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Kore Organic CBD Ejuice Review: Lab Tested, Quality CBD

Kore Organic are a CBD company based out of the United States that offers all sorts of CBD goodies. They carry CBD edibles, capsules, tinctures, topicals, and even CBD for your pet. In addition to these products, they also carry my favorite way of taking CBD — CBD ejuice.

Kore Organic’s CBD ejuice comes in 16.5ml bottles and in five different flavors. These CBD ejuices are available with either 105mg or 300mg of CBD per bottle and can be used just like you would use any other non-CBD ejuice; just fill up your tank and vape away.

I was sent all five flavors of their CBD ejuice, which I’ve been using for a few weeks, and I’m going to go over them in this review.

About Kore OrganicKore_Organic_CBD_Black_Large-1024x739

Kore Organic are a U.S. company, based out of Tampa, Florida. They’re actually part of the same group of companies as Hemplitude, whose CBD gummies I reviewed a few weeks back. I really liked the transparency that Hemplitude provides about all of their CBD products and Kore Organic is much the same.

Lab tests for all of their CBD products are easily and readily available on their website. This lets you know exactly what you’re getting from their products and proves that they are what they say they are. 

Looking at the lab results for their CBD ejuice, their 105mg ejuices all tested for between 111-152mg of CBD per bottle which is even more potent than labeled. Their 300mg ejuices similarly test higher than labeled at 301-375mg of CBD per bottle.Since CBD isn’t going to cause narcotic effects, getting more than what you’re paying for is a good thing in my eyes — especially if you’re looking for relief.

All of Kore Organic’s CBD products are handcrafted in-house in a CGMP compliant lab. They use CBD cultivated from hemp plants grown in Northern Colorado and test every batch of CBD isolate for quality, purity and potency.

Kore Organic CBD Vape JuiceKore Organic CBD Vape Juices

Kore Organic sells five flavors of CBD ejuice: Ananas Pineapple, African Sweet Watermelon, Bombay Mango, Blueberry Mist, and Georgia Peach. They are all a 70VG 30PG mix.

These come in either 105mg or 300mg of CBD per bottle strengths. Now time for some math: each bottle is 16.5ml so you get around 6.4mg/ml in the 105mg strength bottle and 18.2mg/ml for their 300mg strength bottle.

For comparison most other CBD ejuice brands sell their CBD vape juices in 30ml bottles and with 250, 500, or 1000mg of CBD per bottle. This works out to be 8.33mg/ml for 250mg strengths in a 30ml bottle or 16.66mg/ml for 500mg strengths in a 30ml bottle. 

Looking at the numbers, you get slightly less CBD per ml with Kore Organic’s 105mg strength than you would if you bought a 30ml bottle of 250mg from another company. On the other hand, you get slightly more CBD per ml with Kore Organic’s 300mg strength than you would if you bought a 30ml bottle of 500mg from another company.


  • Kore Organic 300mg CBD Vape Juice

Blueberry Mist

This is a great blueberry ejuice flavor that I would vape even if it had no CBD. The blueberry notes are natural and sweet with a slight tartness as well. It’s actually amazing how natural the blueberry flavor tastes. I’m a big fan of this ejuice and will probably end up finishing the bottle shortly. Then I’m going to get some more.

Georgia Peach

Georgia Peaches are known for being some of the sweetest and juiciest peaches out there and this ejuice captures the sweetness perfectly. There’s a slight candying to the peach flavor but it’s not overdone. There’s still some natural peach flavor that comes through and I like the combination.

Bombay Mango

Bombay Mango has a candied mango taste that is pretty good, but the flavoring is light. If the flavor was increased just a bit it would be awesome but as of right now it’s too light to love. Not bad but could do with being stronger.

Ananas Pineapple

For those of you that don’t know, ananas is pineapple in french. So this is basically double the pineapples — and in two languages at that. While I do taste the pineapple, it’s a lot like the Bombay Mango flavor and the taste is just too light. What I taste is a good natural pineapple taste (natural seems to be a theme for the flavors in these ejuices), but I wish that it was more powerful.

African Sweet Watermelon

This is a good take on a fruit flavor that everyone does. Kore Organic’s African Sweet Watermelon is not candied but still sweet and brings a smooth, almost ripe tasting flavor. It’s a hard flavor to describe. You know that it’s watermelon when you vape on it as you can taste the watermelon, but it doesn’t taste like watermelon candy or watermelon juice. Well done to Kore Organic on this flavor.


Kore Organic’s CBD vape juices are high-quality and the majority of their flavors are delicious. Some of them could be stronger but the majority are very tasty and extremely well-crafted. They seem to have a theme of sticking with reproducing natural flavors rather than candy.

Overall, I would recommend Kore Organic’s CBD ejuice to anyone looking for tasty, natural tasting CBD vape juice.


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