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Voopoo Drag X Plus & Pro Edition Review: Fantastic Single Battery Mods

Voopoo Drag X Plus Pro



Drag X Plus Professional Edition and Drag X Plus
Design — 10.0
Build Quality — 10.0
Features — 8.0
Performance — 9.0
Flavor (TPP Tank) — 9.0



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The Voopoo Drag X Plus is a single battery mod that has just been released alongside the Drag 3. It’s the update to the Drag X of 2020 and it brings with it a few new changes over its predecessor. One big change is that the Drag X Plus has a 510 connector. It can also take a 21700, 20700, or 18650 battery and will fire up to 100W — a 20W increase over the Drag X.

In addition to the upgrades, the Drag X Plus Kit comes with Voopoo’s new TPP (Tank Pod Push) tank. This pod-style tank comes with a 510 adapter that allows it to be used on the Drag X Plus and any other mod with a 510 connector. This TPP Tank is also compatible with previous Voopoo pod mods like the Argus, Argus Pro, Argus X, Drag Max, Drag X, & Drag S. Likewise, the 510 adapter allows you to use PnP pod tanks with the Drag X Plus.

EDIT 08/03/2021:
Voopoo has just released the Drag X Plus Professional Edition which fixes the main complaint that people had about the Drag X Plus — the lack of a boost/buck chip. The Drag X Plus Professional Edition features a boost circuit that allows it to output up to 8.5V. Other than this (much needed) change, it is exactly the same as the Drag X Plus and everything that I mention in this review still applies to both devices. I was sent the new Drag X Plus Pro edition to update this review.

These devices were sent to me by Voopoo for the purpose of this review.

Box Contents

  • Drag X Plus Professional Edition Box Contents
    Drag X Plus Professional Edition

Drag X Plus Professional Edition

  • 1 x Drag X Plus Professional Edition Device
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Drag X Plus Kit

  • 1 x Drag X Plus Device
  • 1 x TPP Pod Tank
  • 1 x TPP DM1 0.15ohm Coil
  • 1 x TPP DM2 0.20ohm Coil
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual


Voopoo Drag X Plus Mod

  • Gene.Fan 2.0 Chipset
  • Single 21700/20700/18650 Battery Mod
  • 100W Maximum Wattage Output
  • Adjustable Wattage
  • Smart, Power & TC Modes
  • 510 Connector
  • 4.2V Maximum Voltage Output
  • Compatible with TPP and PnP Tanks (Using the TPP 510 Adapter)

Voopoo Drag X Plus Professional Edition Mod

  • Same as above, but can output up to 8.5V

TPP Pod Tank

  • 5.5ml Capacity
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 510 Adapter Can Take PnP Tanks

Design & Build Quality

  • Drag X Plus Professional Edition 1
    Drag X Plus Professional Edition

The Drag X Plus looks more or less the same as the Drag X. Aside from the 510 connector and the lack of an airflow control knob, there are no radical design changes and the two devices look nearly identical.

The Drag X Plus keeps the same clean metal frame and sleek design lines as the original. But because it has a 510 connector instead of a pod connection, the Drag X Plus is noticeably shorter than the Drag X. This compact size makes it very portable, and even with a battery installed it’s not too heavy. 

Wrapped by the zinc alloy frame is a gorgeous leather pad. There are five options: Marsala, Prussian Blue, Sandy Brown, Smoky Grey, and Classic. The Marsala, Sandy Brown, and Classic options come with a gunmetal colored frame, while the Smoky Grey and Prussian Blue come with a silver colored frame. All five of these look great but I’m loving the smooth, dark red leather on my Marsala review unit. 

‘DRAG X PLUS’ is stamped in a large font on the pad and I think it looks really cool. The leather pad is cushiony and feels very high quality. This cushion adds to the comfort of holding and using the Drag X Plus. The look and feel of the leather pad and the sleek zinc alloy frame make the Drag X Plus look and feel like a premium device. The build quality is exceptional; it’s hard to find anything wrong with it and I’m quite nit-picky!

  • Drag X Plus Professional Edition 3
    Drag X Plus Professional Edition

In place of a pod tank connection, the Drag X Plus has a traditional 510 connector. This means that it can be used with any 510 tank, just like any other single battery box mod. The 510 connector plate is raised just a slightest bit though and so tanks don’t sit completely flush. This isn’t very noticeable but if you’re like me then it’s going to bug you. On a positive note, this should keep tanks from scratching up the top of the device. On the back side of the mod, just below the 510 connector, is a small metal “DRAG” nameplate. 

