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7 of the Most Unique & Interesting Ejuice Flavors — a Roundup & Review Sponsored by EJUICES.COM

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

If you’ve been vaping for a while, you’ll know that vaping the same old flavors day in and day out can get boring. Nowadays however, it can be hard to find something new. It seems like nearly every popular flavor out there is some combination of strawberries, apples, or blueberries, and it’s a shame because there are so many other tasty fruits that would make great flavors to vape on.

We knew that there had to be some vaping companies out there who produced some truly unique and interesting ejuices, so we set out on a mission to find them. And after a lot of time and effort spent searching, we found some juices that are a must-try for any vaper looking for something new.

We’ve reviewed & put together a list of seven of the most unique and interesting ejuice flavors out there that are guaranteed to pique your taste buds. The staff over at were kind enough to help us find and select the ejuices for this roundup and review, and we’ve based our choices on their uniqueness, flavor, popularity & customer reviews. And don’t worry, none of these flavors include strawberry, apple, or blueberry. They are truly unique.

These seven ejuice flavors are something different from the norm, and will bring new tastes to the palate of even the most weathered vaper. Let’s get right into it!

7 of the Most Unique & Interesting E Juice Flavors — a Roundup & Review Sponsored by

Cali Colada by Liquid State Vapors

A Tropical Pina Colada with Blended Sweet Pineapple, Ripe Juicy Mango, and Hints of Guava.
VG 80% / PG 20%
0MG, 3MG, 6MG, 12MG
30ML, 60ML
Other Flavors from Liquid State:
Coney Cake (New York) - cake, vanilla ice cream, strawberries and blueberries
Orange Dream (Florida) - orange sherbet, vanilla cream

Liquid State is an all American company with a focus on bringing you signature e-juices that represent the land of the free. What’s unique about Liquid State is that each flavor represents the signature taste of a State. Liquid State carry globally recognized flavors that will whisk you away in only a few puffs. So where will you go? New York? Washington? Florida?  #vapeyourstate

There’s nothing more refreshing than a nice cold drink on a hot summers day, and that’s exactly the taste that Liquid State delivers with their Cali Colada. It has a nice sweetness to it that isn’t too strong or overpowering, and instead consists of a mix of more subtle flavors.

On the inhale you get the nice taste of pineapple from the pina colada, along with the flavor of mango. On the exhale, you can taste the hint of guava that is present in the mix. It’s an extremely delicious combination, and there really isn’t another juice like it.

Cali Colada is a nice relief from your everyday vape flavors. This mix is one that can be enjoyed all day long, and is a juice that could very well become your new go-to.

“A creamy pina colada with a mix of delicious fruits”

It’s like having a pina colada under the California sun! It’s a nice, unique flavor combination that I could see as an all day vape. It keeps flavor as you vape all day, and leaves a nice aroma. Two thumbs up. — Danielle

Now you can have a pina colada all day, even on your breaks at work! Life is good. — Adam

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Devil’s Punchbowl by Khali VaporsKhali Vapors - Devil's Punchbowl

A Tantalizing Tropical Guava Punch, with Slices of Soft Juicy Peaches
VG 60% / PG 40%
0MG, 3MG, 6MG
60ML, 120ML
Other Flavors by Khali Vapors:
Hearst Castle - Melons and Vanilla Yogurt
The Fairmont - Pineapple and Whipped Cream

Khali Vapors was founded in Long Beach, California in 2013 by friends Patrick and Matthew. With an aim was to recreate California’s never ending summer through their all day vape flavors, Khali Vapors carry some truly unique ejuices that allow you to take a piece of California with you anywhere.  

So good that it flies off the shelves of vape shops everywhere, Khali Vapors ‘Devil’s Punchbowl’ is an extremely tasty ejuice. Composed of two fruits that don’t have enough ejuices representing them, Devil’s Punchbowl brings out the best of peach and guava flavors to deliver a super smooth and delicious ejuice. Most fruit cocktail ejuices are strawberry or apple flavored, so it’s great to get a juice that forgoes these more traditional flavors in favor of the less used guava and peach tastes.

Devil’s Punchbowl is not overly sweet, and is instead a more subtle and laid back flavor that delivers a smooth and refined vapor. The taste is comparable to that of actual fruits, and will leave you wanting more.   

