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Vape Craft CBD Vape Juice Review: Tasty CBD at an Affordable Price

Vape Craft Inc. are a company best known for their house-brand ejuices. They sell 100ml bottles for just $12.00 and their ejuices come in a bunch of tasty and interesting flavors. Recently, Vape Craft came out with their own line of CBD ejuices. These CBD ejuices come in the same flavors as their most popular ejuices.

They currently carry six flavors of CBD e-juice, each comes in a 30ml bottle size. They offer two strengths: 500mg or 1200mg. These CBD ejuices are made of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (just like any regular ejuice) so they can be vaped in any tank or device that you would normally use to vape regular ejuice.

Vape Craft sent me all six of their CBD ejuice flavors in 1200mg strength to test out. I’ve been vaping them for a few weeks now and I’m going to tell you everything you need to know.

These CBD ejuices were sent to me from Vape Craft Inc. for the purpose of this review.

About Vape Craft Inc.Vape Craft Inc

Vape Craft Inc does have an “About Us” page, but there isn’t much information available about their CBD ejuices. I searched all across their site and, as of the time of writing this review, there’s no mention of their manufacturing process, if they extract their own CBD, or where their CBD is sourced from.

I have a few questions regarding their CBD ejuice and I’m sure some potential customers are wondering the same: how is their CBD ejuice manufactured? Where is it manufactured? Do they extract their own CBD or do they source it from somewhere else? What method of extraction is used to extract this CBD? Are the hemp plants grown with pesticides or synthetic fertilizers?

I could probably email them for this information. However, this information being openly available on their website is how it should be. As I mentioned earlier, their CBD ejuice is literally brand new so it’s possible that they just haven’t gotten around to posting all of this information yet. 

Vape Craft Inc. CBD Vape Juice

Vape Craft CBD Ejuices

Vape Craft Inc. currently carry six flavors of isolate CBD ejuice and each one comes in a 30ml bottle. They offer two strengths: 500mg or 1200mg of CBD per bottle. This works out to be 40mg of CBD per ml in their 1200mg bottles, and 16.7mg of CBD per ml in their 500mg bottles.

Each bottle contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural and artificial flavoring, and isolated industrial hemp extract. Each bottle also contains less than 0.3% THC, tested by a 3rd party lab. These test results are another thing that would be great to see on the website.

What really stands out about their CBD ejuice is the price. While other CBD ejuices are $45-75 for 30ml with 1000mg, Vape Craft sell theirs at $22.99 for a 1200mg, 30ml bottle. That’s half or even a third of the price of other vendors. But how are the flavors? 

Vape Craft Inc CBD Ejuice Flavors

I received all six of Vape Craft’s CBD ejuice flavors for this review: OMG SO GOOD, Candy Watermelon, Vape the Rainbow, French Vanilla Cheesecake, Strawberry Custard, and Rich Tobacco. 

I used each of these ejuices in an RDA as well as in my tank. I’ll go over each of the flavors and describe how they taste.

OMG SO GOOD: This is a dessert flavor with notes of custard, vanilla, cheesecake, and brown sugar. Brown sugar and vanilla are the most prominent flavors in this ejuice. The custard and cheesecake flavors are subtle and more in the background. This is a really rich dessert ejuice with bold flavor. I like this flavor a lot but I can’t vape it all the time. I’m big on dessert ejuices so I found it to be too rich for me. If you like dessert flavors though, you’ll like this one.

Vape the Rainbow: Can you guess what this ejuice tastes like? The name is a dead giveaway. Vape the Rainbow tastes almost exactly like a mouthful of Skittles candy. It’s super delicious and the closest I’ve had to an ejuice that tastes like Skittles. It has a fruity pop with the lemony lime taste that you expect from a handful of those chewy, colorful candies. This flavor is seriously good.

Candy Watermelon: The name describes this ejuice well. However, a more accurate name would be Watermelon Hard Candy because that’s exactly what this ejuice tastes like. If you’ve ever had a watermelon Jolly Rancher, that’s what this ejuice tastes like. The flavor is recreated perfectly and it’s freakin’ delicious. It’s sweet but perfectly balanced to not be overpowering. They really nailed this flavor.

Strawberry Custard: I wasn’t sure what to expect before I vaped this. Some strawberry custard ejuices are amazing while others are just plain disgusting. Thankfully, this one on the amazing side of the scale. Silky smooth flavor with just the right balance of strawberry and vanilla custard. It almost reminds me of a creamy, strawberry vanilla milkshake — with fresh strawberries too. Mmmm. This flavor is spot on.

French Vanilla Cheesecake: Like OMG SO GOOD, this is also a dessert flavor. But where I found OMG SO GOOD to be lacking the cheesecake flavor, that’s not the case with this one. Prominent vanilla and cheesecake flavors come through immediately. Cheesecake is the primary flavor on the inhale along with a nice notes of vanilla. On the exhale the french vanilla taste gets more intense. Even if you don’t like dessert flavors, if you like cheesecake then you’ll like this.

Rich Tobacco: This is a different tobacco flavor than I’m used to, but boy do I like it. This is a strong tobacco blend flavor mixed with a caramel, almost maple taste. The tobacco taste is strong while the caramel notes are subtle but still noticeable. This isn’t your typical tobacco ejuice flavor but I like the twist and find it enjoyable to vape on. If you’re after a new tobacco flavor, I can recommend giving this a try.

PerformanceVape Craft CBD Ejuices 3

As I mentioned a bit earlier on, Vape Craft’s CBD ejuices are almost unbelievably priced. $22.99 for 1200mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle? It can’t be any good can it? Well, I’ve been using their CBD ejuices for just about two weeks now and I can say that their CBD works just as good as many of the other brands that I’ve tried. 

These CBD ejuices made me feel calm and peaceful (one of the many reasons that I love CBD). Almost immediately after vaping I could feel a reduction in stress and a relief of any anxiety. I also felt notably more focused. 

I have reoccurring back pain from a car accident years ago and it acts up from time to time. I usually use a CBD topical to treat the pain but I decided that I would try vaping this ejuice instead to see its effectiveness. When I felt the pain coming on, I vaped some of this CBD ejuice. Very shortly after, I felt a reduction in my discomfort and pain. While CBD doesn’t work for everyone with pain, it definitely did for me.

As far as how this ejuice vapes, it’s smooth and just like any other ejuice. All six flavors wicked nicely and they weren’t too harsh on the coils in my RDA either. I thought that the Candy Watermelon and Vape the Rainbow would gunk up my coils fast but they didn’t. These ejuices worked just as good in my tank as they did in my RDA.


Vape Craft have done a great job with their CBD ejuices. The flavors are all very tasty and vape smoothly. I found them to be just as effective as other CBD ejuices that I’ve tried and that’s surprising considering the price. With these flavors, you can’t go wrong for $22.99.


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