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Vandy Vape Jackaroo Dual Review: The Best IP67 Rated Mod?

Vandy Vape Jackaroo Dual



Vandy Vape Jackaroo Dual 2
Design — 10.0
Build Quality — 9.5
Features — 10.0
Functions — 10.0
Performance — 10.0
TC Performance — 6.0



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The Vandy Vape Jackaroo Dual mod is the successor to the original Jackaroo mod of early 2019. The main change is that, as the name implies, the Jackaroo Dual takes dual 18650 batteries and can fire at up to 188W. Like the original Jackaroo, the Jackaroo Dual is IP67 water and dust resistant and built to withstand nearly anything you can throw at it. It’s shockproof too!

The Jackaroo Dual has a full color 0.96” display and uses Vandy Vape’s updated UI. Like the Pulse V2, the Jackaroo Dual can be paired with your smartphone and controlled entirely from the Vandy app; there’s even a Find my Device feature that really comes in handy. 

The Jackaroo Dual is meant to compete with Geekvape’s IP67 rated and highly successful Aegis line of products, namely the Aegis X and Aegis Legend. But is it good enough to take the rugged crown? Let’s find out!

Box Contents

  • 1 x Jackaroo Dual Mod
  • 1 x QC USB Cable
  • 2 x Instruction Manuals
  • 1 x Warranty Card


  • Size: 90.5mm x 29.7mm x 56.8mm
  • Power Range: 5-188W
  • Dual 18650 Batteries
  • Power, TC, TCR, Bypass, VPC Modes
  • IP67 Waterproof, Dustproof and Shockproof
  • Full Color 0.96” Display
  • Can be Controlled w/ Vandy App

Design & Build Quality

  • Vandy Vape Jackaroo Dual 2

The Jackaroo Dual has a familiar look and feel to it, like I’ve used this mod before. I pretty much have; the design of the Jackaroo Dual is nearly identical to the original Jackaroo. It’s a little bit deeper to make space for the dual 18650 batteries but otherwise very little has changed. 

At 90.5mm tall, 29.7mm wide, and 56.8mm deep, the Jackaroo Dual is about average size for a dual battery mod. With batteries installed it has quite some heft to it and feels like a solid mod in the hand.

The Jackaroo Dual features the same rugged, shockproof rubber chassis as the original. This rubber skin is made of silica gel that is firm, but still semi-squishy. I find the shape to be ergonomic and comfortable to hold. The “anti-skid” handgrip design on the back is also a nice touch. 

The Jackaroo Dual comes with one of four panel designs. There’s one that looks like carbon-fiber, one called Obsidian Black, and two options. No matter which panel design you pick, the rubber and frame will always be black. The panels are removable so you can swap them out by purchasing additional panels. The panels on the Jackaroo Dual are wider than the ones on the original Jackaroo so you can’t swap panels between them. Bummer!

  • Vandy Vape Jackaroo Dual 6

The top of the Jackaroo Dual is quite wide and will fit atomizer up to 26mm in diameter without overhang. There’s no 510 plate like you would expect to see. Instead it’s just a spring-loaded, 510 threaded hole. Also on top of the mod are also some venting holes for the batteries. These holes are sealed from the inside and will only pop open if your battery vents, in order to keep the waterproofing intact. 

The buttons on the Jackaroo Dual are identical to the original: there’s a large circular fire button and two smaller adjustment buttons. The buttons all work with a satisfying click and take just enough pressure to activate. I’m disappointed to see that the fire button still spins, just like it did on the original Jackaroo. It’s not that big of a deal as it only spins if you try to spin it, but there’s always the possibility that it will get looser with time and start spinning freely. 

The screen is a 0.96” full color display. It’s bright, clear, and easy to read. The brightness can also be adjusted in the menu settings. The UI layout is kind of ugly, but I’ll get into this in more detail in the ‘Features and Functions’ section.

Below the screen and buttons is a micro-USB port. It’s not covered or plugged like you would usually see on a waterproof mod, which is neat. The original Jackaroo required you to remove the front panel to access the micro-USB port and that wasn’t convenient at all. I’m glad that Vandy Vape figured out the waterproof for the Jackaroo Dual.

The battery door is spring loaded and feels very sturdy. There’s a latch that you slide in order to release the battery door and it pops open. The battery door doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy at all so that’s a good sign for the longevity of this mod. The battery compartment isn’t too tight so there’s no worries about tearing battery wraps. There’s no battery rattle with the door closed.

From top to bottom, the Jackaroo Dual is a very nicely constructed mod. I like that they kept to the same design, but tweaked a few of the weak points from the original to make them a non-issue.

