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GeekVape Zeus X Mesh RTA Review: Solid Mesh Performance

Geekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA



Geekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA 1
Design — 9.0
Build Quality — 8.5
Ease of Building — 7.0
Performance — 8.5
Flavor — 8.0



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GeekVape are a big name in the vaping industry and chances are you already own a GeekVape device or atomizer. Most recently they have had a solid focus on their Aegis line of products of which there have been a fair few, but today we are taking a look at the Zeus X Mesh RTA. The Zeus has also had its fair share of incarnations and all have been well received.

The original was a single coiler, then there was the dual followed by the Zeus X (also a dual), the sub ohm Zeus and now the Mesh! There are a fair few Mesh tanks and RDA’s on the market now, so how does this one stand up? Let’s take a look… 

Box ContentsGeekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA Box Contents

  • Zeus X Mesh RTA 
  • 4.5ml glass extension (Shipped separately if TPD version) 
  • 3.5ml glass tube (2ml if TPD version) 
  • 2 x Ni80 mesh 0.17ohm strip 
  • 2 x KA1 mesh 0.2ohm strip 
  • 4 x Cotton strips cut to required thickness 
  • Spare Ultem 810 drip tip 
  • Bag of accessories including Tri tool, washers, ceramic block, spring and mesh shaping rod 


  • Material Stainless steel and pyrex glass 
  • Size 25mm x 47.8mm 
  • Drip tip 810 user replaceable 
  • Threading 510 protruding gold plated (hybrid MOD compatible) 

It’s important to note that the modular deck of the Zeus X mesh RTA is interchangeable with that of the Zeus X dual coil RTA. After a little research I have seen that the deck is available to purchase separately right now, meaning if you already own the dual coil Zeus X you can just buy the deck to use the Mesh feature. Smart move GeekVape! 

  • stainless steel construction 
  • quarter turn bayonet style top cap 
  • Innovative top / side airflow system 
  • Leakproof airflow design 
  • Wide cyclops style dual airflow ports 
  • Mesh strips to provide purer flavour 

Design & Build Quality

  • Geekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA 3

The design of the Zeus X is one I’ve always been a fan of: lovely aesthetics, a slick low profile drip tip (don’t worry all your 810’s will fit if you don’t like low profile ones) and it looks good on almost anything. Sporting some really sleek and ergonomic looks, the Zeus is available in multiple colours: blue; red; black; stainless; gunmetal and some other special edition colours.

The glass options provided are definitely a pro. In some cases with an RTA the bubble glass looks somewhat out of place but due to the Zeus X sleek design it looks good. Personal preference for me will always be a clean straight glass but given that most of the time for me the TPD means it will only be 2ml, it’s not always the best option for convenience.

The top cap release is a quarter turn bayonet fitting and feels good and secure, with two large kidney shaped fill ports which makes filling your juice is nice and quick. Below this you will find your top airflow control ring which is removable for cleaning purposes. In fact, the whole tank breaks down very nicely for cleaning which offers a nice level of longevity.

The main chimney features the Zeus logo and has the name engraved on the opposite side. I’ve always liked the Zeus medusa head logo, it’s not childish or garish in any way. When taking this RTA apart you will find the secondary inner chimney; it’s here that GeekVape have been very clever with the airflow. Travelling from the top, between the two chimneys and down to your coils via some very nice honeycomb air holes in the side and top of the inner chimney. With the air travelling the way it does it makes for some amazing flavor as it effectively encompasses your mesh build.

Now for the main event… the new mesh deck! If you are a big fan of mesh and are familiar with the Wotofo Profile series, you will recognize some key similarities. They both use a spring loaded ceramic block which helps to push your cotton into the Mesh, keeping a constant contact and both use a similar clamp system. It really is a great design and is very effective so I guess why not follow suit?

There is a certain simplicity that I really like about mesh decks, always very clean and easy to work with. Your mesh strip is suspended between your posts located at either side of the deck and tightened down via the cross head screws installed. I have to admit, I’m not really a fan of cross head screws as they tend to strip easier than grubs or flat heads so ensure you aren’t over tightening or using the incorrect size driver. Not a deal breaker by any means but definitely a small con for me. 

Overall I found the build quality to be amazing on this RTA. O-ring tolerances are good, threads feel nice and smooth and for the cheaper end of the market the tank feels of a much better quality than some others do that cost much more! 

