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A Vape Watch!? What We Know About Uwell’s Amulet Pod Vape

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While browsing new vaping releases I came across a particularly odd device: a vaping watch by Uwell called the Amulet. They’re taking pre-orders for this thing right now and it’s one of the strangest things I’ve seen. 

Uwell Vape Watch

Apparently this is going to be a pod-style vape with a watch for a carrying case. You pull it out of the watch housing whenever you want to vape on it. The touch screen will display the time, just like a traditional watch and it will fire at up to 10W. But I have to ask myself — do we really need a vaping watch? Just imagine the looks you’ll get as you pull this thing off of your wrist to take a few draws.

Uwell Vape Watch

From the pictures the Uwell Amulet seems like it’s going to be pretty chunky — it’s certainly not going to be as slim as a smart watch. The listed dimensions are 47.7 x 37.5 x 17.2 mm. Aside from the thickness, I do like the look. The pictures have it looking very sleek and modern. I’m actually a fan of the design.

Uwell Vape Watch

It’s going to be draw activated and use a 2ml refillable pod. The coil inside will be a 1.6ohm coil and it will fire at 10W. Pretty standard as far as pod vapes go but it might be good for nicotine salts due to the high resistance.

Battery life is going to be an iffy one. It uses a 370mAh battery which is a little on the small side. I’m not sure how much vaping time you’ll really be able to get out of the Amulet, considering it’s also to be used as a watch and display the time. 

Uwell Vape Watch

I’m going to try and get my hands on one of these as soon as possible so that I can take it for a spin. Hopefully it ends up being at least decent for flavor. Otherwise, it might just be a whole lot of money and time wasted for Uwell.


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