The screen is a large, full-color display that is bright and crisp. It’s the same size as the one on the Drag X and it has a similar UI but the corny “score” system is gone (good riddance!). The UI is actually the same as the Drag 3 and displays a battery life indicator, your mode, wattage, a puff counter, voltage, coil resistance, and puff time.

The power and adjustment buttons are round with a shiny silver accent ring. They all feel good and work nicely. The battery door on the Drag X Plus slides out and then opens up. It’s a spring-loaded door and it works well. Unlike the door on the Drag 3, the battery door here is not floppy at all and feels firm and solid.

I’m glad that Voopoo didn’t change too much from the design of the Drag X. I like this look, size, and shape. It’s a good looking device that feels premium. The portable size and weight are perfect for an everyday device. 

Features & FunctionsVoopoo Drag X Plus 11

The Drag X Plus uses the Gene.Fan 2.0 chipset; the same chip used by the Drag 3. This chip allows the Drag X Plus to fire from 5-100W and brings Smart mode, RBA (standard Wattage) mode, and TC modes. 

Smart mode is meant for use with the included TPP tank or Voopoo’s PnP tanks, with TPP or PnP coils. In Smart mode the wattage is restricted to the max wattage rating of the coil to prevent you from burning it. Smart mode also automatically sets the mod to the ideal wattage for your coil when you insert the pod. This is great for new vapers who aren’t sure how high they should set the wattage and also prevents the mod from accidentally being set too high.

RBA mode works like your standard wattage mode and is for use with other non-Voopoo subohm tanks and RBAs. In RBA mode you can set the wattage as high as you like with no restrictions. To switch modes press the fire button three times. 

Out of the box the Drag X Plus only comes with Smart mode and RBA mode enabled. If you want to use TC then you’ll have to download the Voopoo software program and Drag X Plus firmware update from their support page. (EDIT: It appears that Voopoo have removed this software update from their website. You can download the TCR update from our Google Drive here.)

After downloading both, plug your Drag X Plus into your computer and run the Voopoo configuration program. Select ‘Upgrade’ from the panel on the upper left hand side and then hit ‘Choose’ on the upper right hand side of the screen. Select the Drag X Plus firmware that you downloaded and then hit ‘Download(U)’. Your Drag X Plus will turn off as the firmware update is installed. Once it’s complete you can unplug your Drag X Plus. You now have TC mode!

There are 3 TC modes: NI, TI, and SS. When you’re in TC mode you can scroll all the way down to change from F° to C° and vice versa. You can hold both adjustment buttons to enter the TC configuration menu where you can change the TCR value, adjust the wattage, and set the coil resistance.

You can select from two UI’s: Iron (portrait orientation) or Core (landscape orientation). They both look very similar but the ‘Core’ UI looks a bit more high-tech and futuristic. I don’t have a real preference as I think they both look neat but I found myself using the ‘Iron’ portrait UI most of the time.

Drag X Plus Button Combinations

  • Power On or Off: Press the fire button 5 times.
  • Switch Modes: Press the fire button 3 times.
  • Change UI: Hold both adjustment buttons to bring up the UI menu. Then use the adjustment buttons to select the UI you desire. Hold the fire button to confirm.
  • Lock/Unlock All Buttons (Including the Fire Button): Hold the fire button and top adjustment button together.
  • Reset Puff Counter: Hold the fire button and bottom adjustment button together.
  • Open TC Settings Menu: Hold both adjustment buttons while in TC mode. Here you can change the TCR value, adjust the wattage, and set the coil resistance.

TPP Tank

  • Voopoo Drag 3 TPP Tank 2

The TPP (Tank Pod Push) Tank is Voopoo’s new tank and it’s an extremely versatile one. It’s a pod-style tank that is compatible with the Argus, Argus Pro, Argus X, Drag Max, Drag X & Drag S. It also comes with a 510 adapter that allows it to be used on the Drag X Plus and any other mod with a 510 connector. Additionally, this 510 adapter is also compatible with Voopoo’s PnP tanks so you can use them on the Drag X Plus or on other 510 mods as well. The Drag X Plus and TPP Tank come with two new TPP coils: a DM1 0.15ohm coil and a DM2 0.20ohm coil.

