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Lost Vape Cyborg Quest 100W Kit Review: A Kit Packed with Possibilities

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest 100W Kit



Lost Vape Cyborg Quest Kit 2
Design — 8.5
Build Quality — 8.0
Performance — 9.0
Flavor — 9.0
Features — 8.5



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Lost Vape is a company that is well known for producing great quality devices. The DNA Chipset featured in most of their mods could be considered a market leader in terms of performance and reliability. 

In 2020, Lost Vape upped their game with the introduction of the quest chip, offering all the benefits of the DNA chip with an even greater degree of control and accuracy. Lost Vape’s website is packed full of vaping ‘influencers’ extolling the virtues of the chip, and I must say, I’m inclined to agree.

The Lost Vape Cyborg Quest 100W kit could be considered an all-in-one package, offering all vapers plenty to try. Pretty much everything about the kit allows you to switch up and alter things to your liking. This includes your choice of coil, your choice of mod mode, whether you use prebuilt coils or wrap your own, and even the size of battery you install!

Lost Vape has always positioned itself as a producer of ‘high-end’ devices. The vast majority of this kit does fit with this mantra, but does it live up to the legacy of the DNA chip? 

Let’s see.

Box Contents

  • Cyborg Quest 100W Mod
  • 5ml UB PRO Pod Tank
  • 0.15ohm UB PRO P1 coil (Ni80)
  • 0.30ohm UB Pro P3 coil (SS904)
  • User Manual
  • 18650 Battery Adapter
  • Type-C USB charging cable 
  • Spare O rings
  • UB PRO RBA Deck (optional extra)


  • Size: 104mm x x32.6mm x 44.2mm
  • Battery: 21700/18650 battery compatible
  • Capacity: 5ml
  • Power Range: 5-100W
  • Temp Range: 100C – 315C/ 200F – 600F
  • Coil Compatibility: Kanthal, Nickel, Titanium, SS316, SS904
  • Modes: Power, TC, Bypass, Voltage, Custom Power Curve

Design and Build Quality: Cyborg Quest 100W Mod

  • Lost Vape Cyborg Quest Mod 3

As far as build quality goes with the mod, I’m pretty impressed. Manufacturers often tend to cheap out when providing a mod as part of a kit, but this certainly isn’t the case with Lost vape.

From an aesthetic view, Lost Vape has really nailed it with style. The word ‘cyborg’ gives the impression of something functional and futuristic, and they’ve managed to achieve exactly that. The mod is essentially a black matte tube, surrounded by a zinc exoskeleton framing the battery housing. It looks sleek and is pretty eye-catching.

The only downside when discussing design is the height of the mod. Granted, with a single 21700 battery device, you will always be limited in some way. Yet, I felt that this was just outside the realm of being pocket-friendly. With the height of the included tank plus the drip tip, sit down too quickly with this in your jeans pocket and you are going to get a surprise. 

When talking about build quality, the one word I would use to describe it is solid. 

Even without the battery fitted, the mod has a decent heft and weight. Altogether it feels well put together with no rattle. I particularly like the bottom-mounted screw-in battery door. The handle is hinged and tucks in flush. It’s really easy to remove and screws on firmly, so there is zero play in the battery. I’m pleased to see three substantial downward-pointing vent holes too, which is a battery safety feature I’d insist on with any mod that has a bypass mode.

UB PRO Pod Tank

  • Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank 3

There are things I love about the pod tank and one or two (minor) gripes that I feel could have been a little better.

The side-filling port makes the tank exceptionally easy to refill. The fill hole is easily big enough to accommodate the entirety of a 100ml ‘short fill’ bottle nozzle. As it is side-mounted, you can tip the tank on its side to take full advantage of all of the 5ml capacity. You also avoid leakage that can sometimes be caused by the pressurization effect you’ll get when screwing down a sealed top cap.

Coil installation is a breeze too. Once the coil is primed, it is literally a case of pushing it into the tank before screwing on the base. It’s simple, effective and I really like it.

There are a couple of issues that I would like to address when talking about design however.

First, the flanged rubber door used to seal the refill port. 

This has a little ‘lip’ used to pull open the stopper. I feel that this could be inadvertently pulled out (especially when lubricated with E-juice). It also gets a little messy when you plug it back in, as any stray juice tends to pool around the opening. I also feel that the rubber door could easily be pulled off completely in careless hands, which would be pretty terminal for the tank.

