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The Best Cheap E-Juices 2023: The Top Affordable Ejuices

Get great tasting eliquid for less with these affordable ejuice brands

You can’t vape without e-juice. But it can be hard to find brands that taste good without paying a small fortune.

If you vape a lot, you probably find yourself refilling your tank multiple times per day. If you’re not careful, this can quickly drain your ejuice — and your wallet. The good news is that there are cheaper alternatives available that taste great and cost less.

Just because an ejuice is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better. Conversely, just because an ejuice is cheap doesn’t mean that it’s any worse. Rather, all of the ejuices on our list are made in clean, sanitary labs and endure rigorous quality control testing.

If you pick right, you can get a delicious ejuice that satisfies you just as well as the big players; but at a fraction of the cost. And to make it easier to choose, we’ve rounded up a few of the best cheap ejuices in 2023.

The Best Cheap Vape Juices 2023: Get More Vape For Your Buck

1st Place

Humble Best Cheap Ejuice 500x500


Humble is a premium ejuice company that carries tasty flavors at affordable prices. All of their potential flavor profiles use only the highest quality ingredients and go through rigorous testing processes. Only the best flavors make it to production, where each batch is tested for purity and taste before being sent for bottling. Candy, fruit, dessert, they've got it all. For the most vape for your buck, definitely check out Humble.




Tropic King Best Cheap Ejuice 500x500

Tropic King




Cloud Nurdz Best Cheap Ejuice 500x500

Cloud Nurdz



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#1. Humble Juice Co.Humble Ejuice 500x500

“Made by the hardworking, for the hardworking.” These are words that perfectly describe Humble Juice Co. All of their potential flavor profiles use only the highest quality ingredients available and are subjected to rigorous testing processes. Only the best flavors make it to production, where each batch is tested for purity and taste before being sent for bottling. This lengthy process ensures that all of Humble’s stringent standards have been met, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality ejuice.

You can get 120ml bottles of Humble ejuice for $16.95-19.99 which is excellent compared to the expensive ejuice you see on store shelves. But don’t let the price fool you; they taste delicious as well. Humble’s flavors range from fruits and desserts to tobacco’s and creams.

A fan favorite is Smash Mouth, a refreshing blend of strawberries, graham crackers, and custard. Equally popular and tantalizing is Donkey Kahn, a blend of strawberry and banana with a splash of dragon fruit. No matter which one you choose, you’re getting tasty ejuices at an affordable price.

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#2. Tropic KingTropic King Best Cheap Ejuice 500x500

A list of the best cheap e-juices wouldn’t be complete without Drip More’s Tropic King. This fruit-focused line of ejuices is loved by vapers everywhere and, with 7 flavors to choose from, you’re sure to find an ejuice that you like. The combination of low costs, tasty flavor choices, and large bottle sizes make Tropic King a great choice for the price-conscious vaper.

Some must-try flavors include their Maui Mango ejuice, a mix of pineapple, mango and orange, and Berry Breeze, a mix of blackberry, black currant, and raspberry. With flavors like these it’s hard to go wrong, especially at the prices that they sell for.

You can get 100ml bottles for as low as $11.25. Doing the math on the 100ml bottle works out to around $0.11 per milliliter — a total steal. If you’re into candy flavors, Drip More is also responsible for the Candy King line of ejuices which are only slightly more expensive. Try out a few flavors and see what you like best!

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#3. Cloud NurdzCloud Nurdz Best Cheap Ejuice 500x500

Cloud Nurdz have affordable prices, great flavors, and excellent variety — what more could you want from an ejuice company? They’ve been in the game since 2016 and in that time they’ve become popular among vapers looking for good ejuice that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

If you like candied fruit flavors then Cloud Nurdz will be right up your alley. Peach Blue Razz is a tangy and sweet combination of peach and blue raspberry candy. Just as tasty is Watermelon Apple, a sweet and sour blend of watermelon and apple candy.

You can find Cloud Nurdz ejuice in 100ml bottles for as low as $11.95 — super cheap for good quality ejuice. At these prices you’re getting your ejuice for just $0.12 per ml! You won’t find tasty, good-quality ejuice any cheaper, that’s for sure.

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#4. Keep it 100Keep It 100 Best Cheap Ejuice

When it comes to cheap e-juices, Keep It 100 produces some of the best. Founded in 2014, Keep It 100 manufactures all of their ejuices in ISO 7 clean rooms to ensure that manufacturing takes place in a controlled and sanitary environment. 

Their affordable and tasty ejuices come in a bunch of fun flavors and this has gained them quite the following. Their Blue Slushie, Strawberry Milk, and Kiberry Killa ejuices are some of their most popular, must-try flavors. 

With prices starting at just $11.99 for a 100ml bottle, you can save massive amounts of money while still vaping the same amount as you do now. At only $0.12 per ml, it doesn’t get much cheaper than this.

