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Fuggin Vapor E-Juice Review: Delicious, Consistent & Affordable

NOTE: Unforunately, it appears that Fuggin has gone out of business and is no longer selling their ejuice. However, there are still plenty of great ejuices out there. Check out our list of best ejuices to find your next all-day-vape.

Today we’ve got a review on some e-juices from Fuggin Vapor Co and we’re super excited to share our thoughts. You might remember Fuggin from the top spot on our list of Best Cheap Ejuices which they earned for good reasons.

With one of the largest selections of ejuice around and at incredibly low prices, Fuggin is an attractive option for vapers looking to save a few dollars without sacrificing taste. They always seem to have great deals going on for multiple bottles and their deal right now is two 120ml bottles for $29.99, no code required!

You can also get four 120ml bottles for $55.99, six 120ml bottles for $79.99, or ten 120ml bottles for $129.99! Or if you’re really feeling like stocking up for the apocalypse they even have a crazy deal for $239.99 where you get twenty 120ml bottles! The price per ml here of ~$0.10 is hard to beat.

We’ve got four of Fuggin Vapor’s most popular flavors on deck and we’re going to give you the full run down on their packaging, flavor and quality. Keep in mind that taste is subjective and you may disagree with our opinions, but we think that there’s something here for everyone. The ejuices used in this review were sent to us free of charge, directly from Fuggin Vapor.

Fuggin Vapor E-Juice Review: Delicious, Consistent & Affordable

We took our pick of four of Fuggin’s most popular flavors, ones that we thought you guys would like. We also tried to pick flavors that were unique and interesting so that we could really get a good sense of the flavor profiles and ejuice quality. All of their ejuices come in an 80/20 VG/PG blend so we should be getting some pretty large clouds out of em. The four flavors we chose for this review are: The Silence Of The Clouds, G.I. Jane, Raspy Lemonade, and Shake Dat Ass.

Bottles & PackagingFuggin Vapor Co

When buying ejuice at bargain prices you can usually expect to get plainly labelled bottles with minimal packaging flare; but this is far from the case with Fuggin. Their ejuices came in a sturdy and colorful box with Fuggin Vapor Co. branding all over. We also got a couple of stickers. But what was most surprising was their bottles & labelling. The ejuices came in standard, chubby 120ml bottles. The labelling on these looks super expensive and high-quality — to the point where you would never guess that these ejuices weren’t premium priced themselves. Huge pro here.

The Silence Of The CloudsThe Silence Of The Clouds

From Fuggin Vapor’s “Little Vape Shop Of Horrors” line of ejuices; you won’t be able to get these clouds to stop flowing. The Silence Of The Clouds brings a sweet and sour blend of blue raspberry candy mixed with a mouth-watering and delicious blue slushie. The tartness of this flavor is especially good as it gives just the right amount of sour to give your mouth a tingle, while delivering the sweet raspberry candy taste at the same time.

On the inhale you get a tart but sweet blue raspberry candy flavor at the forefront, along with subtle hints of a blue slushie drink. The flavor on the inhale is just right in terms of sweetness and isn’t too overbearing. On the exhale the blue slushie comes through much more prominently and you get a blast of sugary goodness that really tickles the palate.

Matt: This flavor is incredible. Not too sweet and not too sour, but just right. It’s eerily good!

Danielle: Mmm, yum! To me this is the perfect beach vape. It would be very refreshing on a Summer’s day.

Adam: My favorite part about this ejuice is the sweet, sugary rush that you get on the exhale. Very tasty.

Robert: This sweet and tarty ejuice would normally be a little bit much for me, but something about the flavor has me wanting more.

G.I. JaneG.I. Jane

Oh boy, is this juice ever good. From the second you smell the bottle you’ll be in love. The best part is that the flavor is extremely accurate to the tantalizing smell — I almost wanted to drink it (don’t do this). G.I. Jane is a blend of, get this, dragonfruit, watermelon, peach and pineapple. My mouth was watering just from reading the flavor description and my taste buds almost exploded when I vaped it.

There’s no one flavor that you taste with this e-juice; it’s like a fruit medley. You taste the peach and watermelon flavors immediately on the inhale. The peach and watermelon compliment each other really well and go together very smoothly. The exhale brings you all four flavors, one after another. It’s hard to put a finger on which fruit you’re tasting and this makes you want to keep vaping it to figure it out. This vape juice is dangerously good. You might want to grab two.

