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Uwell Crown IV Kit Review
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Uwell Crown IV Kit Review — Crown IV Tank & Mod Rundown

Uwell Crown IV Kit



Uwell Crown IV Review
Design — 8.5
Build Quality — 9.5
Features — 7.5
Performance — 9.5
Flavor — 10.0



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The Crown IV kit is a recently released mod and tank combo from Uwell. Uwell are the same company that brought us the amazing Crown III and Valyrian tanks which remain some of the best sub-ohm tanks on the market. Now, they’ve released this kit which comes with a pretty neat box mod as well as the successor to the Crown III: the Crown IV.

I’ve always been a fan of Uwell’s tanks because of their excellent flavor and long lasting coils and the Crown IV is said to provide even better flavor thanks to its improved coils and airflow. The Crown IV comes as part of a kit which also includes a box mod that matches the tank nicely. I used the Crown IV and Crown mod for a few weeks to get a good feel for them and in this review I’m going to give you all of the details.

The kit used in this review was sent to me free of charge, by Eightvape. Let’s get right into it.

Uwell Crown IV Kit Review — Crown IV Tank & Mod Rundown

Box ContentsUwell Crown IV Box Contents

  • 1 x Crown IV Mod
  • 1 x Crown IV Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 x 0.23ohm UN2 Mesh Coil
  • 1 x 0.4ohm SS904L Coil
  • 1 x Bubble Glass
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Micro-USB Cable
  • 1 x Bag of Spare O-Rings

SpecificationsUwell Crown IV Specs

  • Made of Zinc Alloy & Stainless Steel
  • 6ml Max Tank Capacity
  • “Self-Cleaning” Coils
  • Tri-Slot Airflow
  • Proprietary Uwell Chipset
  • 200W Max Output
  • Power, SS904L TC & TCR Modes

Crown IV Mod — Design & Build

  • Uwell Crown IV Mod Review

The Crown IV mod is pretty compact for a dual 18650 battery mod. It’s just tall and wide enough to fit the batteries so it’s a lot smaller than other dual battery mods. It’s got no sharp corners and instead has rounded sides and edges. This compact size and rounded form factor allowed the device to fit nicely in my hand and it’s quite comfortable to hold, too. Plus, even with the batteries installed the device isn’t too heavy at all; it definitely feels like a solid, well-built mod. The build quality is high, as I expected from Uwell, and there’s no rattling or poorly made parts — everything is well assembled.

You can get this mod in six different colors: silver, green, purple, gold, red or blue. I received the silver colored kit for this review. All of the colors have the same black frame but with differently colored front and back plates. These plates features the Crown logo in the center with a floral-like pattern surrounding it. I’m not the biggest fan of the design here but it doesn’t look bad, it’s just not my sort of design. The panels are pretty reflective but they’re not shiny enough to be used as a mirror.

One downside is that the panels scratch very easily. After a few weeks of use (and I’m not rough on my devices at all) I’ve already got multiple deep scuffs and scratches on both the front and the back panel. Although it’s not noticeable from a distance it’s still a bit annoying, especially since I try to keep my devices in good condition.

The back plate is the battery cover. There’s a small semi-circular shaped notch at the bottom of the mod and this makes it easy to remove. It’s held in place by three magnets: two at the top and one at the bottom. The magnets are just strong enough to hold the plate in place, however it’s still easy enough to pull off. One thing that I really like is that the magnets are recessed into the mod and raised on the cover. This makes it so that the cover doesn’t move at all when it’s on the mod which only adds to the quality-feel of the device. There’s literally zero wiggle. Extremely well thought out design.

The Crown IV mod takes two 18650 batteries and these fit in nice and snug. The connections at the top are spring loaded and there’s a ribbon to make it easy to remove your batteries.

On the bottom of the mod are two rubber feet for grip. At first, I thought that this was a great idea because your mod won’t slide. However, it ended up making my mod topple over instead of sliding which resulted in a few tense moments while I checked the tank. There are also a few venting holes on the bottom of the device.