The TPP Tank matches and compliments the look of the Drag X Plus. The TPP Tank looks like the PnP tanks, only it’s larger and has a metal plate that surrounds the drip tip. The 510 adapter that it sits in features a band of knurling and two bands of etched lines that run along the airflow control ring. The metal plate around the drip tip and 510 adapter match the color of the Drag X Plus: if you get one with a silver frame it will be silver, if your Drag X Plus has a black frame then it will be black.

The drip tip is wide bore and removable. The tank will hold up to 5.5ml of ejuice and is bottom filled through a port on the bottom of the tank. The port is deep and so is the rubber bung that plugs it. Coils push into the bottom of the tank.

Depending on the coil that you use you can go from a direct lung draw with the airflow open, down to a restricted lung hit with the airflow nearly closed up. With the wide bore of the drip tip and the large size of this pod tank, the TPP Tank will work best with DL coils for DL vaping. If you want a MTL vape you’re better off with the MTL PnP tank.

PerformanceVoopoo Drag X Plus 5

The Drag X Plus and TPP Tank come with two TPP coils: 

  • 1 x DM1 0.15ohm coil (60-80W)
  • 1 x DM2 0.20ohm coil (40-60W)

Voopoo says that these coils have a larger surface area inside the coil and also heat up faster. The 0.15ohm coil is supposed to be used from 60-80W and Voopoo says that it’s best from 65-75W. At 65W I get warm vapor and a good amount of flavor but it feels like it can be better. Increasing the wattage to 70W makes the vapor a little warmer, more to my liking, and the flavor gets better too. Vaping at 75-80W the vapor is hot and the flavor is not that much better than it is at 70W. My preferred wattage for this coil is 70W because you get the best flavor from the coil and the vapor is nice and warm.

The 0.20ohm coil is supposed to be used from 40-60W and best from 50-55W. This coil has even better flavor and gives a really nice vape at 55W. 40W is much too cool and flavor is seriously lacking at this wattage. 50W is warmer but still on the cool side of things but the flavor is noticeably better. 55W is the sweet spot for warm vapor and nice flavor. 60W is warmer but still not hot. If you like a hotter vape I would suggest using the 0.15ohm coil. But if you like a warm vape then this coil is the one to use.

Although good performers, these coils leaked some ejuice even with 80VG. I didn’t have any messes or ejuice pouring out of the airflow holes but ejuice collected in the base of the airflow control ring. It was never a substantial amount of ejuice but enough to be noticeable and to warrant mentioning.

The Drag X Plus has been a good, reliable mod to use. In Smart mode it accurately detects the resistance of the coil and sets the limits accordingly. I did have a few instances where it read the resistance wrong but this was infrequent and easily corrected by lifting the pod out and putting it back in. 

Wattage mode works as it should. It fires instantly and delivers consistent power. However, the Drag X Plus is limited by its maximum voltage of 4.2V. This maximum voltage output means that unless you’re using a coil with a resistance of 0.18Ω or lower, you’re not going to be able to achieve the full 100W output. Any coil with a resistance higher than 0.18Ω will be limited by this 4.2V max output. For example, with a 0.3Ω coil the maximum wattage you can achieve is going to be 58.80W. In some ways, this makes the Drag X Plus like a mechanical mod that is limited by the maximum voltage of the battery. All this is to say that the Drag X Plus does not have a boost circuit which is disappointing to say the least.

Temperature Control mode is good with this mod. TCR for stainless steel only goes down to 1000 so this is the value I used for SS316L. While it can be inconsistent at times, it’s very usable and never once gave me a dry hit. It’s not the best TC out there by any means but I don’t mind using it at all.

EDIT 08/03/2021:
The Drag X Plus ‘Professional Edition’ fixes the above mentioned voltage output issues. It features a boost circuit that allows it to output up to 8.5V. You won’t notice a difference until you use a coil with a greater resistance than 0.18Ω, but when you do, it’s a noticeable difference. 

