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Best 510 Wax Atomizers 2023: Use Your Vape Mod To Dab

Dab without a rig with these potent 510 wax atomizers

If you’re someone who already vapes, using a wax atomizer is the easiest way to get into dabbing. Wax atomizers have a 510 threading just like you would find on sub-ohm tanks and RDAs, which means that they’ll work with your existing vape mod. Rather than needing a whole rig, wax atomizers allow you the freedom of portability without the loss of potency.

If you’re looking for the best wax atomizer to use with your vape mod then look no further. We’ve put together a list of the best wax atomizers that you can get in 2023.

The Best 510 Wax Atomizers 2023

1st Place

Mig Brain Fogger 500x500

Mig Brain Fogger

The Mig Brain Fogger is compatible with any 510 threaded box mod and works with either Temperature Control or Wattage mode vaping. Its reverse stacked coil design first melts concentrates on the upper coil, allowing it to flow down to the lower coil to be vaporized. This makes for clean and hard hits, all from a low powered atomizer. The Brain Fogger will function best from 7-10W.

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#1. Mig Vapor Brain FoggerMig Brain Fogger 500x500

If you want the absolute best wax atomizer for your existing vape mod, look no further than the Brain Fogger. Compatible with either Temperature Control or Wattage mode vaping, this handy little guy offers the best performance possible thanks to its reverse stacked coil design. This setup first melts the concentrates on the upper coil, allowing it to flow down to the lower coil and be vaporized. This results in extremely clean and hard hits, all from a very low powered atomizer.

For easy cleaning, the Brain Fogger has a fully detachable structure. This means that you can easily take the entire atomizer apart for a thorough cleaning. This ensures top performance and the cleanest flavor.

The Brain Fogger will function best from 7-10W, and can be used with any 510 vape mod. You get all of the power of a traditional rig, packed into a small and easy to use wax tank. For the value and vapor/flavor production, you can’t beat it.


#2. Dr. Dabber GhostDr. Dabber Ghost Wax Atomizer 500x500

The Dr. Dabber Ghost brings the full dabbing experience to your mod. Part of the Ghost’s allure is its medical grade ceramic chamber and recessed titanium coil. This setup vaporizes your wax extremely efficiently and produces smooth hits that make for an extremely pleasurable dabbing experience. Another great feature is the silicon filter that is built into the chimney. This prevents spitback; something you definitely don’t want to experience when vaping wax!

The Ghost can be used at up to 15W but it’s recommended to start low and work your way up to a wattage that you’re comfortable with. The 510 threaded connection is compatible with any vape box or box mod. Included with the Ghost is everything you need to get yourself up and dabbing with your vape mod. It’s definitely one of the best 510 wax atomizers available.


#3. Dr. Dabber LightDr. Dabber Light 500x500

Definitely one of the best choices for a wax atomizer, the Dr. Dabber Light delivers impressive performance. The light titanium coil heats slowly to melt oils and waxes into the ceramic wick, which saturates quickly and easily. This setup delivers pure flavor with substantial cloud production to match.

Like the other wax tanks on our list, the 510 threading on the Dr. Dabber Light is compatible with most 510 mods. For the best performance, the Light should be used anywhere from 10-15W. The solid construction and superb performance of the Dr. Dabber Light make it a top choice for a dab tank.


#4. Mig Vapor Sub Herb/Dab TankMig Vapor Sub Herb Dab Tank 500x500

The Mig Vapor Sub Herb/Dab Tank has an inconspicuous design that resembles a regular ol’ vape tank. But the difference is that this baby isn’t meant to vaporize nicotine e-juice. The Mig Vapor Sub Herb/Dab delivers powerful pulls for its size and is a cheap and effective 510 wax atomizer. As an added bonus, it can also be used to vape dry herb.

This tank uses a ceramic plate that heats up material nearly instantly. It also offers excellent airflow. You can expect smooth pulls and full flavor as long as you stay within the recommended wattage range of 19-27W.

