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Lost Vape Ursa Mini Pod Kit Review: A Great All-Around Pod Vape

Lost Vape Ursa Mini



Lost Vape Ursa Mini 3
Design — 10.0
Build Quality — 10.0
Pod & Coils — 9.0
Performance — 9.0
Flavor —9.0
Battery Life — 7.0



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The Ursa Mini Pod Kit from Lost Vape is the latest in their Quest line of devices. While Lost Vape are known for high-end devices with DNA chips like the Lost Vape Centaurus and Orion Plus, their Quest Line is made up of more affordably priced devices. This doesn’t mean that they’re not good devices, though. In fact, the majority of the Quest devices that we’ve reviewed here on Versed Vaper have proven to be great (although there were a few that didn’t fare so well).

The Ursa Mini is the smaller brother to the Ursa Multi Kit that Daniel reviewed a couple of months back. It retains a similar design but is now much smaller and lighter. As opposed to the high power of the Ursa Multi Kit, the Ursa Mini is a low powered pod vape that will fire up to 30W and it packs a 1200mAh internal battery that charges through Type-C charging. 

This device was sent to me directly by Lost Vape for the purpose of this review.

Box ContentsLost Vape Ursa Mini Box Contents

  • 1 x Ursa Mini Pod Device
  • 1 x Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x 0.4Ω UB Lite L1 Coil
  • 1 x 1.0Ω UB Lite L6 Coil
  • 1 x User Manual


  • Zinc Alloy & Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 30.7mm x 26mm x 107.22 mm
  • 3ml Pod Capacity
  • Battery: 1200mAh Internal Battery
  • Power range: 5 – 30W
  • 0.69” Display
  • Uses UB Lite Coils

Design & Build Quality

  • Lost Vape Ursa Mini 1

The Ursa Mini keeps the same sort of design that we’ve seen on the Ursa Multi Kit and Lost Vape Grus. It’s made of zinc alloy and stainless steel and has a tall and slim shape with panels on both sides. I really liked the design of the Grus and Ursa Multi so I’m glad that they stuck with the same design here.

But this is the Ursa ‘Mini’ after all so it’s nowhere near as large as its older brothers. It stands at 107mm tall and it is 26mm wide and about 31mm deep. It’s also surprisingly light so it feels nice in the hand. It has a little bit of weight to it so that it doesn’t feel cheap, but it isn’t heavy at all.

There are 8 color combinations for the Ursa Mini. These will each get you a different panel design and a different body color. I received the “Crystal Cream” color which has a brushed silver frame and silver panels with shiny accents. The panels on my unit almost feel like they’re made of a smooth fabric which is cool. I think that it looks very nice.

The branding is really subtle and not in your face at all. Lost Vape is printed in small lettering on one side of the frame and Ursa Mini on the other. Aside from this branding and the panels, the rest of the Ursa Mini is smooth and plain. I think that the shape and design are enough to make it a good looking device; there’s no need to go overboard with designs and logos. I say good job to Lost Vape with the design.

At the top of the Ursa Mini, just below where the pod sits, is an airflow control ring. This ring works on a stopper and has vertical lines cut into it for grip. The ring turns very smoothly and has just the right amount of resistance where it will stay where it’s set, but will not turn by accident. 

The airflow setup is made of 4 holes on each side of the AFC ring; 1 large hole and 3 successively smaller holes. This gives you the option of a more open draw when using the lower resistance UB Lite coils, or you can restrict it down to use the MTL-oriented coils. I’ll get more into the airflow in my performance section.

There are 3 buttons on the front side of the Ursa Mini. All of the buttons are made of plastic. The fire button is square while the adjustment buttons are long and slim with rounded edges. All of the buttons are very tactile and responsive. 

The 0.69” display is dated looking but it works well. It’s nice and bright and easy to read, it just looks very old school. Still, I like the simplicity and that it does what it’s supposed to do and that’s give you basic information. Unfortunately, there’s no battery percentage indicator on the screen.Lost Vape Ursa Mini Pod

The pod is held in place with magnets and it’s very secure. There’s a little bit of wiggle if you try moving the pod but none during regular use. The pod has quite a dark tint to it so it can be hard to see your remaining ejuice if there’s not enough light. However, holding it up to a light source lets you easily see how much ejuice you have left.

The fill port on the pod is on the underside so you have to remove it to refill. It’s plugged by a rubber plug that seems to work well. I haven’t had any ejuice leak out whatsoever so it’s definitely doing its job.

The drip tip on the pod is not removable and seems to be 510 sized. A swappable 510 drip tip would have been nice.

