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Hero Ejuices Review: Freebase and Nic Salt Juices Put To The Test

Finding a good ejuice that you want to vape everyday can be difficult. Not only do you have to find the right flavor, but you want an ejuice that isn’t going to be harsh on your coils either. Enter Hero ejuices. 

You may have heard of Hero before. For those who haven’t, they offer a variety of different ejuice flavors which are available in both freebase and nicotine salt form. Their ejuices don’t contain a lot of sweetener, but are still made to provide a flavorful vaping experience.

In this review, I’m going to go over nine of their sixteen available flavors. I’ll describe their taste, how my coils fared, and which ones I liked the most. With all of that information, you should be able to decide for yourself if these are ejuices that you should consider picking up.


  • HERO Ejuices - Apple Peach Strawberry Freebase

Hero ejuices has a lineup with 16 available flavors, but realistically only 11 of these are unique. Five of these flavors, Apple Peach Strawberry, Cherry Lemon, Blue Raspberry Slushy, Apple Pear, and Blueberry Raspberry Lemon, each have a ‘freeze’ variant. The flavors that feature the freeze designation have a nice hint of menthol on the exhale, which may not be for everyone, but it is quite a nice touch in my opinion. The available flavors are:

  • Apple Pear
  • Apple Pear Freeze
  • Apple Peach Strawberry
  • Apple Peach Strawberry Freeze
  • Blueberry Raspberry Lemon
  • Blueberry Raspberry Lemon Freeze
  • Blue Raspberry Slushy
  • Blue Raspberry Slushy Freeze
  • Cherry Lemon
  • Cherry Lemon Freeze
  • Grape Strawberry
  • Pomegranate Orange
  • Strawberry Lemon
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • VCT (Vanilla Custard tobacco)
  • Watermelon Drop

Their regular nicotine ejuices are available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg/ml nicotine strength, while their nicotine salts are available in 30mg and 50mg strengths.

For this review I was sent 9 of the 16 available flavors in a mix of nicotine salts and regular nicotine ejuices. The nicotine salts ejuices are in the 30mg strengths and the regular ejuices in 3mg/ml strength. 


VCT stands for Vanilla Custard Tobacco and this ejuice delivered some of the most flavorful vapor out of the entire lineup I tried. On the inhale it has a wonderful vanilla flavor followed by a strong hit of tobacco flavoring on the way out. I would only recommend this ejuice if you enjoy tobacco flavoring as I personally do not and the flavor was a little too powerful for me.

Strawberry Lemon

Strawberry lemon is a classic flavor combination and Hero did an excellent job with this representation of it. The flavors are very distinct, with the strawberry tasting very smooth. I get the taste of true strawberries on the inhale and nice lemon on the exhale. Hero uses lemon frequently in their ejuices and they really have the lemon flavor dialed in.

Orange Pomegranate

With this orange pomegranate mixture, unlike most of their other flavors, the two are actually combined to make a unique flavor. Instead of distinct individual flavors, you taste a sweet and tangy mixture throughout the entire vape. I can taste both flavors but they combine to the point that I can’t pinpoint a specific one. This makes for a very unique and enjoyable vape. I would highly recommend this flavor to anyone who enjoys orange juice and pomegranate juice. It is definitely an enjoyable flavor.

Grape Strawberry

This grape strawberry flavor is another very enjoyable ejuice as it is similar to the orange pomegranate; the flavors are not distinct but mixed into a very enjoyable cocktail. Through the inhale to the exhale you are able to taste both flavors quite intensely.

Apple Peach Strawberry

They truly have these three flavors dialed in and it shows in this ejuice. All three flavors can be tasted at different times during the draw. The peach leads the pack, giving it a very soft tasty inhale, followed by a strong mix of apple and strawberry. These flavors mix wonderfully and once again I found myself going back to this flavor time and time again. What impresses me is how accurate the flavors are. The peach and apple flavors genuinely taste as if I had just taken a bite of each fruit.

Cherry Lemon Freeze

The lemon flavor is very strong within all of the Hero ejuices that use it and this flavor is no different. However, I would have liked to see it partnered with another stronger flavor as the cherry is very faint. This vape mostly consists of lemon with a slight menthol taste on the exhale. Overall still an enjoyable flavor, but the cherry is not as prominent as it could be.

Blue Raspberry Slushy Freeze 

A combination that I was very excited to try, however for me the blue raspberry flavors were not prevalent for these ejuices. I did get a strong taste of menthol on the exhale though. I definitely get a hint of the raspberry flavor on the exhale but it’s very faint. The flavor I can taste is enjoyable but the faintness could just be personal as it was the same for me with both blue raspberry flavors.

Apple Pear Freeze

This is a flavor that I find myself going back to, time and time again. The apple and pear flavors work together to deliver an incredible vape, with an added menthol flavoring that you can really taste on exhale. The inhale has a very accurate pear flavor and on the exhale you are hit with a wave of apple. The best way to describe it is you take a bite of a pear and wash it down with a nice cold glass of apple juice. It is by far my favorite flavor out of all of the ones that I tested.

Blueberry Raspberry Lemon Freeze

Unfortunately, this flavor for me suffered the same as the other Raspberry flavor to where I could barely make out the blueberry or raspberry flavoring. However, this flavor delivers an extremely strong and accurate lemon flavor mixed with menthol on the exhale. As I stated before, this could just come down to my personal tastes as all the other flavored ejuices are highly accurate.

How do they vape?

HERO Ejuices - Blueberry Raspberry Lemon Freebase

I tested Hero’s nicotine salt ejuices in my Caliburn X and their freebase nicotine ejuices in my Aquila sub-ohm tank. These are two of the best products in their respective categories, so they really bring out the best that these ejuices have to offer. The flavor is pronounced in both types of ejuices, whether freebase or nic salts, however the flavor was truly excellent while using the free base ejuices with my Aquila tank. 

Hero does an excellent job with the quality of their ejuice as they are not harsh on my coils at all. They did not cause any early burnt coils, build up, or shortened coil life. 

While using my Caliburn X I was able to get a significant amount of refills without the feel that the coils were being burned out faster than normal. Even with heavy vaping with the Aquila, the coils seem to be quite happy and healthy with these ejuices.

When choosing my ejuices I put my primary focus on flavor and I couldn’t put these ejuices down. When trying each new flavor I found myself designating each one as my new favorite. The flavor delivery is excellent and they really nailed each flavor in this lineup. You can really tell what flavor you’re vaping on without even looking at the bottle, so they’re extremely accurate. 


Hero’s ejuices consistently delivered strong and tasty flavors that quickly became my go-to ejuices to fill my vapes with. I did not experience any complications while using them and I was quite happy to see that they were gentle on my coils. Hero offers a wide range of flavors, so I’m sure that anyone can find an enjoyable flavor that they like and want to pick up. 

Aside from a few flavors not quite hitting the mark for me (this could come down to personal taste), overall I was impressed with the accuracy of their flavors to the advertised flavor.

Whether using them in a pod or a tank, Hero’s ejuices are an easy choice in my book. You can easily find a flavor combination that fits your preference and once you start vaping it, you won’t be disappointed. 

Have you tried Hero’s ejuices? Leave a comment with your thoughts down below!

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