t work. I ended up having to ‘screw’ it onto the coil chimney by twisting it clockwise. The cap could definitely be easier to install and remove. After removing the cap you have full access to the tank.

I want to note that Cilicon advised me that the Lit isn’t meant to be refilled, so this difficulty in removing the cap isn’t something that is going to be improved. I personally think that even with the difficulty, I’ll be refilling the Lit until the coil is no longer good. You just get that much more use out of a single device.

Overall the design is simple and looks a bit old school but it doesn’t look bad. The build quality is pretty good, but the cap could be easier to install and remove. I like that the tank is clearly visible and the wicking holes are numerous and quite large. The soft touch body also feels great.

How to Use the Cilicon Lit Disposable

Cilicon Lit 3

The Lit is a THC oil disposable that anyone can use. It’s not difficult to set up, and it’s as easy as can be to use. For anyone who hates the complexity of larger concentrate devices, listen to how easy this is to get started with.

First off, remove the mouthpiece cap to gain access to the tank. Then, pour your oil directly into the tank (not into the metal chimney in the center). Once the tank is nearly full you can replace the mouthpiece while ensuring that the silicone seal on the underside of the mouthpiece remains in place. Make sure that the mouthpiece and the tank make a good seal together to ensure that you don’t get any leaks.

From here you’ll want to wait approximately 10 minutes for the ceramic coil to get wicked properly for the first time. Once you’ve anxiously waited it out you can simply inhale on the mouthpiece to start vaporizing your THC oil.

This is a disposable device so while you can refill it multiple times and recharge it, you can’t replace the coil. Once you experience a drop off in flavor/performance you will have to dispose of the entire Lit device and start using a new one.


Cilicon Lit 5

At the core of the Lit is a ceramic heating element and medical-grade stainless steel 316L. This is what Cilicon calls their “Matrex” technology. It’s a ceramic coil made with a special formula and a ‘matrix distributed micropore’ for better performance and wicking. From what I gathered, this means that the ceramic coil has a specially created, evenly distributed pore structure for better wicking capabilities and more consistent performance.

This ceramic coil, paired with the large wicking holes, allowed me to get consistent draws without anywhere close to a dry hit. The flavor is definitely there too. Although this is a really small device, and disposable at that, the performance is really great. Vapor is dense, rich, and smooth too. This little guy punches above its weight class — the performance is more comparable to larger and more powerful portable units which is surprising.

The one downside is that although the vapor is warmer than Cilicon’s Vision disposable, it’s still on the cooler side of things. The 8.2W output is too low for really warm draws, even if you pull for quite a while. This is all to be expected from a lower power disposable though and that’s the tradeoff that you make with these types of devices — portability in exchange for power.

I had no performance issues during my usage of the Lit. The only tiny issue I can mention is a bit of spitback, but nothing major. I also had no leaking. There really isn’t anywhere for the oil to leak from if you properly close and seal the mouthpiece with the tank. 

A highlight here is the battery life. This is a device that just keeps going, and going, and going. The 400mAh battery and 8.2W output means that the Lit just sips power, so it’s not going to run out of battery any time soon even with regular use. It uses micro-USB charging though, so that’s going to be a con for me. Type-C would be nice to have.


I recently reviewed Cilicon’s Vision disposable and in some aspects, the Lit is even better. The draw is slightly warmer which is great. Plus, the flavor, vapor density, and smoothness of the draw are just as excellent. This is a disposable that performs just as well as some larger portable vaporizers, all while being super small, light, and portable. The soft touch body is a pleasure to use, and the ceramic coil wicks and vapes like a charm.

There are a few cons like the fact this this isn’t meant to be refilled, leading to it being difficult to install and remove the mouthpiece, and the fact that it uses micro-USB charging, but these aren’t deal breakers for me. So if you’re looking for an easy to use oil vaporizer that you can take out with you, the Lit makes an excellent choice.

Also worth mentioning is that if you’re a cannabis company looking for a device manufacturer, Cilicon is a company that you can contact for OEM and ODM services.

What do you think about the Cilicon Lit? Leave me a comment down below.


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