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Best Sub Ohm Tanks of 2019 – The Best Vape Tanks Right Now

No matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced expert, sub ohm tanks are a sure staple in any vapers collection. Because of their easy-to-use nature, sub ohm tanks are usually the first go-to vape tank for most beginner vapers, but more advanced vapers love them too for their great flavor and cloud production.

But with so many different and varying sub ohm tanks out there it can be hard to know if you’re getting a great vape tank or just throwing your money and ejuice down the drain. So to save you the time and money, we’ve created a list of the best sub ohm tanks of 2019. We’ve chosen these sub ohm tanks based on their flavor, cloud production, airflow, and tank capacity.

Best Sub Ohm Tanks of 2019 – The Best Vape Tanks Right Now

OFRF nexMESHOFRF nexMESH Best Sub Ohm Tank

OFRF are best known for their excellent mesh coils, like the ones included with the Wotofo Profile Unity RTA. Their mesh is loved for it’s quick ramp up times, large vapor production and amazing flavor. Now, OFRF have taken that same mesh and have incorporated it into a sub-ohm tank for those who may not use rebuildables. It’s got a large 5.5ml max capacity and features a silicone guard on the fill port to prevent leaking. 

The coils for the nexMESH set it apart from the competition due to their “conical” structure. The mesh is shaped like an upside down funnel where the top of the coil is a little more narrow than the bottom. This makes the coil heat up more quickly and also concentrates the vapor as it travels upwards for increased vapor and flavor production. 

In addition to the conical shape, the coils use both an outer and inner layer of cotton to give it the best wicking capabilities of any sub-ohm tank; you can take multiple long draws in a row without ever having a dry hit.

The nexMESH is a leak free tank that stays bone dry, all while providing incredible flavor and vapor that you wouldn’t think possible from a sub-ohm tank.

Available CoilsKanthal A1 — 0.20ohm (75-85W)
SS316L Coil — 0.15ohm (350-540°F)
Tank Capacity5.5ml
AirflowThree Wide-Slots, Adjustable, Bottom Airflow



HorizonTech Falcon KingHorizonTech Falcon King

HorizonTech are known for producing some innovative tanks and coils, and the Falcon King is the latest addition to their impressive lineup. Just by taking one look at the color choices for the Falcon King you’ll be impressed by the unique hues and matching resin drip tips.

The thing that sets the Falcon King apart from its competitors are its five available mesh coils produced with unique wicking materials:

  • M1+ coil — 0.16ohm, 75W (bamboo fiber)
  • M-Dual coil — 0.38ohm, 80W (bamboo fiber)
  • M1 coil — 0.15ohm, 70-80W (wood pulp+cotton)
  • M2 coil — 0.16ohm, 70-80W (wood pulp+cotton)
  • M-Triple coil — 0.15ohm, 80-85W (wood pulp+cotton)

These coils are all amazing but the best one will vary according to your vaping style and preference. To get you started, the Falcon King includes an M1+ and M-Dual coil.

The Falcon King features a swivel top fill system that is very convenient. Simply press the button on the top cap and it will swing open, allowing you to fill your desired ejuice. The airflow on the Falcon King is also great and enters the tank through three adjustable, wide-slot airflow holes. Whether you prefer a tight DTL draw or a more airy draw, the Falcon King has got you covered.

The flavor that you get off of this vape tank is insane. Plus, the tank capacity of the Falcon King is 6ml with the included bubble tank section which should be more than large enough to last you a full day of vaping. Definitely worth picking one up. Hell, it’s so good it might be a good idea to grab two!

Available CoilsM1+ coil — 0.16ohm (75W)
M-Dual coil — 0.38ohm (80W)
M1 coil — 0.15ohm (70-80W)
M2 coil — 0.16ohm (70-80W)
M-Triple coil — 0.15ohm (80-85W)
Tank Capacity6ml
AirflowThree Wide-Slots, Adjustable, Bottom Airflow

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FreeMax Fireluke 2Freemax Fireluke 2

The Fireluke 2 is the successor to one of the best sub ohm tanks of all time, the Fireluke Mesh. The FireLuke 2’s mesh coils heat up more evenly than regular coils and they last longer too. Not only that, but mesh also means a more flavorful vape and larger clouds. For the best mid-high wattage sub ohm tank, the FireLuke 2 is the one.

