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Voopoo Drag Best Cheap Mod

Best Cheap Vape Mods Under $50 — Reliable, Powerful & Affordable

Vaping can be expensive; but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re looking for your very first vape mod or just looking for a new one, we’ve put together a list of the best cheap vape mods under $50. Why shell out well over a hundred dollars for a new mod when you can get a great cheap vape mod for under $50?’

If you’re on a budget and need a new mod, these devices are the perfect balance between performance and price. From cheap all-in-one vape mods to cheap box mods under $50, we’ve rounded up the best of the bunch for you down below.

Best Cheap Vape Mods Under $50 — Reliable, Powerful & Affordable

Voopoo DragVoopoo Drag Best Cheap Mod

One of the most beautiful and iconic vape mods to date, you can now get the Voopoo Drag for under $50! This dual battery vape mod takes two 18650 batteries, and comes in over a dozen different resin and body color combinations. And since no two resins are alike, you’ll be getting a truly unique, one-of-a-kind device.

Built with the impressive and highly advanced GENE chip, the DRAG is able to fire nearly instantly after pressing the fire button. The DRAG will fire at up to 157W in power mode, from 200-600F in TC mode, and features a very crisp OLED display. The Voopoo Drag is definitely the best vape mod under $50.


Geekvape NovaGeekvape Nova Best Cheap Vape Mod

The Geekvape Nova is an incredible vape mod. It brings a beautiful design and awesome performance; all without breaking the bank. The Nova comes in two different colors and in four different resin designs. While resin is usually only found on more expensive mods, you can get the Nova for way under $50. At the time of writing, the Nova can be found for $29.99 and that’s a total steal.

The Nova will fire up to 200W and takes dual 18650 batteries. It’s got an ergonomic shape that is comfortable to hold and it uses Geekvape’s AS200 chipset which is known to be both reliable and efficient. The Nova has a full color OLED screen that displays everything you need to know about your vape and even comes with temperature control mode for Ni, TI, and SS.


Vaporesso PolarVaporesso Polar Best Cheap Vape Mods

The Polar is one of the most advanced cheap vape mods that you can get. It has a large 2 inch color screen and fires in under 0.001 seconds once you push the fire button. Plus, it’s powered by the OMNI Board 4.0 chipset — the same chipset found in Vaporesso’s more expensive vape mods.

The Polar will fire up to 220W and takes dual 18650 batteries to function. It’s got 2.5A fast charging capabilities for low downtime and charges using a micro-USB cable. In addition to wattage mode you get a full set of modes and features with the Polar: smart VW mode, temperature control mode, TCR mode, and a super player mode.


OBS Cube ModOBS Cube Best Cheap Vape Mods

Compact and perfect for taking around, the OBS Cube is one powerful cheap vape mod. Aside from its great performance, the OBS Cube features an attractive design in a variety of resin colors and patterns. Built of stainless steel and zinc-alloy it’s also extremely durable and can take a beating without breaking down.

For added convenience the OBS Cube houses a massive 3000mAh battery which saves you the trouble of buying batteries. It will fire at up to 80W and delivers consistent, reliable performance. Controlled by two adjustment buttons, the cube features a 0.96inch OLED display that will tell you everything you need about your vape. For one of the best cheap vape mods under $50, the Cube is highly recommended.


Augvape VX200

The Augvape VX200 is one of the best mods out if you want the most bang for your buck. It’s got an ultra sleek design with rounded edges that make it comfortable to hold. The large firing bar on the side also makes it super convenient to use. It’s a dual battery mod that takes two 18650 to function and will fire up to 200W — more than enough power to get a great vape off any coil.

The VX200 uses Augvape’s in-house chipset for regulation. It’s got Power Mode, Bypass mode, as well as a super nice UI. The battery efficiency of this mod is also great; you’ll get at least a day or longer out of this mod if you’re using it at mid-wattages. All-in-all, the VX200 is a great pick for the price-conscious vaper.


Wismec Reuleaux RX2

Wismec is a well-known name in the vaping industry, and is one that has consistently produced great vape mods time after time. And despite it’s affordable price tag, the Reuleaux RX2 is no different. This box mod takes either dual 18650 or 20700 batteries to function, and will fire at up to 200W.

The RX2 also brings temperature control mode to the table, and even includes TCR. You also get numerous battery safety features such as: short circuit protection, temperature alert, 10 second cutoff protection, and more. For a feature filled, cheap box mod, check out the Reuleaux RX2.


Think Vape Thor 200W Box ModThink_Vape_Thor

The Think Vape Thor is a dual 18650 box mod, and is powered by the ST 200 chipset. This awesome device will fire at up to 200W in power mode, but also offers a full temperature control suite. And with an attractive form factor that is available in multiple patterns, this mod looks very high-end despite its cheap price.