Also, the UP PRO Pod tank itself is made of plastic. In a high-end kit such as this, I feel it brings the overall quality down a little. The plastic tank is also a sealed unit, and there is no way to easily access the tank’s interior. I like to give my tanks the occasional clean and prefer not to mix even the smallest amount of juice. Achieving this with this tank is difficult.

While you gain a little in terms of ease, it would have been perfect if this tank had been made of glass, with a removable top cap and top filling.

The tank’s base houses an airflow ring that can be rotated through 360 degrees with no stopper. When I first tried the tank, this ring was pretty firm. However, it became a little loose once it had acquired a thin layer of e-juice. Some might say (myself included) that it turned just a little too easily.

All of the above said, and as you will see, it is still a solid performer.

RBA Deck

  • Lost Vape UB PRO RBA Deck

The RBA deck is actually a hidden gem. It is sold separately from the kit. It is a refreshing change in a world dominated by mesh, huge multi-builds, and coils that wouldn’t look out of place in Nikola Tesla’s lab. It is incredibly simple to build on, and wicking is easy too. Once you have assembled and screwed in your coil, it is simply a case of putting in enough cotton, trimming it, and attaching the collar. From there, you just push it into the tank, just as you would with pre-built coils. 

It has two Phillips-style grub screws, and the holes for the legs have substantial room underneath, meaning you don’t have to trim your coil legs down to nubs before inserting them.

Cyborg Quest 100W FeaturesLost Vape Cyborg Quest Features

The Cyborg Quest mod itself is an absolute joy in terms of features. It is wide enough to accommodate a 30mm atomizer without any overhang whatsoever, making it an ideal choice for those with wider tanks.

One great feature is adaptability in terms of battery size. When used ‘as is’, the mod is designed to house a 21700 battery; however, the kit includes a 18650 adaptor, meaning you can use two battery sizes in the same mod.

Others have complained about the threaded battery door, but I think it is a great feature. Your battery is held safe and secure with no risk of it ever coming out (unlike with other mods that have a magnetic panel that can tend to spring off). 

A nice feature is the spring-loaded 510 pin. This means that you’ll always get consistent contact regardless of what tank you elect to use with the device.

The menu navigation, in particular, is something that Lost Vape needs to be commended for. 

As a user of other ‘high-end’ mods, the number of settings and how you access them can sometimes be challenging. 

I’d go as far as to say it has one of the best user interfaces I’ve seen. Using the three selection buttons (up, down, and select), you’ll be able to alter items on the ‘front page’ or additionally via the access menus. Speaking of which, there are no ‘hidden’ menus or features. You’ll find the settings exactly where you’d expect them to be. 

You also get plenty of customization options. You are be able to:

  • Change the mode, including power and temperature
  • Alter the screen color (with six vibrant options)
  • Save custom power curves and user profiles
  • Add a ‘boost’ to the initial fire up
  • Observe (and easily reset) puff count

The 5ml tank has plenty of capacity, meaning you refill less often. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the rubber gasket-style door, it does make refilling a quick affair.

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest 100W Button Combinations

  • Turn device off or on: Press fire button 5 consecutive times
  • Keylock/unlock Device: Hold select +/- button together
  • Reset puff counter: Press “-“ button 5 times. Press select to reset.
  • Change vaping mode: Press “-“ then select. Use “+/-“ buttons to switch between options
  • Adjust temperature or watts: Press “-“ twice. Press select. Use “+/-“ buttons to adjust.

PerformanceLost Vape Cyborg Quest Kit 6

I feel it prudent to state that any minor criticisms above are exactly that.


Overall, I actually felt that this was a really great kit. One can often find that with increased options comes increased complexity. I’m pleased to report that this was not the case in my Lost Vape Cyborg Quest 100W kit review. 

Simply put, it is a joy to use.

It took me all of about 2 minutes before I was blowing some dense and pretty flavorful clouds from receiving the kit. I love how easy the coils are to install, and navigating the menu to get it to ‘dialled in’ takes seconds literally. 

And when I say, ‘flavorful’, I really mean it. 

So, why only a ‘9.0’ for flavor? One reason and one reason only, the included drip tip. It is just a little too long. Had they included a stubbier drip tip, I’d have easily given this a ’10’. But this is something easily fixed.

The response from the mod is instantaneous. Without even touching the power curves or ‘boost’ settings, it performed exceptionally well. Press the button, instant firing. It’s that simple.