Included with the FireLuke 2 is one 0.15 ohm mesh coil and one 0.20ohm mesh coil but it’s also backwards compatible with the original Fireluke coils. These mesh coils provide a tasty, flavorful and intense vape that definitely ranks among the best of the best sub ohm tanks.

The FireLuke 2 features an easy to use, slide-to-open top fill system. Simply slide back the top cap and fill your ejuice. As for airflow, the FireLuke 2 is a cloud beast. It has two large airflow slots located at the bottom of the tank and these are fully adjustable to the draw that you want.

It’s also got an ample 5ml ejuice capacity using the included bubble glass. The FireLuke 2 is an impressive vape tank that provides ample flavor at mid-high watts. For more flavor out of your ejuice, it’s worth the buy.

Available Coils0.15ohm Single Mesh
0.20ohm Dual Mesh
0.15ohm Triple Mesh
0.15ohm Quad Mesh
Tank Capacity5ml
AirflowDual Wide-Slot, Adjustable Bottom Airflow




Uwell Valyrian 2Uwell Valyrian 2

With the huge success of the Crown line to live up to, the Valyrian 2 is the latest sub-ohm tank from Uwell. Aiming to reclaim its position as the best sub-ohm tank, the Valyrian 2 has been redesigned and outfitted with a few unique features to set it apart and provide a more flavorful vaping experience.

One of these features is the self-cleaning system that was first seen on the Crown IV. This system allows any condensation that accumulates at the base of the tank to be reabsorbed by the coil. This prevents any leaking caused by condensation build-up and helps to keep the airflow control ring bone dry. 

While the original Valyrian used interchangeable pins to enhance the airflow and flavor of the tank, the Valyrian 2 uses specifically designed mesh coils to achieve the same effect but with even better flavor and clouds.

Included with the Valyrian 2 are two mesh coils: one 0.32ohm single mesh coil and one 0.14ohm dual mesh coil. The large surface area of the mesh and their even heating results in incredible flavor and the clouds are no slouch either. Although newly released, the Valyrian 2 is already becoming known as the best flavor tank you can get.

Filling is super convenient as the Valyrian 2 uses a hinged top-fill system. By pressing a small button on the side of the tank, the fill cap pops up to reveal the fill holes. As for airflow, there are three large adjustable airflow slots located at the base of the tank that provide a hard-hitting, direct lung draw.

The tank on the Uwell Valyrian 2 is quite large at 6ml and this means that you can get a good while of vaping out of this beast before having to refill. All things considered, the Valyrian 2 is definitely a sub-ohm tank that is worth checking out.

Available CoilsUN2 Single Mesh — 0.32ohm (90-100W)
UN2 Dual Mesh — 0.14ohm (80-90W)
UN2 Triple Mesh — 0.16ohm (90-100W)
Quadruple Coil — 0.15ohm (100-120W)
Tank Capacity6ml
AirflowTriple Wide-Slot Adjustable, Bottom Airflow



FreeMax Mesh ProFreeMax Mesh Pro

The FreeMax Mesh Pro is one of the best sub ohm tanks of 2019 for a number of reasons. Firstly, the Mesh Pro produces some of the best flavor possible thanks to its use of mesh coils. The increased surface area of the mesh means larger clouds, and enhanced flavor.

Secondly, the Mesh Pro is compatible with coils from the original FireLuke and FireLuke Pro sub-ohm tanks. This means that not only do you get the coil options that are designed specifically for the Mesh Pro, but you also get the option of other coils as well.

Included with the Mesh Pro are one 0.15ohm single mesh coil and one 0.2ohm double mesh coil but you also have the option of triple mesh coils as well. This means that your coil options are huge, and that you have the option of vaping at a variety of resistances and wattages. That said, the flavor is great no matter which coil you use.