The Thor has a large 0.96” OLED display that will show vital vaping information, and is controlled through the use of three buttons: two adjustment buttons, and one large firing button. The Thor is very easy to use and offers a full range of features at a price point well below $50.


Geekvape Blade Box Mod

Another high-quality device that has seen a downtrend in price, the Geekvape Blade can now be found for under $50. Beautiful and lightweight, each Blade has a unique coloring and patterning which means that no two Blade’s are alike. The Blade is a dual battery regulated mod, and is meant to be used with either two 20700 or 21700 batteries. You have the option of using 18650 batteries by using an adapter (sold separately), but you’ll get more juice out of the 21700’s.

Featuring the new and upgraded AS chipset, the Blade will fire at up to 235W in power mode, from 200-600F in TC mode, and features VPC and Bypass mode as well. The durable 0.91” OLED color display provides essential vaping information, and is easy to read.


SV Mi-PodSV Mi-Pod Vape

Ultra compact, sleek, and stylish, Smoking Vapors Mi-Pod is one of the best cheap vape mods around. The Mi-Pod is simple to use due to its all-in-one design. It also features an attractive form factor that is available in multiple colors and finishes. Aside from its great looks, it also produces excellent flavor that you wouldn’t expect from such a small device.

The Mi-Pod packs an ample 2ml replaceable pod that can be easily refilled. It also houses a large 950mAh built-in battery. The device functions through direct voltage output, so you’ll get the best performance if your battery is at a 50% charge or fuller. It also features an LED battery life indicator to let you know where your battery life is sitting.

What makes the Mi-Pod even better to use is the fact that it is draw activated. There is conveniently a vertical viewing window to allow you to see your eliquid level. And for those of you who are worried about dropping it, you also get a compatible braided lanyard.


Eleaf iStick Pico 21700Eleaf Pico 21700 Kit

Eleaf is back with their classic iStick Pico, and it’s better than ever before. With six different color options, the Pico 21700 retains the compact and ergonomic shape that the Pico line is known for, and is comfortable to use and hold. A standout feature of the Pico 21700 is its ability to use either a single 18650 or 21700 battery for longer vaping and less charging (The 18650 battery adapter is sold separately)

With an easy to use three-button interface and a crisp 0.91” OLED display, it’s easy to navigate and see essential vaping information that you need. Using Eleafs updated chipset, the Pico 21700 delivers great performance and will fire at up to 100W in power mode, from 200-600F in TC mode, and features Bypass mode as well.


Aspire Breeze 2aspire-breeze-2

The Aspire Breeze 2 is a great all-in-one device that brings satisfying vapor and a nice draw without needing to fuss about adjusting anything. Much smaller and lighter than vape tube starter kits and box mods, the Breeze 2 is about the height of a credit card and very easy to carry around. It has a nice metal finish, and is available in multiple colors.

The Breeze 2 uses a removable and refillable pod system that will hold up to 3ml of ejuice. The battery on the Breeze 2 is built in, and quite large at 1300mAh. This means plenty of battery to get you through your day, and then some. If you’re looking to transition from smoking to vaping, the Aspire Breeze 2 is a cheap but awesome device.


SMOK STICK X8Smok Stick X8 Vape Starter Kit

The SMOK Stick X8 is a great cheap vape mod, and improves on the already great SMOK Stick V8 with the TFV8 X-Baby tank. The dual adjustable, top airflow design means no leaking, and the improved 4.0ml tank provides amazing flavour and vapor production. The top fill port is built with a convenient hinge system, allowing you to quickly and easily fill your SMOK Stick X8.

The SMOK Stick X8 has a 3000mAh high capacity battery capable of 20 amps continuous discharge, and charges with the included Micro USB cable. The battery size on this device means that you won’t have to worry about charging it all the time, and features an intelligent battery life indicator so you’ll know when it’s time to charge up.  The X8 has a recommended range of 30-45 watts and outputs a cool, smooth vapor.


Joyetech eGo AIOJoyetech eGo AIO

The Joyetech eGo AIO is one of the cheapest vape mods available, and is somewhat of a hybrid between a vape tube mod and an all-in-one mod. While the eGo AIO comes with an atomizer and tank that is built directly into the mod/battery, it also has the shape and look of a tube mod.

With a tank capacity of 2.0ml and a 1500mAh battery, the eGo AIO is most suited for those who do not vape/smoke very heavy. However, if you’re someone who’s looking to get into vaping slowly, this may be the perfect device for you. Its simplicity and easy portability make the Joyetech eGo AIO one of the best cheap vape mods under $50.


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