The design and build quality of the Ursa Mini are just as good as it’s older brother, the Ursa Multi. The appearance and finish of the frame and panels are very attractive and give the Ursa Mini a classy look. As a whole package it just feels like a quality product that is very well made. 

CoilsLost Vape Ursa Mini Coils

The Ursa Mini uses Lost Vape’s UB Lite coils, the same coils used by the UB Lite Pod Kit. Included with the kit are a 0.4Ω UB Lite L1 coil (20-30W) and a 1.0Ω UB Lite L6 coil (10-15W). These coils just push fit into the bottom of the pod. Just be aware that you have to line up the flat sides of the coil for it to line up properly and fit all the way in.

In addition to the two coils that come with the kit, you can also get two other coils: a 0.8Ω UB Lite L3 coil (12-17W) and a 1.4Ω UB Lite L5 Coil (8-10W). This gives you two options for MTL vaping and two coil options for DL vaping. The 0.8Ω, 1.0Ω, and 1.4Ω coil can all be used for vaping nicotine salts. I have all of these coils on hand so I will be going over each of them in the performance section.

Battery Life & ChargingLost Vape Ursa Mini 5

The Ursa Mini has a 1200mAh internal battery that is non-removable. For the size of this device I was expecting a larger battery but it turns out that for lower wattage vaping this battery does just fine. When using the lower wattage MTL coils at up to 15W, I always got at least a day of use, usually a day and a half. But with the 0.4Ω coil at 30W the battery life was nowhere near as good and tended to die before the day was half way through. 

The Type-C charging port is located on the bottom of the Ursa Mini so you have to lay it down on its side to charge. While charging, the screen displays a battery icon animation but it doesn’t give any actual info as to what the charge level is or how long it will take. Charging times are a little long; I timed an hour and 10 minutes for a full charge.

PerformanceLost Vape Ursa Mini 6

The Ursa Mini isn’t about giving you every feature and option possible in a pod vape. No, this is a device that is meant to reliably produce vapor and good flavor — that’s it. You can lock the adjustment buttons by holding up and the fire button and clear the puff counter by holding the down and fire button. Other than that, there are no settings or menus to worry about. What you get with the Ursa Mini is a simple and small vaping device.

I have the following coils that I will be going over:

  • – 0.4Ω UB Lite L1 coil (20-30W) 
  • – 0.8Ω UB Lite L3 coil (12-17W)
  • – 1.0Ω UB Lite L6 coil (10-15W)
  • – 1.4Ω UB Lite L5 Coil (8-10W)

Starting off with the 0.4Ω coil, this is a DL coil. It has a range of 20-30W but I always used it at the maximum of 30W which was not good for battery life. This was where I got the best flavor from this coil though and where the coil felt like it was performing at its best. I used a 6mg, 80VG ejuice with this coil and the flavor is better than I was expecting it to be. Wide open airflow gives a nice DL draw that can be cut down to a restricted DL. It’s not completely wide open and airy even on the most open airflow setting though so it might not satisfy those who like very airy draws. Other than that, this coil is amazing.

The 0.8Ω coil is sort of a dual use coil. It can be used for RDL vaping or for a loose MTL vape depending how you set the airflow. It can also be used with either regular ejuices or nic salts. Being a sort of dual use coil, it shouldn’t surprise you that it doesn’t do excellent for either use. It’s not a bad coil but it’s just not as good as it could be if the resistance was changed just a little more up or a little more down. I found 15W to be perfect no matter what ejuice I used, but I kept the airflow open for regular nic ejuices and closed it down when using nic salts.

The 1.0Ω coil was my personal favorite of the four. I set it to 13.5W and loaded up my 30mg nic salt and the vape is just heavenly. It’s a great mouth to lung vape with just one or two holes open. This can be opened up to a looser MTL draw by opening up the airflow even more. Flavors from my ejuice are individually discernible with this coil and that’s not something that can be said about every pod vape/coil. 

Last and also least is the 1.4Ω. This coil has a very small range of 8-10W. Honestly, I found this coil to be disappointing. The vapor is very cool, even at 10W, and the draw feels very weak. With nicotine salts I expect to get a full draw but that wasn’t happening from this coil. Lack of flavor and a weak draw are the key points of the 1.4Ω coil.


The pros of this kit far outweigh the few cons that I found. The Ursa Mini is a light and compact pod vape that delivers on flavor and can be used for either MTL, RDL, or DL vaping depending on the coil that you use. It isn’t the most full featured device on the market, far from it, but it provides what most people are looking for in a vape — good performance and flavor. The good looks and nice design are a nice bonus, too.


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  • Hi, am enjoying Ursa Mini vape my brother gifted to me, was wondering if the Ubelite coils are cleanable or recyclable, tried cleaning one for reuse but wasn’t a clean Vape like before.