The Mesh Pro is top filled for easy refilling, with a red dot to indicate where to push.

The Mesh Pro also has two large, adjustable airflow slots on the bottom of the tank and is able to be adjusted to whatever draw type you prefer. The tank capacity on the FreeMax Mesh Pro is a respectable 6ml and will last you long through your vaping day.

All around, the Mesh Pro is an amazing sub ohm tank that delivers a wide variety of coil options and wattage capabilities with incredible flavor. With the ability to fire at over 110W with the triple mesh coil, you can get some pretty massive clouds. If you’re looking for options, the FreeMax Mesh Pro is the way to go.

Available Coils0.15ohm Single Mesh (40-70W)
0.20ohm Double Mesh (60-90W)
0.15ohm Triple Mesh (80-110W)
Tank Capacity6ml
AirflowDual Wide-Slot, Adjustable, Bottom Airflow




Uwell Crown 4 IVUwell Crown 4

Sporting a sleek looking form factor with many color options available, the Uwell Crown 4 is a beauty. The iridescent, blue and purple colors are really quite unique and will add a touch of flair to your mod. But she’s not only a pretty face. The Crown 4 is the follow up to what has long and widely been considered the best sub ohm tank available, the Crown III. Now the Crown 4 looks ready to maintain that title.

The Crown 4 comes with both a 0.4ohm coil and a 0.2ohm coil, but there are also 0.25ohm  and 0.23ohm coils available. But no matter which coil you choose, the Uwell Crown 4 produces awesome flavor and the 0.25ohm coil will allow you to chuck some pretty respectable clouds.

The Crown 4 features a convenient top-fill design where you simply: unscrew the top cap, stick the nozzle of your ejuice bottle into one of the four fill holes, and fill her up! Voila! This fill system is great, because you’ll never get leaking from the top cap. The airflow on the Crown is also amazing and has three wide slots that can be adjusted to suit your preference.

With a tank capacity of 6ml you’ll be able to vape more and fill up less, and the flavor and cloud production are rated among the best you can get from a sub ohm tank. A great choice for any level of vaper.

Available Coils0.20ohm Dual SS904L Coil (70-80W)
0.23ohm Kanthal UN2 Coil (60-70W)
0.40ohm Dual SS904L Coil (60-70W)
Tank Capacity6ml
AirflowTri Wide-Slot, Adjustable, Bottom Airflow



Geekvape ZeusGeekvape Zeus Sub Ohm Tank

The Geekvape Zeus isn’t just a pretty sub-ohm tank. It’s got a 26mm base diameter, 5ml max capacity and utilizes brand-new Mesh Z coils for optimal flavor and clouds. It’s also a top airflow tank so there’s no need to worry about ejuice leaking out of the airflow slots; it’s basically leakproof.

The Zeus includes a 0.4ohm Z1 mesh coil and a 0.2ohm Z2 mesh coil. Each coil will function best at different wattages which we’ve included in a table below. Regardless of which coil you use, the flavor is up there — especially for a top airflow tank.

The stellar performance of the Zeus is due to its top-to-bottom airflow design. Airflow is immediately funneled from the top airflow holes and down through two large channels that lead straight to the coil. This stellar performance, its flavorful coils and its beautiful design are enough to earn the Geekvape Zeus a spot on our list of the best sub ohm tanks of 2019.

Available Coils0.40ohm (60-70W)
0.20ohm (70-80W)
Tank Capacity5ml
AirflowDual Wide-Slot, Adjustable Top Airflow



SMOK TFV16SMOK TFV16 Best SubOhm Tank

The SMOK TFV16 is a capable sub-ohm tank. It brings incredible clouds and flavor, as well as a dominant and beautiful tank design that is available in over a dozen different colors. The highlight of the TFV16 is its massive 9ml eliquid capacity— the largest capacity available on a sub-ohm tank.