How to build on the Zeus X MeshGeekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA Build Deck

First things first, we need to get our mesh ready to install using the mesh shaping tool included in the box. 

  • Carefully bend the mesh around the tool to create the exact dome like bend in the mesh that we will need to install. 
  • Open up the clamp screws and carefully place the rounded mesh strip edges into the corresponding clamps. Make sure to keep the mesh as level as possible. I recommend lightly tightening to check before making any alterations needed. 
  • To ensure the mesh is installed correctly we need to pulse it lightly on a low wattage. I went with 20w. Please ensure to do this safely on a regulated mod or a build deck and bare in mind that with mesh it only takes a couple of quick, light pulses. 

WickingGeekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA 5

Now onto the most important part! The wicking! Trust me nobody wants to get a dry hit from mesh, it’s not very nice, you will feel as though you have swallowed half the Sahara desert and cough like crazy. Avoid at all costs and follow any good review or video if you prefer the visuals. 

  • GeekVape very kindly provide some cotton for wicking in the box. It’s shoelace style which makes for an easier installation. 
  • Take note of how much cotton there is. It’s a huge amount and for good reason. You are really going to need it! 
  • Feed the cotton underneath the mesh whilst also gently pressing on the ceramic block to make life easier. 
  • Trim the cotton level with the edge of the deck. You can also give it a diagonal ‘haircut’ on top and a light rake with the tweezers just to fluff up the edges and remove any stray cotton. 
  • Gently tease your wicks into the wells either side of the deck. You don’t want to go stuffing it in there as this will vastly reduces you capillary action on your juice flow and result in a dry hit. If there’s too much then you can continue to trim but make sure there is enough to fill the wells without being packed in. 
  • Juice up prior to putting on your top cap. Remember there is a lot of cotton in there so ideally you want to get it nice and saturated before you fill up. 
  • Again lightly pulse whilst saturating the coil. This serves to pull the juice into the cotton that’s sitting under your coil. 
  • Once you are adequately saturated pop on your top section by lining up the tabs with the inner chimney and screw the tank back into the deck and fill. 
  • Job done! 

PerformanceGeekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA 4

Both the kanthal and nichrome mesh strips included break in very nicely after a few solid vapes. I found the Zeus X mesh to have great vapor production and even better flavor. The tank is loud though, there’s just no getting away from that fact. It’s a top airflow device which tends to always be the case. Not a deal breaker for me but I know some really don’t like it. The airflow whilst on the loud side is extremely smooth when the tank is wicked correctly. I experienced no gurgling, turbulence or spit back and I like that there are vast options whether you prefer wide open cloud chucking or a cut down restricted vape. You can absolutely achieve that here and any way you choose to dial it in to your own taste the cloud production is incredible, dense and flavorful. I was thoroughly impressed. 


All in all I would have to say that GeekVape have absolutely nailed the Zeus X Mesh tank and I really don’t have many cons for it at all. Those that I do have are all fairly nit picky if I’m being honest. It’s a solid RTA with great build quality, immense cloud production, exemplary flavor and the icing on the cake is that if you already have the original Zeus X then you only need to buy the deck! If you are a big fan of mesh tanks then I would strongly recommend picking this one up, get the wicking right, and you are in for an absolute treat. I’m still a coil guy at heart but mesh is definitely making big progress and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes next. I thoroughly enjoyed using the Zeus X Mesh RTA and would put it right at the top of my list for those that I’ve tried.


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Graham Rawlings

I started vaping in the summer of 2014, my wife is a non smoker and bought me my first vape setup to help me kick the stinkies! I've been cigarette-free every since and loving it! I vape a multitude of devices, love trying and testing new pieces of kit, and have a passion for helping others to kick the habit too.


  • I have 6 Profiles and they are really good but the Zeus X mesh is better. I have 3 of them and as of now are my go to attys. I would put the Profile at 8.5 flavor and the Zeus X at 9.5. Have never had a leak from the Zeus, the Profile will leak from the airflow if not wicked almost perfectly.
    All in all for a top airflow Zeus X is the great, unless you don’t like mesh.

  • Weird ask (and fairly outdated too. Ha!), but do you happen to know the size of the screws? Yes- they sell replacements in a kit on the website, but it would be easier to buy custom replacements with the style head I want… if I knew the size. Any help would be appreciated. Otherwise I might just take the ones I have down to the hardware store and see if they know. Surprised no one has listed the specifics in their reviews. Maybe it’s a standard size for all things vaping? I wouldn’t know.