While you won’t get Keep It 100’s ejuices in fancy glass bottles, what you do get is quality, affordable ejuice that you can chain-vape without worry.


#5. SMPL EjuiceSMPL Ejuice 500x500

SMPL ejuice are one of the top brands for great tasting, cheap vape juice. They’ve been around for over half a decade and in that time they’ve become known for their large bottle sizes and great flavors — all at bargain prices. 

Their six ejuices come in either 60ml or 120ml bottle sizes and the prices are almost too good to be true. You can get 60ml bottles for $11.99 while their 120ml bottles go for only a dollar more at $12.99. That’s just under $0.11 per ml. 

SMPL offer six delicious ejuice flavors: Delemonful Cake, Orchard Fresh, Tropical Delight, Morning Sin, Krazy Kandy and Strawshake’N. Orchard Fresh is a mix of apples, pears and kiwi that fruit lovers will definitely love.

If you’re feeling more tropical, Tropical Delight is an orange, mango and pineapple mix that awesome and delicious. No matter which flavor you choose, you’re sure to get a great tasting ejuice while keeping more money in your pocket.


#6. Shijin VaporShijin Vapor Best Cheap Ejuice 500x500

Shijin Vapor is another fantastic producer of quality, cheap ejuice. They’re a premium producer of ejuice, but you can find their ejuices for super cheap. You can find their ejuice priced for as low as $11.95 for a 100ml bottle and that’s a real bargain. All of Shijin Vapor’s ejuices are handcrafted in California in an ISO 8000 certified clean room.

Shijin Vapor has a huge selection of ejuices and the flavors are quite varied so you’re almost guaranteed to find an ejuice that you not only like, but can save money on too. One of their best flavors is Dragon Cloud which is a cinnamon roll and vanilla ice cream flavor. Another is their Phoenix Tears ejuice, a tasty and delicious vanilla custard and strawberry cream flavor.

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Everything You Need To Know About Cheap E-Juice

When buying eliquid it can be difficult to know if you’re getting a good price on a bottle. Various sizes and prices can create the illusion of a good deal, but there are a few things you should consider when purchasing your ejuice:

What’s A Good Price For Ejuice?

Because of the different bottle sizes, the best way to tell if you’re getting a good deal on ejuice is by calculating the cost per milliliter. This allows you to get a clearer picture of what you’re paying and see if you’re really getting a deal.

Calculating the cost per milliliter is simple. You just take the price of the ejuice, and divide it by the number of milliliters the bottle contains. For example, if a 60ml bottle of ejuice is $20, that’s (20/60=~$0.33/ml) $0.33 per milliliter! This is considered “premium” priced or in other words: very expensive ejuice. This is the pricing you’ll find for brands like Naked 100 and Nasty.

On the other hand, if a 120ml bottle of ejuice is $19.99, that’s (19.99/120=~$0.165/ml) around $16 and a half cents per milliliter! So if you’re filling up a tank with 4ml of ejuice, that’s $1.32 with a premium ejuice, and $0.66 with a more affordable ejuice — I know which one I’m using for my daily vape.

Cheap E-Juice Can’t Be Good… Can it?

When people hear cheap or affordable ejuice they immediately think of the worst mixing conditions and appalling ingredients, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Regardless of their cheap prices, all of the ejuices on our list are made in clean and sanitary environments from top-quality PG, VG, nicotine, and food-grade flavorings. Cheap vape juice can be just as tasty as more premium priced ones, it’s just a matter of knowing the right brands to buy.

How Long Should A Bottle Of E-Juice Last?

One of the most commonly asked questions that we get from new vapers is “How long should a 60ml bottle of ejuice last?”. It’s a great question, but the answer depends on a number of factors. For one, the type of tank/vape that you’re using will greatly affect the amount of ejuice that you use. Rebuildable tanks like RDAs, especially when used with squonk mods, can use a lot of ejuice. On the other hand, a pod vape will generally get you a lot more mileage out of your ejuice.

Another thing that will affect your ejuice consumption is the resistance of your coil and the wattage that you vape at. For example, using a 0.15ohm coil at 100W will go through ejuice a lot faster than a 1.6ohm coil at 15W. So if you’re trying to save juice, go with a higher resistance and a lower wattage.

Last but not least, how much you vape during the day will be a huge factor in how much ejuice you use. If you’re somebody who vapes nearly all day long, you’re obviously going to go through ejuice a lot quicker than someone who only takes a few vape breaks per day.

How To Save Money On Ejuice

Using a “premium” ejuice for your daily vape can become expensive quickly. Here’s how you can save some money when you make your next ejuice purchase:

Check The Deals Section: All of the brands we’ve mentioned have a deal section on their website. Peep this section for the very best possible prices.

Coupons: Many brands will also provide coupons and exclusive deals through their newsletter,  so signing up for them is a good idea. You can score some sweet deals, you just have to stay in active and in the loop.

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