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How to Stop Your Vape Tank From Leaking
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How to Stop Your Vape Tank From Leaking: Essential Tips & Tricks

You’ve filled up your vape tank and taken a few pulls. Next thing you know, you’ve got e-juice all over your hands. No one likes a leaky vape tank. Not only does it create a mess but it wastes your e-juice too.

Sometimes the cause of a leaking vape tank is obvious but oftentimes the reason is more obscure. When all you’re trying to do is have a peaceful vape, a leaking tank can be frustrating. While these tips mainly apply to tanks, some of them also apply to leaky pod vapes. Here’s how you can stop your vape tank from leaking.

Check O-Rings

The o-rings on a tank serve to seal together all of the different parts. If your o-rings are ripped or damaged this allows e-juice to go where it’s not supposed to and will cause leaking. Even if you’ve never dropped or messed with your tank, o-rings can still get weak and fail overtime.

Take your tank apart and check the seal that sits underneath the glass. If there’s a rip in the o-ring then you’ll have to replace it. Most tanks come with spare o-rings so check the box for your tank. Remove the old damaged o-ring and install the new o-ring in place. Put your tank back together and see if this resolves the issue.   

Check for Cracks in Your Tank

If any of your tank components are cracked this could definitely be a reason for a leaky tank. A crack in your tanks glass might be obvious but make sure to also check other pieces of the tank. A crack in your airflow control ring, chimney, or other piece could be responsible for the leak.

Carefully inspect all of the individual components of your tank for any damage or imperfections. If you find damage your best course of action will be to replace the piece. If you didn’t cause the damage you should submit a warranty claim to the manufacturer. Otherwise, you can try to contact the manufacturer to purchase specific parts. Worst case scenario you’ll have to purchase the tank again. 

Use a Lower PG E-juice

VG and PG are two of the main components in ejuice. Your bottle of ejuice will usually have the ratio of VG to PG listed on the bottle e.g: 70VG/30PG or 60VG/40PG. Because PG is considerably thinner than VG some coils might have trouble wicking a high PG ejuice properly. This can cause your tank to leak.

If you’re using a 50/50 or 60VG/40PG ejuice, try using an e-juice with more VG. This will allow your coil to more effectively wick the ejuice. A 70/30 or 80/20 ejuice might solve your leaking problem completely.

Max VG Eliquid

Don’t Draw too Hard

If you pull too hard when inhaling then this can cause your coil to pull in more ejuice than it can handle. This will flood the coil and cause the excess ejuice to leak out of the tank. Try inhaling more lightly when you go to take a puff.

Vape at a Higher Wattage

If you’re not vaping at a high enough wattage your wicks might be absorbing juice faster than it can be vaped. When this happens the wicks can become oversaturated and will cause your tank to leak.

Raise the wattage on your vape mod by 5-10 watts at a time and see if this stops the leaking. Most coils will also have a suggested wattage printed on the coil. Try to stay within this range to ensure that you’re vaporizing your ejuice properly.

Vape at A Higher Wattage

Don’t Overfill your Tank

While it might be tempting to fill your tank as much as possible, don’t. When you replace the fill cap this can force ejuice in through the coil because it will have no other place to go. When filling, leave a little space in your tank so that your ejuice has room to move around.

Keep Your Tank Upright

Your tank is designed to work in a very specific way. Sideways or upside down is not how it’s meant to be. Tilting or laying your tank down can cause ejuice to go where it’s not supposed to. Tilting your tank when you draw shouldn’t have any adverse effects but anything longer than a few seconds could cause problems. Also make sure that you transport your tank and mod upright to prevent a leaking tank.

Make Sure your Tank is Screwed Together Properly

This might seem obvious but it’s a common cause of leaking. Make sure that your tank is screwed together tightly and properly. If the glass of your tank isn’t completely sealed against the other components then this will cause ejuice to escape and leak. Similarly, if your top cap isn’t completely screwed on then this will cause leaking from the top of the tank. 

Check that all pieces that screw together are properly assembled and that nothing is loose. Take care not to over tighten though. Once you begin to feel resistance, don’t force it or you could break your glass tank or ruin the threading.

Secured Tank

Check Your Coil

Coils are mass produced so there’s always the chance that you got a dud. If the coil isn’t properly assembled it could be the cause of leaking. There could be a tear in the cotton, a messed up seal or another less obvious problem with the coil. If you’ve tried everything else and nothing seems to be working then it could be the coil. Try replacing the coil with a new one and see if this helps. Getting a dud coil sucks but it happens.

Close the Airflow When You Fill

A neat little trick to prevent leaking is to close your airflow when filling. With certain tanks, ejuice will try to escape when you close the top cap. If your airflow holes are open, this is the only possible exit and ejuice will start to leak. 

Next time you fill your tank, try closing the airflow before you do so. This will prevent the ejuice from trying to escape through the airflow holes. You can open the airflow up once you’ve screwed on the top cap. Sometimes the simplest fixes are the most effective.


A leaking tank can be extremely frustrating but sometimes it’s an easily fixed issue. Start by implementing the easier tips that we’ve mentioned. If those don’t work, try checking your coil or using a higher VG ejuice.

Manufacturers are aware of leaking issues and are working hard to create leak-proof tanks. Hopefully in the coming years we’ll have tanks that can handle anything thrown at them and that will be completely leak free. Until then though, implement these tips if you’re facing a leaking tank. Happy vaping! Stay Versed!

Did these tips help fix your leaking tank? Do you have a tip that we didn’t mention? Let us know with a comment!

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