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Cilicon Vision Review: Worth Setting Your Sights On?

Cilicon Vision



Cilicon Plus Vision 6
Design — 9.0
Build Quality — 9.0
Vapor Quality — 8.0
Flavor — 8.5
Ease of Use — 10.0
Battery Life — 8.0



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Cilicon is a company that specializes in manufacturing all manners of cannabis vaporizers — cartridges, disposables, pod systems, and batteries. They offer these for sale under their own brand name, but they also offer OEM services where they will brand these products with your company name, as well as ODM services where you can have your products designed and manufactured at their facilities.

The Cilicon Vision is a portable and disposable vaporizer that is meant for use with different cannabis related oils such as CBD oil, delta 8 oil and THC oil. It can be recharged using micro-USB charging, but the coil is non-replaceable, hence it being disposable. It features a ceramic coil for effective vaporization, as well as a few unique features that really set it apart from other portable oil vaporizers.

Is the Vision a cannabis oil vaporizer worth setting your sights on? Keep reading to find out!

This device was sent to me directly by Cilicon for the purpose of this review. This does not in any way affect my opinion or ratings of the device.


  • Size: 106mm x 8.1mm x 19.2mm
  • Weighs 19 grams
  • 1.0mL Capacity
  • Refillable
  • 280mAh Battery
  • 1.5Ω Coil Resistance
  • Non-Replaceable Coil
  • 8.2W Maximum Output
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • Disposable Device

Design & Build Quality

  • Cilicon Plus Vision 3

The Vision doesn’t look like a THC oil vape at all, and that’s the thing that I like the most about the design. It’s really understated and elegant looking and, if you didn’t know any better, you would think that it’s just a regular pod vape for ejuice. This means that you can take it out and around with you and even if someone sees it, they’ll probably think that you’re just vaping a regular nicotine ejuice.

The Vision is small and very portable at 106mm tall, 19.2mm wide, and 8.1mm thick. It’s most similar in size to a traditional square shaped disposable and it also weighs next to nothing, even with a full tank of oil. You can easily put it in your pocket and forget about it until the next time that you need it.

The body is made of aluminum alloy so it doesn’t flex very much and feels pretty solid. It’s finished with a soft-touch rubber coating and this adds a lot of grip to the device. It feels really great and makes the Vision a lot more comfortable in my hand compared to other plain, plastic disposables.

There are no buttons on the Vision and very little going on other than a Cilicon+ logo and an LED indicator that lights up when you draw. It’s a simple design but it still manages to look and feel good thanks to the soft, rounded edges. 

The tank is made of non-tinted, clear plastic so it’s easily visible from any angle. You can clearly see how much oil you have left, and know when you have to fill it back up. The tank features a sort of funnel shape that gets more narrow near the bottom, and this funnels your oil to the coil to be wicked. The tank will hold 1mL of oil.

This is a disposable that features an all-in-one design, so the tank does not separate from the battery. The only thing that comes off is the mouthpiece as this also serves as a cap for the filling holes. The cap snaps on to the tank and it’s very secure when it’s in place. Removing it can be difficult though and that’s one downside to the design. I wish that it was still secure, but easier to remove for refills.

Cilicon Plus Vision 5

I want to note that Cilicon advised me that the Vision isn’t meant to be refilled, so this difficulty in removing the cap isn’t something that is going to be improved. I personally think that even with the difficulty, I’ll be refilling the Vision until the coil is no longer good. You just get that much more use out of a single device.

Once you remove the cap, you get to one of the most interesting features of the Vision; it’s what Cilicon calls the “BioBaleen Module”.

This module is inspired by the baleen filter-feeding system found inside the mouths of baleen whales and it’s meant to reduce and prevent spit-back. It’s a little circle of silicone bristles that sits inside the mouthpiece and it works to catch any large particles before it reaches out the mouthpiece. In practice it actually works surprisingly well; much better than I thought that it would. I’ll get more into this in the performance section.

How to Use the Cilicon Vision Disposable

Cilicon Plus Vision 4

The Vision is really easy to use, so it’s a great device for anyone trying to get into vaping THC oil. You don’t need a fancy rig and set up, all you need is the small and portable Vision. 

To start you’ll want to fill your oil by pouring it directly into the tank (not down the metal pipe in the center). Once it’s close to full, take the silicone “BioBaleen” plug and insert it into the top of the tank. Finally, take your mouthpiece cap and put it on to close off the tank.

At this point, I would suggest that you wait for approximately 10 minutes to allow the coil to get wicked properly for the first time. Once you’ve waited the appropriate amount of time you can just pick it up and inhale on the mouthpiece to start vaporizing your THC oil. It’s that simple.

Remember that this is a disposable device, so it can be refilled until you start experiencing a drop off in performance. Once this happens, you can dispose of the entire Vision device.


Cilicon Plus Vision 6

At the core of the Vision is it’s ceramic heating element. This is what Cilicon calls their “Matrex” technology. This is a ceramic coil made with a special formula and a ‘matrix distributed micropore’ for better performance. From what I can gather, this means that the ceramic coil has a specially created, evenly distributed pore structure for better wicking capabilities and more consistent performance. How does it work in practice? Quite nicely, actually.

The draws from the Vision are dense, rich, and flavorful. Depending on what kind of oil that I used, I could taste all of the finer terpenes and aspects of my oil which is really surprising for a small and disposable unit. I’m used to only getting this type of flavor from larger and more powerful units, so it’s pretty impressive what this little ceramic coil can do.

Although the vapor density and flavor is spot on, the vapor isn’t as warm as I desire and that’s the one real downside. The 8.2W output just isn’t enough to get the vapor as warm as I want, but that’s to be expected from a low-power disposable. That’s the tradeoff — convenience for power.

The “BioBaleen Module’ that I mentioned earlier works quite well. I had some crackling and popping while I used the Vision, but I experienced next to no spitback. One time, while writing this review, I had the Vision in my mouth tilted upwards and I got the tiniest drop of spit back but it was barely noticeable.

As far as leaking, I had none at all. Since this is an all-in-one design, the only place where it would be possible to have a leak would be the mouthpiece or fill ports and both have stayed dry during my use.

For only having a 280mAh battery the usage times are pretty good. I’ve been using my Vision off and on for two weeks and it’s still going strong. The micro-USB charging is a con though, if only for the fact that it could have been Type-C. 


For a portable and disposable oil vaporizer, the Vision is solid. The vapor quality, density, and flavor are above its class and more in line with larger portable concentrate vaporizers. It’s not on the level of a desktop vaporizer, but for what it is the performance is excellent. The vapor isn’t as warm as I prefer, but that’s the trade off that you have to make for portability and convenience — you can’t expect that much power out of a tiny disposable device.

My verdict is this: if you’re a regular consumer that is looking for a portable, easy to use concentrate vaporizer, the Vision is great. If you’re looking for something with warm to hot vapor though, you’ll have to go with a larger more powerful device. 

Also worth mentioning is that if you’re a cannabis company looking for a device manufacturer, Cilicon is a company you can contact for OEM and ODM services.

What do you think about the Cilicon Vision? 


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