Features & FunctionsVandy Vape Jackaroo Dual

The Jackaroo Dual takes dual 18650 batteries and can fire at up to 188W. The UI is similar to the UI on the Pulse V2, but the modes and functions are exactly the same. Like the Pulse V2, the Jackaroo can be fully controlled and updated using the Vandy App (See Vandy App section below).

For modes, the Jackaroo Dual has Power mode, Bypass mode, Variable Voltage mode, and Temperature Control modes for stainless steel, nickel, and titanium. You can set the TCR value in each TC mode which is useful for different grades of stainless steel, etc…

The UI is, in my opinion, a bit ugly; the one on the Pulse V2 looks much cleaner. I’m just not a fan of the colored background and would like it better if the background was black. Either way, it’s still functional. There’s two battery indicators, your mode, your set wattage/temperature, your coil resistance, a puff counter, and puff time.

Holding both adjustment buttons brings up the menu. The first option lets you toggle modes on or off, which is useful to turn off modes you don’t use. If the “ARR” setting is toggled off, the device will automatically set the wattage when you connect an atomizer. “FIR” lets you toggle if the fire button locks when you lock the device.

The other options in the menu let you set the time before the device goes into hibernation, adjust the screen brightness, reset the puff counter, or change the color of the UI. When you’re in one of the TC modes, this menu also lets you set your coil resistance and adjust the TCR value.

The Jackaroo Dual is a proper IP67 rated waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof mod. Unlike the waterproof PCBA on the Pulse V2, you can dunk the Jackaroo Dual underwater and it should survive without any problems. I’ll be testing this IP67 rating a little later on in this review.

Jackaroo Dual Button Combinations

  • Turn the Jackaroo Dual On or Off: Press the fire button 5 times.
  • Change Modes: Press the fire button 3 times and then use the adjustment buttons to select your mode. Press the fire button to confirm your mode.
  • Adjust settings in your current mode: Press the fire button 4 times.
  • Enter the Menu: Hold the up and down adjustment buttons.
  • Lock the mod: Hold the + adjustment button and fire button together.
  • Flip the Screen: Hold the – adjustment button and fire button together.
  • Stealth Mode: Hold both adjustment buttons and the fire button together

Vandy App

  • Vandy Vape App 2

The Vandy App is a neat little extra for the Jackaroo Dual. It’s available for iPhone and Android and allows you to change settings on the Jackaroo Dual right from your phone. It also has anti-loss and “Find my Device” features which are useful if you’re prone to forgetting or losing your vape.

The first step is downloading the app. I have an Android phone so I only tested the App with the Android version but if you have an iPhone it should be more or less the same. Once you have the app you’ll have to create an account if you don’t have one already. 

Connecting to the mod is very easy. Turn your Bluetooth on and hit the “+” icon in the upper righthand corner. Next select your type of device (in this case the Jackaroo Dual) and you should see your device appear. Click on it and you’re connected. To reconnect in the future just open up the app with your Bluetooth on and it automatically reconnects.

Once you’re connected there are three main parts to the app. The first is the “Find Device” area. Here you can turn on the Anti-Loss function which will alert you if you leave your mod behind. You can also change your device’s name here. But the most useful feature for me is the “Find My Device” feature. You can click on the big red button to play a beeping sound from your mod. This is useful if you’ve left your device somewhere around the house and can’t remember where you put it. I’ve had to use it a couple times myself. While the beeping isn’t that loud, it’s good enough to find the mod if you’re in the general vicinity. 

The second part of the app is the “Update” section. You can update your device firmware through your phone which is much more convenient than having to hook it up to your PC. You can also change your UI here. At the time of writing this review, the Update section is blank and there are no updates or UI’s to choose download. I’m sure this will change sometime in the near future.

The third and final section is the “Control” section. It’s here where you can control your device straight from your phone. Now you might be thinking “But if I’m holding the Jackaroo Dual to vape with it, why do I need an app? I can just change the settings on the device itself!”. Well, there are a few ways that the app makes things slightly more convenient.

The first tab of the Control section is “Power”. There’s a slider that allows you to adjust your wattage, as well as + and – buttons. The wattage updates nearly instantly on the Jackaroo Dual. Using the app to set your wattage is a bit quicker than using the device as you can skip the button scrolling. You can also set your pre heat options by tapping the “Set the Flavor” option. Below that you can customize your wattage curve by dragging the sliders.

The second tab is for temperature control mode. You can select your coil material, set your temperature, and also set the wattage in TC mode. Unfortunately there’s no way to set your TCR which is disappointing. 

The last tab is for variable voltage mode and it’s pretty simple. Just a slider to adjust your voltage. 

