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VOOPOO VMATE PRO Review: The Best VMATE Device Yet







The bottom line

The VMATE PRO improves on previous VMATE devices with its set of new features while still delivering great performance for MTL vapers. Even when compared to other pod vape options on the market, the VMATE PRO doesn’t leave a lot to be desired.

If you’re looking for a portable and customizable MTL device, this device fits the bill. While there are a few downsides, they won’t be deal breakers for most vapers.

 The VMATE PRO is highly recommended.


Update 12/24/2023: VOOPOO has informed me that “now the 0.7Ω coil support RDL, not only MTL”, however I can only speak to what I experienced. In theory, if you kept your lips loose around the pod then you could get a RDL draw with the 0.7Ω pod that I used in this review.

The VMATE PRO has just been released and it’s the latest addition to VOOPOO’s “VMATE” series of products. Other products in the VMATE series include the VMATE Infinity Edition and VMATE E, both which we reviewed in mid-2022.

The VMATE PRO is VOOPOO’s most feature-rich VMATE device yet. It features a small display, adjustable wattage up to 25W, and adjustable airflow. 

It also uses the same 3ml replaceable pods as other VMATE devices. These pods use VOOPOO’s “ICOSM Flavor Interpretation Code” which is supposed to bring better flavor, smoother airflow, and prevent leaking.

The VMATE PRO includes a 0.7Ω pod and a 1.2Ω pod in the box. These pods use built-in coils and both are meant for MTL vaping.

In this review I’ll go over the differences and similarities between the VMATE PRO and other VMATE devices. I’ll also tell you everything that you need to know so you can decide if the VMATE PRO is a pod device that is right for you.

  • 1 x VMATE PRO Device
  • 1 x VMATE Cartridge V2 0.7Ω
  • 1 x VMATE Cartridge V2 1.2Ω
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 92mm x 28.5mm x 15.5mm
  • Weighs 43g
  • Pod Capacity: 3ml
  • Draw activated
  • MTL/Tight MTL draw
  • Battery Capacity: 900mAh
  • Charging: Type-C, 1A
  • Adjustable Wattage
  • Output: 5-25W 
  • Stepless airflow adjustment

Design & Build Quality


The VMATE PRO may be a brand-new device but I can see a lot of similarities between it and the VMATE Infinity Edition. It’s roughly the same size and if you place the two devices side-by-side, it’s tough to tell them apart.

There are differences, of course, but you have to look closely to see them. For one, the VMATE PRO has a slightly different finish. It’s still made of aluminum alloy and features a matte metallic finish, however the texture is a bit different. There are very small wavy ridges, which almost look like fingerprints, which adorn the body of the VMATE PRO. 

The VMATE PRO also has an airflow adjustment slider and a display on the side of the device, both things that the VMATE Infinity does not have.

The VMATE PRO is a good and portable size for a pod vape. It’s 92mm tall, 28.5mm wide, and 15.5mm thick. The oval shape feels good in the hand and the slim profile easily slips into my pockets. Even with the little micro-ridges it’s still quite slippery to hold but thankfully I’ve been careful and have not dropped it too many times just yet.

In addition to its portable size, it’s pretty light too. The VMATE PRO only weighs 43g so it’s very lightweight for having adjustable airflow, adjustable wattage, and a 900mAh battery. 

The branding on this device is classy and kept to a minimum. There’s a small VOOPOO logo on one side, a VMATE PRO logo on the other, and a GENE.AI logo as well. These logos are slightly shinier than the matte finish on the rest of the device so they stick out a bit but not too much.


There’s not a lot of information on which colors are going to be available for the VMATE PRO. I received the pink color for this review and let’s just say that it isn’t quite ‘me’. From what I could gather, it looks like there will be a grey, beige, and blue version available as well.

The build quality on the VMATE PRO seems to be quite good. It feels solid, with no flex in the aluminum alloy body. The paint and paint quality are also good and are not showing any signs of wear despite my less-than-gentle use.

The display is a small 0.69” OLED display in black and white. While bright and clear enough, it’s not the highest resolution by any means. It gets the job done though and easily allows for changes to the wattage, as well as a few other functions which I will get into in the features section.

