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Lost Vape Ursa Nano Review: Worth Picking Up?

Lost Vape Ursa Nano



Lost Vape Ursa Nano 8
Design — 9.0
Build Quality — 9.5
Pods — 8.5
Performance — 9.0
Flavor — 9.0



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When I think of the name Lost Vape, I still think of their high-end DNA-powered mods. After all, that is what they are best known for. More recently they have been focusing more on AIOs and pod systems. Today I will be checking out their latest pod vape called the Ursa Nano.

The Nano has a luxurious aesthetic paired with a unique airflow control system. I initially thought it was a manual power switch, but it turns out to be the airflow switch. Sliding it down provides extra airflow and sliding it up closes off the airflow—apart from a single tiny airflow intake hole.

To sum it up, the Nano is a luxurious pod system with an 800 mAh internal battery. It is draw-activated and utilizes 2.5 mL pods with integrated coils. The pods are currently available in 0.8Ω and 1.0Ω versions. And the output range for the Ursa Nano is between 5 and 18 watts.

Now, let’s get into more depth about the Ursa Nano to figure out if it’s the right device for you.

Box Contents

  • 1 x Ursa Nano pod device
  • 1 x Type-C charging cable
  • 1 x Warranty card
  • 1 x 0.8Ω Ursa Nano pod (2.5mL)
  • 1 x User manual


  • Dimensions: 100.5 mm x 24.1 mm x 14 mm
  • Weight: 61.3 g
  • Liquid capacity: 2.5mL
  • Battery capacity: 800 mAh (built-in)
  • Battery voltage: 3.0V-4.2V
  • Output Voltage: 3.0V-3.9V
  • Power Range: 5-18W
  • Output Current: 2.5A-5.0A
  • Body material: Zinc-alloy

Design and Build Quality

  • Lost Vape Ursa Nano 8

The Ursa Nano is incredibly simple to use. It doesn’t have any buttons, it’s draw activated. There is a small air intake hole and a sliding switch on the other side. When the switch is down, it provides enough airflow for more of a restrictive lung hit. It’s such a simple interface to use.

The device weighs in at 61.3 grams, which is actually pretty hefty for a pod system these days. But it definitely doesn’t feel cheap! The Nano feels robust and has a futuristic design. It’s one of the fanciest pod vapes I’ve used in a while, apart from the Calburn A2. The Ursa Nano stands at 100.5 mm tall, 24.1 mm in width and 14mm in thickness. It’s short and chunky but looks good.

Other than that, it has Lost Vape printed on one side and Ursa Nano on the other—minimal branding, very classy. I received the pacific blue edition and it has an interesting pattern that appears to change under different lighting. It goes from smooth to a diamond-style texture. A breathing LED appears while vaping to indicate your battery life status on one side. When you’re not vaping, it becomes invisible.


Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pods

The pods feature integrated coils and hold 2.5 mL of liquid. They are dark tinted, so it’s pretty hard to see what’s going on inside until you hold it up to a light source. Even when filling them, it’s hard to see if you’ve filled it up all the way. I am not a fan of the tinted pods but they look cool.

The pods have a big rubber seal that’s easy to pop out and a nice big fill port to accommodate most bottle tip sizes. Fortunately the pods hold a nice amount of liquid. I haven’t experienced any leaking, flooding or spit back. So they are designed really well and work great with the device.

Filling the pods is pretty easy, but it can get messy if you’re not careful. I ended up having to use a napkin to wipe off the excess liquid most of the time. So there’s that. I wouldn’t say it’s a dealbreaker, but there is room for improvement in the filling department. Just don’t overfill them and be sure to hold it at an angle to guide the liquid inside.

I have been using the same 0.8Ω pod for over a week and the taste hasn’t changed one bit yet. The 1.0Ω pods are a bit better with nicotine salts, but they’re both pretty similar. The airflow is the same on both pods but the lower-ohm 0.8Ω pod hits a little bit stronger. I’ve ran over 20 mL of juice through each pod and they’re still putting out great flavor.

Battery & Charging

Lost Vape Ursa Nano Charging

The Ursa Nano has an 800 mAh integrated battery. I’ve been charging it every other day because a full charge gets me through a day and a half of vaping! I’m used to charging every day with my Caliburn, so it’s nice to be able to skip a day sometimes.

The Nano utilizes USB-C charging, so it’s pretty fast. It took a little bit over an hour to reach a full charge from a dead battery when plugged into a laptop. That’s not bad at all considering the 800 mAh battery life. Oh, and it also does pass thru charging!


Lost Vape Ursa Nano 5

Anyone can see how cool this device looks, but how does it vape?

In terms of performance, the Ursa Nano is a winner. It puts out just as good flavor as any of the better pod vapes I’ve tested. It’s one of those simple and elegant vapes that also happen to work really well. The Nano puts out a consistent puff and the puff sensor is sensitive and responsive.

I used the Nano with regular 70VG 6 mg e-juice and it wicked perfectly. The only reason was because I really wanted to use it with a particular rich and creamy flavor. Eventually I filled up the other pod with watermelon candy in 30 mg and it was just as good! The 1.0Ω coils are better for 30 mg and up, the 0.8Ω are better for lower strength salts or even 6 mg regular e-juice.