The top of the mod has a stainless steel 510 plate which is (unfortunately) not centered. It’s placed towards the front side of the device and bulges out slightly from the rest of the mod. However, a great feature of this 510 plate is that it’s completely sealed to prevent any e-juice from getting into the internals of the mod. It’s also got a spring loaded connection. The plate on the Crown IV mod will fit the included Crown IV tank perfectly and can accommodate up to 25mm atomizers without overhang.Uwell Crown IV Fire Button

On the side of the Crown IV mod is where all the action is. It’s got one large firing button, two smaller adjustment buttons, a display and a micro-usb port. The fire button is circular shaped and nicely sized. It’s got a raised Crown logo on it that I thought would be uncomfortable, however I barely noticed it when using the device. The adjustment buttons are small and square shaped. All of the buttons are easy enough to use but firm and work with a quiet but satisfying click. For some reason I really like the buttons on this mod; they just feel good to use.  

The screen on this mod is another story. It displays all the information that you need about your vape like wattage, voltage, resistance, battery life and puff time, but it looks outdated. It looks more like a screen you would find on an older mod. This isn’t a huge con but I would have thought that Uwell would have used a color screen or at least something a bit newer looking. On the bright side the screen is pretty, well, bright! See what I did there? Okay, moving on…

Features & Functions

  • Uwell Crown IV Mod Review

The Crown IV mod has three modes: Wattage Mode, SS904L Temperature Control Mode and TCR Mode. Oddly enough there’s no menu system to this device. My guess is that because the mod is marketed more as a starter kit they weren’t trying to over complicate things with a menu.

In Wattage mode the device will fire at up to 200W. In TC mode it will function at up to 600°F. When you first go into temperature control mode it will allow you to select your wattage. If you want to change it afterwards you’ll have to cycle through the power modes again.

The SS904L TC mode is meant to be used with the 0.4ohm coil that comes with the kit. I tested it out and I was surprised at how well it worked but I’ll go over this in more detail in the performance section.

Using the mod is pretty easy as there are just a few button combinations:

Change Mode: Press the fire button quickly three times.

Lock All Buttons: Hold the – adjustment button and fire button. The screen will display “All Locked”.

Lock Adjustment Buttons: Hold the + adjustment button and fire button. The screen will display “Locked”.

Change Screen Orientation: Hold the + and – adjustment buttons. The screen will flip its orientation.

That’s really all there is to it for features. Nice and simple. This makes it great for those looking for a first box mod. However, more advanced users like myself will still appreciate the ease of use.

Uwell Crown IV Tank — Design & Build

  • Uwell Crown IV Tank Review

The Crown III was a beautiful tank and so was the Valyrian. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the Crown IV is gorgeous and sports an even better looking design than its predecessors. It looks very similar to the Horizontech Falcon King with its modern design and triangular notches. The silver color that I got is very shiny and polished with a mirror-like finish to it. Uwell state on their website that its hand polished which is pretty neat.

The Crown IV uses a 510 drip tip that is pretty wide at the mouthpiece. It’s also got a colored metal ring at the bottom of it that matches the o-ring at the base of the glass for some matchy-matchy action. The drip tip is rounded at the opening and it feels comfortable to vape on. No problems here.

The top cap is pretty slim on the Crown IV but it’s still easy enough to get a grip on it. You simply remove this top cap with a half twist counter-clockwise in order to access the fill ports. It’s a little tight to remove at first but it becomes easier with time. I really like this top cap because it’s extremely secure and ensures that you’re not going to have it open in your pocket.

Once you unscrew the top cap there are four fill ports. The ports are relatively small but I had no problem using dropper bottles. Unicorn nozzles and other pointy-tip bottles work without a hitch as well. My only issue is that ejuice tends to collect on the rim just beside the fill ports and this makes it look messy inside. It’s not an issue for leaking as I never had that happen from the top cap, it’s just a matter of the design and aesthetics. Also, I can’t help but feel that ejuice is being wasted by sitting on this rim.Uwell Crown IV Fill Ports

The Crown IV comes out of the box with a straight glass installed and will hold up to 5ml of ejuice. It also comes with a bubble glass that ups the tank capacity to 6ml and this is the one that I used the majority of the time. The bubble glass does stick out a little bit from the tank but it’s not too extreme. It still has a nice aesthetic with the bubble glass attached.

To change the glass on the Crown IV you have to remove the top cap. Then, push the glass from the base of the tank up and off. To put a new glass on, push it down from the top and onto the tank. Then just replace the top cap and you’re done.

At the base of the tank are three wide slots for airflow. The airflow control ring is a little too tight so I found myself unscrewing the tank from the mod when trying to restrict it. It did loosen up a little with use but it’s still quite hard to turn. With the airflow fully open it’s a nice direct lung hit. With the airflow more closed it delivers a restricted lung hit. I found that it delivered the best flavor with the airflow almost fully closed.