To recap: the VMATE PRO is a portable size with a nice design and good build quality. It’s very similar in appearance to the VMATE Infinity Edition, but brings a few extras like the display and adjustable airflow. Overall it gets a good score from me in the design and build quality department.



The pods for the VMATE PRO are the same pods that come with the VMATE E and VMATE Infinity Edition. This means that they are cross-compatible between the devices so if you have pods for those devices laying around they will work in the VMATE PRO.

These pods have a 3ml capacity which is slightly larger than the 2ml pod capacity that we usually see on small pod vapes. These pods also use VOOPOO’s “ICOSM Flavor Interpretation Code” which is supposed to bring better flavor, smoother airflow, and prevent leaking.

The pods are tinted a bit but it’s not too bad to check on the ejuice if you hold it up to the light. No tint would have been better but it’s not too bad. The mouthpiece is thin and wide, and very comfortable on the lips. 

Two pods come with the VMATE PRO: a 0.7Ω cartridge and a 1.2Ω cartridge. These are the same pods that you get with the VMATE E. The pods pressure-fit to the device and also use a magnetic connection. The magnets aren’t very strong though so the pressure-fit is the main way that the pods attach.


The pods attach very snugly and take quite a bit of force to remove. Because of this, VOOPOO has made the pods with an indented section that features a series of rings for grip. This allows you to easily remove the pod, a task that would have otherwise been extremely difficult without this grip.

When the pod is seated in the device you can see the entire pod contents. No portion of the usable tank sits inside of the battery so it’s easy to keep track of your ejuice.

In order to fill the pod you have to first remove it from the device. The fill port is located on the bottom portion of the pod and is plugged by a thick rubber stopper. This rubber topper has the coil resistance and an arrow pointing to the direction that you have to remove the stopper.



The VMATE PRO is the most feature-rich VMATE series device yet. Unlike the VMATE Infinity Edition which didn’t have adjustable wattage or airflow, or the VMATE E which had adjustable airflow but no adjustable wattage,  the VMATE PRO has both.

The small 0.69” black and white display on the side of the device is another feature that was not present on previous VMATE devices. This display, while small and pretty plain, displays some useful tidbits of information. It shows your battery life in percentage, wattage output, coil resistance, and voltage.

If you press the button once, the display switches to a secondary version which displays your puff count instead of the wattage, as well as your total puff time. This total puff time is a neat feature and shows your total puff time in minutes. For example, it may show “MIN: 30” which means that you’ve vaped for 30 minutes of consistent vape time. If you want to figure out your average puff time you can multiply the “MIN” number by 60 and divide that by your total puffs.

For example, if your total puff minutes is 30:

30 x 60 = 1800 seconds.

1800 divided by 700 (total puffs) = 2.57 seconds per puff.

This feature is a bit gimmicky but it’s a cool to have nonetheless.

An interesting thing to note is that the voltage display shows your output voltage for your current set wattage without having to take a draw. Other pod vapes that I’ve used will only show the output voltage while you draw so this is really useful.

Although there is a button, the VMATE PRO only features draw-activated firing. The button is purely there to change the wattage and access the basic settings menu. The settings menu can be accessed by pressing the button five times. Now you can lock the wattage (the device will still allow you to draw and vape), clear the puff counter, or shut off the device. 

The “lock” function does more than just prevent you from adjusting the wattage, though. If the device isn’t used for five minutes when the lock feature is active, it will prevent the draw-activated firing from working. When this happens, simply press the fire button three times to restore the draw-activated firing.

This is meant to be a childproof feature but it may become a bit annoying if all you want to do is lock the wattage. Personally, I did not use the locking feature at all. The wattage is already pretty secure from being changed and I didn’t have issues with it changing in my pocket.


Adjustable Wattage

The VMATE PRO features adjustable wattage from 5-25W. Changing the wattage is simple and can be done by pressing and holding the button next to the display. Once the wattage starts blinking you can press the button or hold it to increase the wattage. When the wattage reaches the maximum permitted output it will round-robin back to 5W.

I say ‘maximum permitted output’ because the 1.2 pod is limited to 15W. You can’t set it any higher and there is no way to remove this limitation. On the other hand, the 0.7Ω pod can be set up to the 25W maximum output of the VMATE PRO.