Due to its traditional vape tank design and 22mm base diameter, the Mig Vapor Sub Herb/Dab Tank is best used with a single battery box mod if you’re trying to be discreet. It will still work just fine on a dual battery mod or ego style battery but it might just look a little awkward.


#5. Honeystick Extreme Wax AtomizerHoneystick Extreme 500x500

The Honeystick Extreme Wax Atomizer is not only beautiful, but practical too. Due to its stainless steel and glass construction, the flavor from the APX is super clean and very flavorful. This stainless steel body also makes it quite durable so you don’t have to worry about breaking it.

The Honeystick Extreme utilizes a triple quartz coil and features a durable ceramic bowl to evenly heat up your materials and keep the flavor clean at the same time. The short and sweet summary is that the Honeystick Extreme is a tank that heats and vaporizes wax quickly and efficiently. It’s fully compatible with your existing 510 vape mod and should be used at 30-38W.  

If you want a wax atomizer that will deliver a clean and full bodied flavor, check out the Honeystick Extreme Wax Atomizer.

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#6. KandyPens K-Box

The Kandypens K-Box is a great 510 wax atomizer. It’s got a stylish glass tank and a glass mouthpiece with a built-in splash guard to prevent hot wax from burning your lips or mouth. It’s got an all-ceramic chamber with triple-quartz rods that provide triple the surface area of traditional coils. It delivers large, dense clouds and effectively vaporizes without causing combustion.

The K-Box tank also has an adjustable bottom airflow ring that is adjustable to your draw preference. It’s also been designed to be leak proof so you don’t have to worry about wasted wax. The K-Box will work with any vape mod but it’s best with variable voltage mods at 2.8V, 3.2V, 3.6V or 4.0V.

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#7. Kandypens K-Stick SupremeKandystick K-Stick Supreme Wax Atomizer 500x500

Known for their strong reputation, Kandypens is a brand that is strongly trusted by the concentrate community. This is because they’ve been producing and marketing devices and tanks meant for dry herbs, oils, and concentrates for longer than almost anyone else. The sheer variety and quality of their product offerings is unmatched.

The K-Stick Supreme is a small and discreet tank that still gets the job done well. It has an awesome leak proof design that prevents concentrates from spilling out. The titanium coil heats up your concentrates and the quartz-lined chamber retains the heat to ensure that every bit of your concentrates get vaporized. You’ll get clean vapor and smooth draws that will satisfy even the most picky vaper.

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What Is A Wax Atomizer?

So just what makes a wax atomizer different from your regular, every-day sub-ohm tank? First and foremost, it’s the material that can be used with the tank. You see, the sub-ohm tanks that you may be used to with e-cigarettes are meant to vaporize only ejuice. On the other hand, wax atomizers are made to handle concentrates, and will vaporize them appropriately.

A wax atomizer consists of a heating element which is usually a coil made of titanium, quartz, or ceramic. Some tanks may have one coil, while others can have two, or even three. All of the wax atomizers on our list have a 510 threading, which makes them compatible with your existing vape mod. Keep in mind, however, that these wax tanks are meant to be used at very low attages (below 30W in most cases).

Due to their varying constructions, you can get wax atomizers that will provide a very tight draw, and others that will be more airy. Also a factor is the material that the tank is made of. Glass constructed tanks will have a cleaner flavor, but will also heat up faster and be more prone to breaking. Metal tanks on the other hand, will be much more durable.

Why Use A Wax Atomizer?

There are numerous reasons to use a wax atomizer over a traditional dab rig setup.

  • Portability
  • Ease of Use
  • Lets you dab with your existing vape mod
  • Comparable Flavor to a Rig
  • Convenient
  • Affordable

Using a 510 wax atomizer allows you to use your existing setup, and start dabbing right away! You don’t need to go out and spend money on an entire, expensive dab rig. Instead, if you already have a vape mod, you can simply purchase a wax atomizer and be set to vape!

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