“Wedding punch with a sweet kick”

This flavor is super juicy, and leaves you wanting more. It’s sweet and super flavorful, and produces some large dense clouds. — Danielle

I like the different take on a fruit cocktail flavor. I can see myself vaping this flavor all the time, and I found it to be a very smooth and easy going vape. — Adam

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Hard Candy by Buckshot VaporsBuckshot - Hard Candy

A Hand full of Sweet Tarts Candy
VG 60% / PG 40%
0MG, 3MG, 6MG, 12MG, 18MG
30ML, 60ML, 120ML
Other Flavors by Buckshot:
XXX - Kiwi, Mango and Pineapple
M-80 - Watermelon, Dragon Fruit

Buckshot was founded in 2013 by two well known figures in the vaping community. Also responsible for creating Time Bomb Vapors, Buckshot have been very well received by vapers and have grown a loyal following that spans the globe. WIth unique and tasty flavor combinations, Buckshots ejuices deliver premium tastes that are outside of the norm.   

If you’re someone with a sweet tooth, you’re going to love this flavor. Buckshot’s Hard Candy tastes exactly like sweet tarts candy. And I mean exactly. Imagine taking a handful of sweet tarts, and eating them all at once. To be honest, I’m not too sure that there aren’t actually pieces of the candy in there — it tastes that good. And while it might be too sweet to vape on all day, it’s certainly a good choice to vape on for a few hours.

You get a sweet, sugary taste on the inhale, followed by the zingy, tarty flavor that sweet tarts are known for on the exhale. Definitely a flavor that is outside of the norm, and one that is very enjoyable.

“A sugary sweetness on the inhale, with a tarty candy flavor that settles in your mouth on the exhale.”

It’s pretty sweet. I couldn’t personally vape on it all day, but it is very sweet and tarty. It’s true to flavor for sure. — Danielle

I love sweet ejuice flavors, and this one is right up my alley. I used to love the candy, so this a nice throwback. Very accurate flavoring here. — Adam

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Lemon Tart by Dinner LadyDinner Lady - Lemon Tart

Creamy Lemon, Topped with Gooey Whipped Meringue, Resting in a Flakey Pastry Crust
VG 70% / PG 30%
0MG, 3MG, 6MG
Other Flavors by Dinner Lady:
Strawberry Custard - Strawberry, Custard, Butter Caramel
Berry Tart - Pastry, Cream, Raspberries, Blueberries

Dinner Lady was established in Lancashire, United Kingdom in 2016 and rose to fame in the vaping community by delivering some of the tastiest flavours on the market. Currently sold in over 80 countries worldwide, Dinner Lady has been featured in the Huffington Post and on “BBC The One Show” and there is no slowing them down. “There is only one company that can serve nostalgia in a bottle”

Perhaps the most popular flavor on our list, Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady is a delicious lemon pastry ejuice that delivers a zesty and smooth taste to the palate. From the moment that you open up the bottle, you can smell the alluring pastry and tangy lemon scent. And when you vape on it, it tastes exactly like lemon meringue pie. It’s incredible.

On the inhale, you get the rich taste of lemon curd and gooey meringue. On the exhale, you get the taste of a flakey pastry crust along with more subtle hints of lemon.

Dinner Lady’s Lemon Tart makes our list of unique and interesting ejuices because it is different from your every day vape juice flavors, and delivers the best lemon pastry taste. While most other lemon flavored ejuices are more of a lemonade type, Lemon Tart is an indulgent and super rich vape that is great any time. You can easily vape this juice all day long without getting tired of it, and it has even become the staple daily juice for many.   

“Sweet lemon meringue filled tart”

Dinner Lady’s Lemon Tart is true to flavor, no lie. Definitely an all day vape. There’s a reason why it’s the absolutely best selling ejuice on the market right now. — Danielle

I love this flavor. I’m not really one for pastry flavored ejuices, but Lemon Tart is absolutely rockin’. The flavor it brings is truly unique and interesting, and it stands out even among other lemon flavors. — Adam

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Nectar by Adam BombAdam Bomb - Nectar

A Delicious Nectarine Bubble Gum Flavor that Explodes in your Mouth as you Inhale, and Lingers Long After Exhaling, Leaving you Wanting More
VG 70% / PG 30%
0MG, 3MG, 6MG, 12MG, 18MG, 24MG
Other Flavors by Adam Bomb:
Sweet Melons - Honeydew Melon
Strawberry Lemonade

Adam Bomb was established in 2013. Born and brewed in Southern California, Adam Bomb specializes in producing some of the most interesting and flavorful ejuice combinations available. Interestingly, their ejuice bottles feature artwork by Mexican artist Gustavo Rimada, who was raised in California.