  • Uwell Crown IV Coils

The Crown IV kit includes two coils: a 0.23ohm coil and a 0.40ohm SS904L coil. The 0.23ohm coil is a mesh coil rated for 60-70W and it’s made of iron, chromium and aluminum. The other coil is a 0.40ohm coil is also rated for 60-70W but it’s interesting because it uses SS904L rather than the typical SS316. Apparently, this is the same type of stainless steel that is used in high-end watches and is supposed to provide better flavor and a longer lasting coil life. This coil can also be used with the SS904L TC mode on the Crown IV mod.

Also interesting is that these two coils have what Uwell calls “Self-Cleaning” technology. Next to the coils, in the base of the airflow control ring, there are three tubes. These tubes siphon excess moisture and ejuice back into the coil and this reduces condensation and prevents leaking. I didn’t notice any moisture in the base of the tank so it seems like it’s working as they say.Uwell Crown IV How to Change Coil

The coils for the Crown IV are “plug and play”. You simply pull them out of the tank and push the new coil back in. To access the coils you have to remove the base of the tank, just under the glass. It’s a little tricky to remove and I would suggest pushing down on the top cap (not too hard) to make it easier. Once it’s unscrewed you have easy access to the coil.

PerformanceUwell Crown IV Kit Performance

This kit is great to vape with, especially because of how good the Crown IV tank is. The flavor is definitely among the best that you can get from a sub-ohm tank. Very few tanks that I’ve used come close. The 0.23ohm mesh coil was the better of the two included coils, producing phenomenal taste and huge clouds at 65-75W. I vaped the coil pretty heavily for about a week and a half and only during my last couple of days of usage did the taste start to fade. I had no problems with wicking either and I used multiple different ejuices varying from 50/50 to 80/20 VG/PG. It wicked well and efficiently and I was taking multiple, successive hits without any dry hits.

The 0.40ohm SS904L coil was a little lighter taste-wise but it quickly grew on me for its compatibility with TC mode on the Crown IV mod. Uwell got the TC right for the SS904L and I was getting a suitable and warm vape at 400-450 that I really, really liked. It throttled down accordingly when I took long hits and I never ended up with a burnt hit. I had the wattage set anywhere from 55-65W and got great flavor, albeit a little less flavorful than the 0.23ohm coil. In wattage mode the wicking capabilities of this coil were also just as good as the 0.23ohm coil and I didn’t experience any problems.

I’ve seen a few reports of the coils leaking but I didn’t experience any leaking during my usage. I used this kit pretty extensively as well so I’m glad to say that it was a leak-free experience.

The battery efficiency of the Crown IV mod is pretty average and I ended up having to recharge the batteries every other day. This was with heavy, all-day usage at 55-75W. The mod does have pass-through charging if you’re stuck in a pickle without an external charger but, as always, I would recommend not charging with the mod unless you absolutely have to.

The mod was easy enough to use and there wasn’t much fiddling to do; just press the fire button and vape away.

VerdictUwell Crown IV Kit Review

For someone looking for their first box mod/tank the Crown IV kit delivers some of the best performance that you can get. If you’re a more advanced vaper you’ll probably want a mod with more advanced features and a menu. However, if you’re over all the over-complication that comes as a given with most recent devices, you might still like the simplicity of the Crown IV mod.

The SS904L coil and TC mode work stellar together and it’s probably my favorite part about the whole kit. The downsides to the mod are how easily the panels scratch and the rubber feet at the bottom that tend to topple the mod over with the slightest touch. Talking specifically about the Crown IV tank, it’s certainly one of the best sub-ohm tanks that you can get. It works without any leaking, the coils wick efficiently and the flavor is phenomenal. Uwell got it right again with this tank; so right that I’m going to continue using this tank whenever I’m not too busy reviewing others!

What do you think about the Crown IV? Let me know in the comments down below.


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  • I have a crown4kit in purple found the mesh coils to be awful dry hits after two days only , using 40watts tried putting watts up to 60 but no difference flavour better on ss904 coils but not great really dissapointed

  • I have a Crown IV kit (bought individually)
    I find the flavour to be superior to crown III and also the airflow seems better.
    After trying many different smok tanks and a few other types including RDA I can say the crown IV at 80watts is the best piece of kit I ever owned with regards to vaping. I used to think they would never beat the crown III but I am very pleased. I have been on the coil that was in it for a week or so with no problems except a bit of a burning taste if the juice gets low.

    TLDR; In short, buy one now!