If you’re the type of vaper looking for a throat hit with some thump to it, you would probably enjoy the Ursa Nano with the airflow closed off all the way. If you’re more of a lung hitter, you can open it up and it will instantly go from a tight draw to a much looser one. Overall, it’s a pretty versatile device. Easy to use and gets the job done. Nothing to complain about in terms of performance.


These days, everyone has at least one pod vape. If you’re the type of vaper who wants something a bit more upscale, the Ursa Nano fits the bill. To sum it up, it’s durable, looks great and puts out really good flavor. It’s a solid pod vape that caters to vapers looking for something a little fancy.

There were no real performance-related cons, most of them had to do with the design itself. I was able to fill the Nano without spilling anything a few times, but it took some getting used to. It’s also a little bit heavier than a lot of other pod systems on the market, which is not a big deal.

At the end of the day, I would easily recommend the Ursa Nano. If you’re in the market for a new pod vape, and want something that stands out but isn’t too flashy, the Nano is a fantastic option. It’s definitely a vape that I will continue using after this review alongside my favorite devices.



Dave Kriegel

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things a person can do. Ever since I took my first puff on an e-cig, I knew it was the only way out. Since then, I've turned my passion into a reality—testing hundreds of vapor products over the years. My goal is to save people time and money, while making their transition into vaping a smooth one. When I'm not writing, vaping or writing about vaping, you can find me playing the drums or cruising the streets of Brooklyn, NYC.


  • My friends ar told me g2 is far far better than ursa nano . They told me the airflow is perfect on g2 than ursa nano !! Is it right? They also told me i can get better taste on g2!

    • The Ursa Nano is good, but the Caliburn G2 is probably the best pod vape out right now. The draw on the G2 is good, but you can adjust the Ursa Nano to your liking.

  • newb here. can’t find this question on anysite. my question: “how long til you change the ohm cartridge??” i’ve been using my ursa pod for a month now and bought 3 extra ohm cartridge.. and i can’t research on how long til i change my ohm cartridge.. thanks.

    • When to change your pod comes down to how much you vape. When your vapor starts to taste “off”, much less flavorful, or even slightly burnt, you’ll want to change the cartridge.

      If you vape a lot this could be every week. If you vape less frequently then I could see a pod lasting 2-3 weeks.

      • Ok. Thanks. it’s been a month now but mine’s still has a little flavor til now. i’ve tasted the “burnt” one to my friend’s ursa nano and in her cartridge the vape juice color were bit orangey. we bought it at a same time and i vape more times than her. so i suggest to her to change the cartridge.

        Maybe it’s ok to vape it until the taste comes off, whether it’s a month or two? as long as you can taste the flavor and not burnt. it’s waste if i change it. if there’s still a taste on it.

        Thanks for the answer.

  • I went in to my local vape shop looking for something new. I’ve been a Caliburn fan for a while. I’ve had the original, G2, A2, all great products. The manager had a Lost Vape Ursa Nano, let me check it out. It was solid feeling, he said the flavor was fine….and the price was oddly low. $20 retail? I bought 2. I am throughly impressed. I still live my Caliburns, but for $20 this is a total winner. I’d still be happy if I had paid more and got the same product. Not a fan of the full port, (Caliburn A2 has this perfected) but definitely not a deal breaker)..

    • Hey, what’s up? I was looking for this pod type vape and based on my searching, this Ursa has a lot of positive reviews. I’m ready to buy, but this Caliburn g2 was offered to me. I mentioned in one of the reviews that it does not leak, or at least does not leak, and I am not sure about the Caliburn g2, but he said that, based on his experience, the Ursa Nano easily heats up, and the Caliburn g2 is a good deal. Caliburn g2 is a little bit pricy for my budget compared to Ursa Nano, but since I’m new to this vape, I’m not trying to spend too much. What are your thoughts on the heating issue? Is heating a serious problem for vapes? What are your pros and cons for each? Thanks.

  • Ursa nano is best for me when it comes to flavors and vapors, i have both g2 and a2 but ursa nano is the best for me. When i like to mtl i just open the airflow wide then booom! Mtl is best with closed airflow. Aside from that there is no leaking when it comes to nano unlike the g2 and a2.

    • I also think these vape are the best, but this issue of leaking causes a serious problem if you’re not aware of it. I was looking to purchase an Ursa nano, but someone offered me a Caliburn g2. I am really aware of this leaking issue and it is one of my considerations before buying a vape . From what I read in reviews, Ursa is doing great when it comes to leaks. But the seller says the Ursa gets easily heated compared to the others. I don’t know if he’s trying to sales talk me his Caliburn, but I just want to know your experience as a user of both. Which do you think I should buy?

  • I dont get where all the positive reviews come from. I tried an ursa nano and the taste is unbearable. I tought I didn let the pod settle long enough but i’ve tried 3 different ones and still bad. I now bought a oby aspire for the second time and it’s so much better. What a waste of money. I wonder if they buy reviews