Adjustable Airflow 

The stepless airflow adjustment slider on the VMATE PRO allows you to adjust the airflow from a tight MTL draw to a loose MTL draw with both pods. The two pods are similar in terms of airflow and I couldn’t tell much of a difference between them except that the 1.2Ω pod delivers a very slightly tighter draw with the airflow fully open.

The airflow being stepless simply means that you can freely move it and set it to wherever you want. There are small dots above the airflow slider which go from smaller to larger, indicating the direction to move the slider for more or less airflow.

The slider is very firm and this makes micro-adjustments a breeze. You can really set the airflow to precisely how you want it.

Battery & Charging


The VMATE PRO houses a built-in 900mAh battery. This is the same capacity as the VMATE Infinity Edition but smaller than the 1200mAh battery that you get with the VMATE E. Similar to its predecessors, it also features Type-C charging and recharges at a 1A charging speed.

Battery life is anywhere from good to great, depending on which pod you use and what wattage you vape at. With the 0.7Ω pod at 18W, I was getting about two full pods of ejuice per charge. For me, that’s about two days of vaping so not bad at all.

If you really want the battery to last, the 1.2Ω pod is your best bet. When vaping at 12W (the default for this pod) I was getting closer to three pods per charge or about three days of vaping.

Charging takes one hour from a dead battery. This is average for 1A charging with a battery of this size. I would have liked to see 2A charging for faster charging though. While charging, the display shows your estimated charging time in minutes, along with the percentage of battery. Unfortunately, there is no pass-thru charging so you cannot vape while it recharges.



The pods for the VMATE PRO are the same as for previous VMATE series devices. As such, the performance isn’t going to be too much different. If you’ve already used the VMATE Infinity Edition or the VMATE E, you’ll know what to expect.

However, the adjustable wattage on the VMATE PRO does allow you some room to play around with the strength of the draw. For me, this is the big factor that would make me choose the VMATE PRO over previous VMATE series devices. Although I tended to stick with the ‘default’ wattage for the pods (18W for the 0.7Ω pod, 12W for the 1.2Ω pod), being able to increase the wattage for denser draws from time to time is a nice option to have.

Both pods are fit for use with either nic salts or freebase nicotine ejuices. However, I suggest using the 0.7Ω pod with nic salts in the 20-35mg range for the best experience. The 1.2Ω pod, due to firing at lower wattages, can effectively be used with higher strength nicotine salt ejuices (~50mg).

For my time with the VMATE PRO, I mostly used 50/50 VG/PG ejuices, along with a 60VG ejuice as well. As I mentioned in the airflow section of this review above, both pods can achieve anywhere from a tight MTL draw to a looser MTL draw. It just depends on how you set the airflow.

I liked both pods equally and it’s hard to pick a favorite. The 1.2Ω pod is a bit cooler due to the lower wattage and restricted top-end output, but the flavor is still really good and doesn’t suffer much at all. The throat hit from both pods is equally nice and fulfilling.

I didn’t have any major leaking with these pods; no ejuice pooling in the battery and no ejuice pouring out of the mouthpiece or airflow. I also didn’t have any other issues with the VMATE PRO and it has been reliable throughout my testing.


While similar to previous VMATE devices in a lot of ways, the new features that the VMATE PRO brings to the table make it worth purchasing. The combination of adjustable wattage, adjustable airflow, and a display give you the option to really set the draw to how you want it, while still getting the large pod capacity and good performance of the V SERIES pods.

Even when compared to other pod vapes out there, the VMATE PRO is a good buy. It offers customization, portability, durability, and a leak-free experience; all of which are features that are hard to get from a single device.

What are the downsides to the VMATE PRO? There aren’t too many pod options available, there are no DTL pods, and it only features a 1A charging speed with no pass-thru charging. For most vapers these downsides won’t be deal breakers but they are something to keep in mind.

The VMATE PRO solves the issues of the VMATE E (no screen, no adjustable wattage) and still delivers a top-notch vaping experience for MTL vapers. If you’re a MTL vaper looking for a trouble-free, portable pod vape, then I can easily recommend the VMATE PRO.


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