Adam Bomb’s Nectar brings an interesting flavor that anyone can love — a nectarine bubble gum that tastes remarkably similar to the tropical twist gum by Trident. You know the one with the orange packaging? Yeah, that one. And it tastes good. This is a flavor that you can vape on all day and not get tired of, as the nectarine gum flavor never dulls, unlike your traditional stick of gum.

On the inhale, you get that luscious nectarine bubblegum flavor. On the exhale.. You get that same delicious nectarine bubble gum! It’s super yummy, and before you know it you’ll find yourself vaping it all the time! While the flavor certainly isn’t complex, it’s one that is definitely unique and very enjoyable to vape on.

“Juicy nectarine bubblegum”

I found Adam Bomb’s Nectar to be very true to flavor. It gives off bursts of citrus and tastes great. — Danielle

Personally, I loved Nectar the most out of any ejuice that I have tried so far. And that’s no easy feat to accomplish, as I’ve tried hundreds of flavors. Its simple, but tasty flavor is excellent. — Adam

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Samba Sun — Artist Collection by NJOYArtist Collection - Samba Sun

Sweet Clementine, Gooey Marshmallow, Ripe Peaches and a Hint of Tarty Apricot
VG 50% / PG 50%
0MG, 3MG, 6MG, 12MG, 18MG
Other Flavors by Artist Collection:
George of Goodvape - Hedon’s Bite - Apple and Caramel
Anne-Claire of Vaponaute - Cacre Coeur - Butter, Almond Torte, Wild Berries and Light Hubbard

Njoy Incorporated was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2006. Their Artist Collection features collaborations with people in the vaping industry to create interesting and different ejuices. Samba Sun was created in collaboration with Jeremy of Goodliffe Vapor, a world class drummer turned vapeologist who brings his perfectionism and pride to all that he does.

Samba Sun brings a very different mix of flavors to the table in the form of marshmallows and fruits. Marshmallow ejuices alone are few and far between, and usually do not live up to the expectations. However, Samba Sun changes this and brings a marshmallow taste that is worthy of inclusion.

Pairing nicely with the marshmallow flavor is the sweet and succulent taste of clementines, with hints of ripe peaches and apricots.

On the inhale, you get the strong but pleasant taste of citrus and clementine. On the exhale, you get fluffy taste of marshmallows and hints of peach and apricot. It’s a different vape than you may be used to, and one that is well worth a try.

“A juicy mix of fruits smothered in fluffy marshmallows”    

The marshmallow and clementine go great together, and the other fruits only help to give this flavor more pop. — Danielle

The citrus taste is strong with this one. I can’t see myself vaping it all the time, but it’s a great specialty juice that I’ll be vaping from time to time. — Adam

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Bald Eagle by Vaping BirdyVaping Birdy - Bald Eagle

Arise to the Sweet Aroma and Taste of Creamy Toffee and Rich Coffee Covered in Gooey Chocolate
VG 80% / PG 20%
0MG, 3MG, 6MG, 12MG
30ML, 120ML
Other Flavors by Vaping Birdy:
Emperor Penguin - Honeydew, Condensed Milk
Bananaquit - Fried Banana and Caramelized Sugar

Vaping Birdy was established in Brea, California in 2013. Having had tremendous success with their first eliquid, Emperor Penguin, they continued to strive to keep the vaping community satisfied with the best vaping experience possible.  

Vaping Birdy have created a flavor that tastes great in the morning, and allows you to take your cup of joe with you all day long. Bald Eagle is a combination of coffee, chocolate, and toffee, and it is really, really good. The slightly bitter taste of the coffee helps to balance out the sweetness of the chocolate and toffee, and they all mix perfectly together to bring a very bold, and full-bodied flavor.

On the inhale you get the rich, strong taste of a quality coffee. On the exhale, you can taste the chocolate and toffee adding sweetness to the mix. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable vape that coffee lovers will surely enjoy.

Being as unique as it is, Bald Eagle is definitely a particular kind of juice for a particular kind of person. So if you’re the type that can’t go a morning without a coffee, this flavor pairs perfectly with a hot cup in the morning.

“Chocolate drizzled toffee in your morning coffee”

I’m a coffee fanatic, however I can’t see myself vaping this all day. Although It is a nice treat once in a while. — Danielle

I’m a huge fan of this flavor, and I love the coffee taste that it delivers. The sweetness that you get on the exhale really adds that extra touch to the taste as well. — Adam

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