For example, when I used a 0.30Ω coil that works best in the 75-85W range, you can tell that the voltage output is there on the Drag X Plus Pro Edition. Using this same RDA and coil on the ‘regular’ Drag X Plus doesn’t get the same strength of a draw. It’s for coils with resistances and wattage ranges like these that the Drag X Plus Pro really shines. To be honest, this is how the Drag X Plus should have been from the beginning so I’m glad that Voopoo released this updated mod to correct the voltage issue.

Aside from the boost circuit the Drag X Plus Pro functions just as reliably as the original. The lack of boost circuit was the only real issue in an otherwise great mod so this update makes the Drag X Plus Pro a real winner in my books.

VerdictDrag X Plus Professional Edition and Drag X Plus

The Drag X Plus is just like the Drag 3, only it’s more compact, takes a single battery, and only fires up to 100W. That is to say that the Drag X Plus is a very good single battery mod. It’s one that I look forward to using, if not for the sheer reliability and versatility, then for the good looks and comfortable hand feel. The TPP tank & 510 adapter gives plenty of options for how you use the device (PnP tanks are compatible using the 510 adapter) so I would highly recommend picking up the kit. 

If you liked the Drag X but wish that it had a 510 connector, the Drag X Plus is everything you wanted and more. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new single battery mod.

EDIT 08/03/2021
With the release of the Drag X Plus Pro, there’s really no reason to purchase the original Drag X Plus. Pick yourself up the Drag X Plus Professional and you have a solid mod that performs just as good as it looks. It’s the same mod, but made better with the addition of a boost circuit.


Adam Alhiraki Author Picture 1

Adam Alhiraki

Adam is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of Versed Vaper. Originally a smoker, he started vaping in 2013 and has been completely smoke-free since 2015. With over a decade of personal experience and more than five years of professional experience in testing and reviewing vaping products, his oversight ensures that Versed Vaper provides genuine, honest, and accurate information that you can rely on. Adam loves trying as many different tanks, mods, and ejuices as he can get his hands on and he has tested and/or tried the vast majority of vaping products to hit the market since 2018. When he's not reviewing, researching, or writing, you can find him watching tennis, PC gaming, or playing with his three mischievous cats.


  • I have the voopoo drag x plus but I have a problem with my VOLTAGE.. my VOLTAGE will not go pass 3.71v even if I turn my WATTAGE up to 60w,70w & even 100w it still reads 3.71 maximum so there’s no point upping the wattage for more power coz it don’t work.. I use Samsung 21700 battery’s and tried other batterys but don’t work.. can anyone HELP ME TO FIX THIS ISSUE as I can’t vape as I need over 4.00 Voltage to run my Voopoo rta with alien wire for my coil.. is my NEW VOOPOO DRAG X PLUS FAULTY.. Regards Richard

    • The Drag X Plus does not have a boost circuit and so it will only output up to a maximum of 4.2V, which is disappointing if you’re using higher resistance builds (0.18Ω+).

      • Do you know if this can be fixed with a firmware update eventually or is it hardware issue and we stuck with this problem..

        • Unfortunately I think that this is a hardware limitation due to the Drag X Plus lacking a boost circuit. I don’t believe that a software update will be able to fix this.

    • Hey James.

      You’re totally right on this one. I had misinterpreted the information Voopoo provided as the TPP tank & 510 adapter being compatible with all PnP tanks and coils when it really meant just the tanks. This information has been corrected. Really sorry about this error!

        • Personally, I don’t think so because the Drag X Plus lacks a boost circuit so it only outputs up to 4.2V. The Boost can put out up to 12V so it’s actually a much better mod for mid to high resistance coils (anything above 0.2ohm)

  • Hi Adam, Are the following Sub-ohm tanks compatible with the drag x plus? And which one would you recommend please?

    1. Geek Vape: Zeus Sub-ohm tank
    2. Freemax M Pro 2
    3. Vaporesso NRG-S
    4. uWell 5
    5. Wotofo Nexmesh Pro

    • Hey there Sam! Any of those sub-ohm tanks that you listed will work with the Drag X Plus. To be honest, those are all highly recommended tanks but my personal favorites for flavor are the M Pro 2 and Nexmesh Pro. You can’t go wrong with either!

      • Hi, What coils would I need for the Nexmesh please, and I gather they would work with my Voodoo Drag xPlus

        • The NexMesh Pro comes two coils and they’re both really good. Those are the 0.15Ω coil and the 0.20Ω coil. Yes, that tank and those coils will work with the Drag X Plus!