Included with the TFV16 are two great coils: one 0.17ohm single mesh coil and one 0.12ohm dual mesh coil. The dual mesh coil delivers superb flavor and the single mesh coil isn’t too shabby either.

The filling system on the TFV16 is quite easy to use. It a locking, rotary top-fill system with one large port. The lock ensures that it won’t open in your pocket (something you don’t want to happen). The airflow on the TFV16 is smooth and satisfying and consists of super wide-slot, adjustable airflow holes. Overall, the TFV16 is a great sub-ohm tank and it sits comfortably on our list as one of the best sub-ohm tanks of 2019.

Available Coils0.17ohm Single Mesh (120W)
0.12ohm Double Mesh (120W)
0.15ohm Triple Mesh (90W)
0.2ohm Conical Mesh (60-85W)
Tank Capacity9ml
AirflowDual Wide-Slot, Adjustable Bottom Airflow



Hellvape HellbeastHellvape Hellbeast

Hellvape are no strangers to producing great vape tanks, with the Dead Rabbit and the Drop Dead being just two examples. Now, Hellvape are catering to the masses of sub-ohm tank users with their new tank, the Hellbeast. This 24mm atty is backwards compatible with a bunch of different coil types and features dual purpose airflow slots that can be adjusted for either DTL or MTL vaping.

With the Hellbeast you have the options of using a wide variety of coils. In addition to the 0.20ohm mesh coils that come with the Hellbeast, you can also use SMOK TFV8 Baby, Aspire Nautilus or Vaporesso GT coils as well! This makes the Hellbeast extremely versatile as it can be used at a wide range of resistances.

The Hellbeast is super easy to fill. The top cap slides back with a firm push and clicks into place when fully locked for extra reassurance. The fill port is wide enough to accomodate bottle nozzles or droppers and is lined with silicone for leak resistance.

There are two adjustable airflow slots on the Hellbeast which are located at the bottom of the tank. They are wide and fully adjustable and can even be adjusted for MTL use. By turning the airflow counter-clockwise, you reveal a series of 5 different sized holes. This also completely blocks off one of the airflow holes. The result is a customisable MTL airflow that functions marvelously.

Keeping with the straight-lined aesthetics of the tank, the Hellbeast doesn’t come with a bubble glass. Instead, the straight glass will hold up to 4.0ml of ejuice. This isn’t as large as most other sub-ohm tanks, and means you’ll be refilling a bit more. However, the dense clouds and awesome coil compatibility of this tank far outweigh the inconvenience of refilling more often.

For flavor & clouds at low-mid watts, the Hellbeast is the best sub ohm tank you can get. Don’t take our word for it, grab one and see for yourself.

Available Coils0.2ohm (30-90W)
SMOK TFV8 Baby Coils
Aspire Nautilus Coils
Vaporesso GT Coils
Tank Capacity4.0ml
AirflowDual Wide-Slot, Adjustable, Bottom Airflow. (MTL Option)




What is a Sub Ohm Tank?

A sub ohm tank is actually quite simple to understand. Simply put, a sub ohm tank is a tank that is meant to use premade, replaceable atomizers (coil +cotton) at less than 1.0 ohm. Sub ohm tanks are very user-friendly, and easily allow you to change the atomizers with factory-made ones that you can purchase from any reputable vape shop.

In addition to their ease of use, sub ohm tanks are also very easy to take apart and clean, have large tanks that will hold tons of ejuice, and will provide great flavor and huge clouds. All of these benefits mean that a good sub ohm tank is: low hassle, great to take on the go, and most importantly — a great performer.

Sub Ohm Tank or RDA?

While sub ohm tanks are meant to be used with factory-made, prebuilt atomizers and come with a tank that allows you to fill it with ejuice and vape away, RDAs are quite a bit different. With an RDA, you have to build your own coils with your own vape wire and cotton, and there isn’t really a “tank” like sub ohm tanks. Instead, you’ll have to drip your juice into the RDA every so often in order to continue vaping without any dry hits. If you want to learn more about RDAs you can read our article here.

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