Overall, the app is good but there are a few features missing. I would like to see the ability to adjust your TCR, as well as ways to type in certain settings. The sliders work good enough, but being able to enter the exact numbers I want would have been great. 

So far I haven’t used the app too much for controls as it’s been easier to just change the settings on the mod itself. However, the find my device feature is clutch and worth having the app for.

Durability Testing — Water, Dust, and Shock Resistance

Like the original Jackaroo, the Jackaroo Dual has a proper IP67 rating. This means that it’s waterproof in up to a meter of water for up to 30 minutes, dustproof, and shockproof.

After removing the tank, I dropped the Jackaroo Dual into a bucket of cold water. I left the battery in and the device on. After 25 minutes, I took it out of the water and it was still powered on and functioning. I dried out the little bit of water around the 510 pin and attached my tank and it still worked just as good as it did before. Some water got in behind the adjustment buttons and in the USB port but blowing on them got most of the water out. Unlike the original Jackaroo, no water got in behind the panel where the screen is. The Jackaroo Dual passes the water resistance test.

For durability testing I did what I always do; throw the device into the air and let it smack the pavement! After each drop I checked to see if the device was still working by reattaching the tank and taking a few draws. There were a few gut wrenching impacts, but none of them affected the functionality of the device.

Of course, the Jackaroo Dual looked a bit beat after all the drops. The rubber exterior has scuffs and scratches and even small pieces missing out of it. The resin panels got beat up pretty badly as well. But otherwise, the screen still works and the device still vapes perfectly — the Jackaroo Dual gets a pass on the durability testing.

PerformanceVandy Vape Jackaroo Dual 5

The original Jackaroo was a great mod, but it suffered from the same problem that all single battery mods face — there just wasn’t enough battery life to use it with low resistance, dual coil builds. With a good pair of 18650 batteries, the Jackaroo Dual solves this issue. 

The performance of this mod in power mode is great. I mostly vaped in the 80-100W range with the Jackaroo Dual and it outputs these wattages quickly and effortlessly. Just like the Pulse V2, the Jackaroo Dual feels like it outputs a bit more power than the set wattage. Because of this, I tended to use it at slightly lower wattages than I would if I used the same tank/build on another mod.

Also like the Pulse V2, the temperature control performance of this mod is not the best. I tested it out with a couple of different builds and resistances and it’s just not consistent. It either throttles too quickly or doesn’t throttle enough when it’s supposed to to prevent a dry hit. While I never got a full blow dry hit, I felt like I came close a couple of times. Word of advice: don’t get this mod if you’re planning on using it strictly for TC.


The Jackaroo Dual is everything I loved about the original Jackaroo made better. The shortcomings of the original have mostly been addressed, although a few still linger (spinning fire button, I’m looking at you!). As a whole, the Jackaroo Dual is a great mod with the added bonus of being IP67 water, dust and shock resistant.

If you’re mainly a wattage mode vaper, I can highly recommend getting the Jackaroo Dual. But if you’re mainly into using TC mode, I would pass on this mod for now. Perhaps a future software update will fix the TC woes but until then, the Jackaroo Dual is strictly a power mode mod to me.


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Adam Alhiraki

Adam is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of Versed Vaper. Originally a smoker, he started vaping in 2013 and has been completely smoke-free since 2015. With over a decade of personal experience and more than five years of professional experience in testing and reviewing vaping products, his oversight ensures that Versed Vaper provides genuine, honest, and accurate information that you can rely on. Adam loves trying as many different tanks, mods, and ejuices as he can get his hands on and he has tested and/or tried the vast majority of vaping products to hit the market since 2018. When he's not reviewing, researching, or writing, you can find him watching tennis, PC gaming, or playing with his three mischievous cats.


  • I am a pretty constant vaper. Does anyone know how many puffs I can get from the JACKAROO DUAL 18650 Mod before it gives up. Also, if it has reached max vpe fuffs can you reset it to start again like vapouresso dual mods.

    • Hey Alison,

      By “before it gives up” do you mean battery life or how many puffs the device will last for total? Battery life will depend on the coil and resistance that you’re vaping with, so this will vary. In terms of total life time while I can’t say for certain, I think the Jackaroo Dual will last for tens of thousands of puffs if you take care of it.

      Also, you can reset the puff counter in the settings menu.

    • I’ve had my vape since Oct 2019. I finally had to buy a new one at 179,000 puffs today. I ended up buying the Aegis X. My jackaroo just wouldn’t pull strong anymore no matter what tank I had on it or what coil I was using. I tried with brand new batteries, new coil in in tank and it had just finally given up on me. But I loved that vape. It had been dropped and put through hell countless times. Traveled across the country with me and I think this last drop a few days ago is what finally killed it.