This flavor was the unanimous favorite among the team and it had us all fighting to get the rest of the bottle, it’s really that good! (Matt ended up getting to keep this one. He’s gotten the short end of the stick many times in the past).

Matt: Watermelon ejuices aren’t too common so I’m glad that this one is as good as it is. The peach, pineapple and dragon fruit only make G.I. Jane that much better.

Danielle: It’s an explosion of fruits! You taste one, then you taste the other — every second is a different flavor!

Adam: This is one of the best fruit mixes that I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a lot of them. These four fruits are a match made in heaven.

Robert: This ejuice isn’t too overpowering as it has a more subtle inhale. But the exhale is where it’s at with this one.

Raspy LemonadeRaspy Lemonade

Lemonade lovers rejoice! Raspy Lemonade is exactly what you think it is: a classic sweet raspberry lemonade. Raspy Lemonade is incredibly accurate to its description and it tastes exactly like you’re drinking a glass of raspberry lemonade. I found it to be slightly tangy and perfectly sweet which is exactly what you would expect from this flavor

Raspy Lemonade delivers a consistent flavor through and through with every puff. The tasty and almost sour lemonade is clearly there, infused with a deep and bold raspberry flavor. Every puff gives you the same delicious taste and it’s really, really good. I can vape this flavor all day long without getting tired of it. If you like lemon/lemonade flavored ejuices this might just become your new go-to.

Matt: Take a glass of homemade lemonade. Throw in some mashed up raspberries and let it soak. That’s this ejuice.

Danielle: This smells and tastes just like a glass of raspberry lemonade. There’s not much else to say! Super tasty.

Adam: Lemon ejuices aren’t really my thing but I can still appreciate how good this one is. It tastes exactly like raspberry lemonade so I’m sure a lot of people will love it.

Robert: This is a flavor that some will love and some will hate. It all depends on if you like lemonade. I’m not the biggest fan myself.

Shake Dat AssShake Dat Ass

Rich and thick are two words that describe this flavor. Shake Dat Ass(love the name) has an authentic strawberry vanilla milkshake flavor that practically transports you to an ice cream parlor from the 60’s. Ripe sweet strawberries are the star of this ejuice, while creamy and fresh vanilla ice cream notes round it off.

On the inhale you’re bombarded with a strawberries and cream flavor that is really spot on. It tastes like perfectly ripe strawberries, almost candy-like. On the exhale, the taste of thick vanilla ice cream brings the luscious milkshake flavor that I was looking for. This flavor is definitely the heaviest out of the juices on this list and provided the most bold flavor. Enjoying a strawberry milkshake all day has never been better — both on the waist and the wallet.

Matt: Whoever doesn’t like strawberry milkshakes, get them a doctor immediately! I can’t get enough of Shake Dat Ass.

Danielle: My least favorite flavor of the bunch, it just doesn’t seem to agree with my taste buds. Too much strawberries and cream for me.

Adam: This is a proper strawberry milkshake ejuice. As opposed to others that I’ve tried that have been too sweet, this one hits the nail on the head.

Robert: I really like this combination, it tastes exactly like a strawberry shake. I can already see myself ordering a few bottles.

How To Get Four 120ML Bottles For $55.99Fuggin E-juice Review

Getting this crazy good deal couldn’t be more simple. All you have to do is pick out your four bottles, and proceed to the checkout. There’s no need to enter a discount code. Once you’ve reached the payment and shipping page your order will automatically be recalculated to reflect the deal.

And don’t forget, you can get an even better deal the more bottles you purchase. If you grab six bottles, it will automatically recalculate to the ‘Silver’ deal of $79.99. The ‘Gold’ deal gets you ten bottles for $129.99 and ‘Supreme’ will net you twenty bottles for $239.99. The more you buy, the more you save.

The VerdictFuggin Deal

Fuggins flavors are decidedly good. Especially for the price you certainly won’t find juice that’s better quality or better tasting. Even their packaging is better than most e-liquid brands on the market, whether “premium” or otherwise.

Their descriptions are true to the actual flavor you get and this is reason enough to try them out.  If you see a flavor that you think you’ll like, you probably will. They’ve got hundreds of other flavors that we didn’t get to cover in this review so I would highly suggest taking a look. Because with a deal like this, why wouldn’t you?

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