The Best Mechanical Mods 2020: An Updated List For Enthusiasts

Check out the best mechanical mods for vaping hobbyists

At one point, mechanical mods were the only choice if you wanted to vape. Nowadays however, most mods are regulated and it’s become increasingly difficult to find a good mech mod. For many including myself, this is sad to see.

Because while there’s definitely a lot to love about the LED screens and built-in safety features of regulated mods, some vaping hobbyists just prefer a good mech. Their simplicity and reliability are two of the main reasons to love mechanical mods. You just have to be sure that you know what you’re doing.

We know that finding an updated list of mech mods can be hard. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best mechanical mods in 2020.

Note: Please ensure that you have a good knowledge of Ohm’s Law and vaping battery safety before using any mechanical mod. For more important information about mechanical mods, please see down below.

The Best Mechanical Mods 2020: An Updated List For Enthusiasts

1st Place

Timesvape Dreamer Mech 500x500

Timesvape Dreamer

The Timesvape Dreamer is a gorgeous, well-machined, and hard hitting mech mod. It's a hybrid-style single tube mech that runs on either a single 21700, 20700, or 18650 battery. Its multi-point contact pin ensures optimum conductivity so that you can get the best draws possible.





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#1. Timesvape Dreamer Mech Mod

A gorgeous and hard hitting mech mod. The Dreamer is a hybrid-style, single tube mech that runs on either an 18650, 20700, or 21700 battery. Designed by Stan at TenaciousTXVapes, its multi-point contact pin ensures optimum conductivity. The tube itself is 27mm at its widest and is reversible to accommodate your grip.

There are a variety of color options and finishes available, and they’re all beautiful. For the best mechanical mod you can get, Timesvape’s Dreamer is the way to go.


#2. CoilART Mage Mech V2.0 Stacked Edition

This isn’t just your average mech mod. The CoilART Mage V2.0 is a hybrid mech mod that is amazing with a single battery. But it also includes an extension tube that will allow you to run dual 18650, 20700, or 21700 batteries stacked in series. Constructed from brass, the Mage is painted by electroplating for a durable finish. There is also knurling on the top and bottom sections for grip.

The internals of the Mage are insulated to aid with battery protection. You also get a set of buttons and fire pins.


#3. Augvape S2

Well-designed and well-machined are words that perfectly describe the Augvape S2. It’s a mechanical box mod that comes with an 8.5ml squonk bottle for use with bottom-fed RDAs . The chassis of the mod is comfortable to hold and the look and feel of the Augvape S2 is very clean and nice.

The S2 uses a MOSFET to make it a bit safer than your traditional mechanical mod without a MOSFET but the S2 can still be dangerous if you don’t know Ohm’s law and practice proper battery safety. The S2 takes a single 18650 battery to function.



#4. Thunderhead Creations Tauren Mech

The Tauren by Thunderhead Creations might just be the best looking mech mod on our list. There are multiple finishes and materials available, so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste. The Tauren is very well constructed, and takes a single 18650, 20700, or 21700 button to fire. The hybrid style connection will accommodate up to 24mm atomizers without overhang, while the connections on the fire button ensure instant power.

For its gorgeous looks and stunning performance, Thunderhead Creations Tauren Mech has earned itself a place as one of the best mechanical mods of 2020.


#5. Wismec RX Machina

This mechanical tube mod was designed by none other than Jaybo. The resin and plastic designs are something you don’t see on many mechs. The RX Machine supports either a single 18650 or 20700 battery, and is activated through a button on the bottom of the mod. The small form factor and affordable price tag are surprising considering its performance. Definitely one of the most reasonably priced mech mods out there.


What Is A Mechanical Mod?

A mechanical mod is a vaping mod that will deliver battery power to an atomizer without regulating the current. In other words, a mechanical mod does not have safety features built-in. The power that you get is equivalent to the voltage of your battery, and there are no wattage or voltage adjustments that can be made.

A mechanical mod is made up of just a few parts: the battery housing, the button (which completes the electrical circuit when pressed), and the 510 connection. There is no chip regulating wattage output.

When the fire button is pressed on a mechanical mod, it will provide power to the atomizer regardless of a short or a low resistance that may pull too much power from the battery. This means that mechanical mods require a strong knowledge of Ohm’s Law and battery safety before use.

Generally, mechanical mods require the user to be more proactive in using their vaping device. They must always keep in mind the resistance of their coil, the amperage that will be drawn, and the amperage that their battery is able to output.

If you aren’t careful with mechanical mods, you can have devices catch on fire or even explode. You can be seriously injured if you aren’t serious about using a mechanical mod. Beginners and the less technically inclined may want to steer away from using mechanical mods, and instead try a regulated box mod.

What Is A Hybrid Mechanical Mod?

A hybrid mechanical mod is quite a bit different and riskier than your average mechanical mod. This is because of the way that your atomizer sits in the 510 connection of the mod. On a regular mechanical mod, the 510 connector is insulated. However on a hybrid mechanical mod, this 510 connector is open and allows the atomizer to make direct contact with the battery.

And while all atomizers with 510 connections can fit onto a hybrid mechanical mod, most should not be used with them. This is because the insulated positive pin on many atomizers does not stick out enough from the negative ground metal threading that surrounds it.

The problem lies with if you were to put an atomizer with a short 510 pin onto a hybrid mechanical mod, the positive pin might not stick out enough to prevent the negative ground from contacting the positive battery terminal. In this case, there would be a short and the battery could violently and catastrophically fail. This could include an explosion or fire, and someone could be seriously injured.  

For these reasons, it’s recommended to steer clear of hybrid mechanical mods until you have a firm knowledge of Ohm’s Law, battery safety, hybrid compatible atomizers, and mechanical mods in general.

Advantages of Mechanical Mods

While they do require extra care and attention from the user, mechanical mods offer a number of advantages and benefits when used correctly:

Simplicity: A mech mod is made of very few parts, and this simple design leads to them being very easy to use. There are no adjustment buttons, and no LED screen. Simply press the fire button, and you’re vaping!

Reliability: Another benefit of having few working parts is reliability. A mech mod that is well taken care of will stand the test of time, as there are no electrical chips or components to fail. At the worst, you may have to replace the spring in your fire button after a decade of use.

Durability: Mech mods can take a beating. They can be dropped, smashed, and generally mistreaten, and still come out working and producing clouds like a champ! However, do take care of your mod. It has feelings too.

Disadvantages of Mechanical Mods

There are also a few disadvantages to mechanical mods:

Extra Safety Precautions are Required: As has been stressed in this article, make sure to be safe. Safety is paramount when it comes to mechanical mods, as you could be seriously hurt. If you don’t feel like you know what you’re doing, pick yourself up a regulated mod for now and come back to mechs later if you’re still interested.

Draws Get Weaker With Battery Life: Because mechanical mods work on the current charge and voltage of your battery, your draws will get weaker with each pull. 

No Indicators: With no screen, there is nothing to tell you your current battery life, nor your current wattage.

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