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Earth Medicine CBC Vape Cartridge Review
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Earth Medicine Hemp CBD Vape Cartridge Review: Balance & Relaxation

Balance Vape Cartridge



Earth Medicine CBC Vape Cartridge Review
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Lately, CBD has become increasingly popular as an all-natural solution for all sorts of problems. Whether stress, anxiety, inflammation or pain, CBD can help. And these are just a few of the benefits that CBD can offer.

Earth Medicine Hemp is a US company with a focus on producing high quality CBD products. They offer CBD tinctures that can be taken orally, CBD topicals that you can rub on your skin, and CBD vape cartridges. 

Their ‘Balance’ CBD vape cartridge comes pre-filled with 0.5ml of CBD in 200mg strength. It’s supposed to provide all the benefits of CBD but in a rapidly absorbable and user-friendly format. But does it vape properly and, more importantly, does it really work? I tested it to find out.

This product was sent to me for the purpose of this review, directly from Earth Medicine Hemp.  

Earth Medicine Hemp CBD Vape Cartridge Review: Balance & Relaxation

About Earth Medicine Hemp

I wanted to know a little bit more about the company whose CBD product I was about to inhale into my lungs. So I looked them up. It turns out that Earth Medicine Hemp was founded by three people who were all looking for an answer to the individual problems that they were facing. A sick family member, stress and anxiety were the problems. CBD turned out to be the solution.

What I found really interesting and unique is that Earth Medicine Hemp state that their CBD is formulated specifically to support the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). In easy to understand terms,  your ECS is a network of receptors that stretch across your brain and body. Your ECS helps to regulate crucial functions like stress, anxiety, pain and more. As you grow older though, this system can get thrown out of whack. This is where CBD comes in.

Because plant cannabinoids from hemp are so similar to these neurotransmitters, your Endocannabinoid System reacts to them. Earth Medicine Hemp focuses on making their CBD as easy to absorb and as compatible with your ECS as possible. I had to do a lot of reading to find this all out but I did it so that you wouldn’t have to. You can thank me later.  

Balance CBD Vape CartridgeEarth Medicine CBC Vape Cartridge

Their Balance CBD vape cartridge comes with 0.5ml of CBD in 200mg strength. Currently, this is the only size and strength that they offer for their vape cartridges. If you’ve got serious pain or inflammation this could be too low of a dosage but for general pain and anxiety 200mg should be perfect. 

It’s a slim and tall cartridge that uses a 510 connection, the same as most vape atomizers. The airflow holes are on the 510 so while it will fit on your box mod, you won’t be able to get a draw.

Instead, you’ll need to use a dedicated device for CBD cartridges. If you don’t have one already, you can buy the cartridge & the device combo. This gets you the Jupiter Palm which, in my experience, has been a really great device. It’s small, has a long lasting battery (lasted me over a week), and works on draw-activation. It’s also manufactured by Vaporesso so build-quality isn’t an issue.

But back to the Balance vape cartridge. It’s filled with golden-brown, semi-viscous broad-spectrum CBD that has been infused with Sour Diesel terpenes for an extra boost. It’s unflavored and supposed to help relieve general discomfort, anxiety and stress. It’s also supposed to help achieve calmness, mental relaxation, and better sleep.

If you’re anything like me and you’re concerned about what’s really inside the cartridge, I wouldn’t worry. I looked on their website and was able to find the lab results for the cartridge I was sent and learned the following:

  • 96.11% cannabinoids
  • 92.56% CBD
  • No pesticides
  • No microbials

The cartridge is essentially pure CBD with no THC and no harmful ingredients. If you were worried, that in itself should be a relief.

How to Use Balance CBD VapeEarth Medicine CBC Vape Cartridge + Jupiter Palm

Using the Balance cartridge is easy. There’s very little that you have to do in order to start vaping. 

Take the cartridge out of the packaging and remove the silicone cap that covers the 510 connection. Next, attach the adapter that comes with the Jupiter device to the 510 of the cartridge. 

Once the adapter is attached, simply insert the cartridge into the device and It will attach magnetically.

Now comes the good part. Just inhale, hold the vapor in for 5-10 seconds, and exhale. One to three puffs when needed is all it takes to get the effects.

PerformanceEarth Medicine CBC Vape Cartridge Performance

I’ve been using the Balance cartridge for about a week now. I would pull it out whenever I felt stressed or anxious and take 2-3 puffs. Almost immediately after, I could feel a sort of blissful calm washing over me. I felt noticeably more relaxed and less anxious.

I also used it when I was having trouble falling asleep. Sometimes I just can’t turn my brain off at the end of the night and that makes it impossible to get to sleep.  I found myself in this situation the other night and decided that I would try taking a few puffs off of the Balance Cartridge. To my pleasant surprise, it made it a lot easier to just stop thinking and let myself drift off into a deep sleep.

This cartridge isn’t flavored so it just tastes like hemp. It doesn’t taste bad at all though; I actually really like the taste. It’s got an earthy, almost spicy flavor. It would be nice to have some flavor options though. If you don’t like the natural taste of hemp then this can easily be a turn off.

The vapor from this cartridge is nice and smooth. There’s no harshness so it’s easy to vape on. Most of the time though, I wasn’t even sure if I was getting any vapor until I exhaled. 

VerdictEarth Medicine CBC Vape Cartridge Verdict

Earth Medicine Hemp have a good thing going with their Balance Cartridge. The 200mg strength is great for helping with general stress, anxiety and sleeplessness but stronger doses would be nice to have. Also, while the natural flavor of hemp tastes fine to me, some of you might dislike the taste.

Aside from that, Balance is an excellent CBD vape cartridge. It’s an easy to use, high-quality, and definitely balanced CBD cartridge that does what it’s supposed to. I myself got the full benefits and felt much more calm and relaxed after just two or three puffs. If you’re experiencing stress, anxiety or inflammation, I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

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