  • Hi I was just wondering if you knew if they were coming out with different colors like the original Drag x did. I don’t want to go out and buy it if there going to come out with an all black one later down the line.

  • Hello. Where can I get firmware for Drag x plus with tcr support? On the official voopoo support page is on factory version of the firmware.

    • I’m not sure why Voopoo would remove that software update from their website. That’s really odd. I’ve uploaded the file to our google drive, you can download it here.

      • I was already starting to question my sanity. That TCR fw is nowhere to be found…

        Thanks a lot for the upload!

    • I would say the Aegis Max because the Drag X Plus lacks a boost circuit so it only outputs up to 4.2V. The Max can put out up to 8V so it’s actually a much better mod for mid to high resistance coils (anything above 0.2ohm)

  • I saw this review and the release of the X Plus Pro and as an owner of the original X Plus my doubt is: I just can’t get decente flavor with any RDA or RTA, I only got good flavor with the original TPP Tank. I tryed single, dual and mesh coils from 0.15 to 0.3 ohms. Would this lack of flavor be caused by the absence of this boost circuit in the original X Plus? Is it possible to get good flavor from a Rebuildable with some single battery device like the new X Plus Pro or something like the aegis solo or do I really need a dual battery mod to get the flavor of a coilhead on a rebuildable atomizer?

    • I don’t think that the flavor issue is due to the lack of boost circuit. You definitely can get good flavor from a single battery device with an RDA, it really depends on how you build and the resistance. Your 0.15Ω build and any build under 0.18Ω would get the max 100W from the Drag X Plus. Anything higher resistance build would not be able to get the full 100W but, for example, on a 0.30Ω coil you would not need that much wattage anyhow.

      It could come down to how you are wicking your rebuildables, the cotton you are using, or even how your coils are positioned on the deck. I would say to just keep practicing your builds and you will get it eventually!

    • I just tried this and it will not allow you to upgrade the Pro with the TCR software for the Drag X Plus

  • Hello my friend. I bought drag x plus pro and i wanted to test tc mode. But I’m afraid the company took it off the site for some reason. Do you think I have any risk of damaging my mod using the update you provided? How long have you used it? It’s strange that they removed it from the site.

    • I just tried this and it will not allow you to upgrade the Pro with the TCR software for the Drag X Plus

      • I am almost certain that the software for the professional version will not be available I suspect that the professional version is the same and differs only in software. And it is certainly not desirable to find out.

      • Just tried that too, with the same (dissapointing) result. I actually received a Pro even though I ordered a non-pro and I was quite happy at first…

  • Great review, especially appreciate the follow-up revisions. I will note that even though you point out the confusing naming conventions in both this and the other relevant reviews — namely Drag X Plus vs. Drag X Pro vs. Drag X Plus Professional (Pro) — it there are still some instances where you don’t use the full correct term for this particular vape. It honestly ended up with me getting the X Pro thinking it was the same as this one, and then I had to come back and compare this and your colleague Danielle’s review for clarification.

    Another suggestion would be a comparison of the X Pro and the X Plus Pro: besides the magnetic pod / 510 thread connection change, there are other feature differences worth exploring (chip, UI & buttons, etc.). Thanks for the great work!

    • You are absolutely right about me not using the correct name in some places (I used Drag X Pro instead of Drag X Plus Pro in some instances). This has been corrected. Terribly sorry for the confusion!

  • Hey i wanted to ask is drag x plus professional supporting a customize option in software like changing text of a screen or smh like that.

  • Hi, I had a question. If I purchase the Drag X Plus Professional Edition, that comes with a TPP tank, can I use the PnP X Pods (New ones with the top fill) in the same adapter? Will it fit the tank or do I need to purchase anything else? Thank you! Great review btw.

  • I’ve had a VooPoo Drag X Plus for about 6 months and it periodically shuts down on its own. I don’t recall seeing in the manual any reference to a “sleep” mode and was wondering if there is such a thing, or could it be malfunctioning?

  • Please suggest a device for free base liquid with external 18700/21700 battery. Currently using Smok RPM80 Pro.

  • I couldn’t used my vap (DRAG X PLUS) . It show me the battery is empty even if it is full. I try other battery but still problem.

    The massage in the vap is Chek the battery.

    It’s still new.

    Thank you