The stock coils came in absolutely bang on the denoted resistance. And they work really well with the suggested power ranges too. I started with the 0.15ohm NI80 coil. After priming, I cranked it straight up to 70W before letting it rip. The draw from the coil and tank was smooth, instantaneous without any turbulence or excessive noise. I’m normally dubious of going up to 90W, fearing the dreaded dry hit. However, I was met with a crackly, saturated vape that was absolutely packed with flavor (custard flavor, if you were wondering).

I was also pleased to note that there was no evidence of battery sag. Granted, vaping on a single battery at 90W is going to limit your battery life. Still, the chip evidently accounts for this, meaning you don’t suddenly drop from, say, 90% battery to 40% every time you take a hit.

After finishing the tank (perhaps a little too quickly), I unplugged the 0.15ohm coil and went straight to the 0.3ohm SS904, intending to test the Quest chip’s temperature control capabilities.

And I was delighted.

My normal MO is to go for around 45W and 440 degrees F. That just wasn’t going to cut it, and the vape was far too cool. Lost vape recommends between 60-70W and 500F – 550F as an optimal setting, so I duly obliged. I couldn’t have been happier with the results.

Essentially you could inhale on this setting until your lungs can go no further. Other TC mods I’ve tried in the past reach that annoying point where they stop completely and do a sort of rippling, pulsing, binary-style ‘off and on’. With the Cyborg Quest 100W mod, this wasn’t the case. It backs off slightly but moderates the temperature exactly to the desired setting. 

Depressing the fire button without pulling proved this. The mod kept firing and firing in a steady hiss. Observing the screen while doing this, the temperature stayed rock solid on 540F, not below, not above, right on. 

RBA Deck Performance

My final test was to put the UB PRO RBA deck through its paces. Being a huge fan of rebuildable tanks, I was intrigued as to what it would offer compared to the stock (mesh) coils. Again, I was suitably pleased.

I installed one of the supplied nichrome Clapton coils, which gave a reading of 0.5ohms. The wicking was just a case of inserting, fluffing, and trimming the wicks before securing using the supplied collar. After priming, I went straight up to 50W. 

I normally like a ‘poppy’ vape when using a build deck, and I wasn’t disappointed. The flavor was slightly shy of the stock coils, but not by much. I was met with a pleasing crackle followed by a dense cloud that could easily match bigger builds. There was no spit-back either. I pushed the coil all the way up to 70W, and while hotter, there was no evidence of a dry hit, even with a repeated ‘chain vape’.

AirflowLost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank 1

The airflow on the tank is another area of particular note. It was smooth and absolutely free from any turbulence. There is a very slight amount of resistance, but in no way is it restrictive. Because the airflow ring turns fairly freely, it is pretty easy to get to your desired setting. 

My one criticism is that the AFC ring turns maybe a little too easily. Once or twice, I ended up switching to MTL mode, as the ring had inadvertently shifted to almost fully closed. I found that the flavor was much stronger if I closed the ring halfway without the vape being too restricted.


  • Lost Vape Cyborg Quest Kit 2

I’m normally not a fan of kits, preferring to customize my way to vaping nirvana, but as my Lost Vape Cyborg Quest 100W kit review should show, they can actually be exemplary performers. I’m pleased to say that Lost Vape has retained its crown as a supplier of some of the most advanced mods around. The Cyborg Quest 100W is a pleasure to use, with enough simplicity for beginners but with just enough advanced features to keep experienced vapers happy.

When paired with the UB Pro Pod tank, it is a force to be reckoned with. You have the option of using stock coils in both power and TC mode or building your own easily on the neat little deck. The only cons to this kit are all relatively minor, and this has become my daily driver, at least for the time being. Great job, Lost Vape. You’ve really nailed it!


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Jamie Gann

Jamie is a Staff Writer for Versed Vaper with nearly 10 years of industry experience. After being a smoker for several years, Jamie discovered vaping when a friend bought him his first setup. Before joining the team, he spent three years as the Manager of a local vape shop, gaining practical experience with everything from pod vapes to rebuildable atomizers. He has also previously worked as a freelance writer for other tech and vaping media websites. Jamie now uses his knowledge and experience to educate others through his reviews. You’ll find Jamie on the weekend, toolkit in hand, surrounded by box mods, wicks, and wires, trying to get the perfect cloud.

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